2024 chevrolet equinox ev walkar
Altair Club Cars 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV walkaround with Chief Engineer,, Matt Purdy

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV walkaround with Chief Engineer,, Matt Purdy

Chevrolet will expand its EV lineup in fall 2023 to include the Equinox EV, an affordable, functional compact SUV that will start at an estimated MSRP of around $30,0001 in the U.S. The Equinox EV, which will be launched with both fleet and retail versions, including LT and RS trims, will leverage GM’s Ultium Platform.

So my name is matt purdy the chief engineer here on the equinox ev this is based on the bev 3 architecture and this is the altium platform that we are using to scale across different brands as well as different segments within general motors this what you see here this is the lt look there’s really two looks we have an lt look and an rs look what you’re looking at

Here is a 3lt and you can tell by the two-tone roof which is one of our favorites we’ve got the 21-inch wheels which is the the up level wheel that’s standard on the on the three rs and the three lt and we do have a standard though on the on the base 1lt model we’ll have 19-inch wheels we also have 20-inch wheels available on the 2rs so we’ve got a 19-20-21 setup

Go looking at the exterior here so we’ve we’ve uh we’re really excited about these flush-mounted door handles so those will be power presenting flush mounted door handles we’re really proud of the the lighting signature of the car too so you can see here on the rear that we put a lot of effort into full width lighting and in this case this is the up level lighting

It’s got animation and we can demonstrate that for you a little bit here so we’ll have walk up animation walk away animation charge animation swipe to turn all kinds of fun stuff roof rails are available on the on the two and the three models we’ll have front lighting animation so what you’ll notice on the on the two lt and rs and the three lt rs we’ll have

Also the center lamp that lights up on the base vehicle that center lamp does not light up but on the on the two and three levels that does light up and it does participate in the animation so on the front we’ll have again walk up animation walk away animation charge animation and what you’ll see here we can also demonstrate the charging but we’ll we’ll show you

Segments of ten percent of charge status on on the lamp and we have these uh projectors down here and this does have gm’s intellibean systems so it’s got the automatic dimming when you have traffic coming at you which is really nice as far as charging performance goes so we’ve got various levels of charging so we’ve got an 11.5 kilowatt charger standard which

Is about a 34 miles per hour charging when you move up to the optional 19.2 kilowatt charger that’s about a 51 miles per hour and then if you want to dc fast charge that’s 150 kilowatt system and we can charge about 70 miles in just under 10 minutes so that should be nice ranges that we’re offering so we do have two sizes of battery we have a large and a small

Battery the large battery is really what set the wheelbase of the car it’s about a 2950 millimeter wheelbase it really creates a great foundation for the structure because you have this mass of the battery and the structure integrated into the floor so the driving dynamics it really helps that in the noise and vibration the other thing is that it puts a lot of the

Mass of the vehicle very low and very central and so we have really good driving dynamics and really low center of gravity which is great the other neat thing is that it creates a really flat floor inside of the cabin and that gives the interior designers a little more to work with as far as aesthetics and occupant packaging range i’ll tell you about the ranges so

This is the the three the three lte model and so in the front drive with a large battery pack we’re going to offer up to 300 miles of range when you have the all-wheel drive version with the large battery pack it’s going to be about 280 miles and then when you go down to the base 1lt model with a small battery pack and front-wheel drive we should be around 250

Miles of range and those are all current gm estimates we haven’t done all the final testing yet if you compare to like a current equinox ice our wheelbase is about nine inches longer i think our overall length is four and a half inches longer and so this one is a little wider and a little shorter than a current equinox but it’s still when you look at the the feel

Of the vehicle it still says equinox to the customer we don’t share any parts with the current equinox so that’s probably a high level on the exterior we can talk about some of the interior features as well so what we’re experiencing here is this is the three lt interior and it’s accentuated by this is our favorite part is the 17.7 inch freeform display when i

Say freeform what i mean is that the display goes all the way out to the edge of the shade which is a really nice addition the center is is an 11 inch so you’ll have this 11 inch on on all vehicles a couple other features in the interior here is we have this etrs now that the the shifter stock is up here which frees up console space and so that was another fun

Fun thing for the design team is we have the flat floor and we have some of the elements moved up to here so we were able to play with the console area we’ve got you can see down here a pass-through console so we’ve got more storage down here up top we’ve got we’ve got wireless charging here and then we have two usb ports here and you can see even um you know

In this case i’ve got an iphone 10 this is not we didn’t really design this for a phone caddy but it’s big enough for most most of the modern iphones this is really a coin slot um and then this is not super functional for the the display model but we do have a pretty cavernous console as well so we’re really happy with the amount of space we’re able to provide

This interior is called sky cool gray so this is one of the optional interiors we also have a back in black interior that’s that’s mostly black with some red accents one of the neat things about this that we’re not really demonstrating to you here but on the ip as well as on the doors we have what we call backlit deco and so this deco trim in the daytime just looks

Like normal to actually backlight it with rgb and we can change colors and have a really nice uh lit signature at night it’s actually will have some translucent areas of it that you can’t see during the day so that’s kind of nice we do have a hud system this is the optional hud so this is a three by seven which is uh a little bigger than our typical uh some of our

Current cars have the two by four so this is a little bigger uh no frank in this vehicle kind of it’s a neat thing to have but when you ask the customers hey are you willing to pay extra money for something like that it’s not something that they’re super enthusiastic about they’d rather have some of their normal storage so that’s what we focused on we can move to

The back too if you want to experience the back so you can see here really happy with the legroom in this car so the couple distance is about a 900 millimeter which means the front to rear passenger we set it up 900 millimeters which gives i’m i’m five foot eight and and i have a ton of room here even much taller people still have quite a bit of legroom um

Usb ports back here as well we do have optional heated seats which is really nice feature for something in the c segment and then we’ll also have this this is not functional now but this will be a fold down with cup holders and then this is the optional sunroof we’ll also have a base roof that’s just it gives you a little more headroom on the base roof uh this

Is a sunroof with a shade that’s what this is for and then we’ll have a steel base roof as well that’s standard do so you

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2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV walkaround with Chief Engineer,, Matt Purdy By Javier Mota

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