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Altair Club Cars 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV – Redline: First Look – 2022 NAIAS

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV – Redline: First Look – 2022 NAIAS

#Chevrolet is serious about offering a long range electric vehicle to the masses and the 2024 #EquinoxEV is going to get them there. This Ultimum based compact SUV offers up to 300 miles of range and eAWD courtesy of dual motors. The #ChevyEquinoxEV will go on sale in early 2023 and expect pricing to begin around $30,000 before the $7,500 federal tax credit.

Chevrolet has some pretty ambitious plans to make electric vehicles affordable to the masses i’m at the 2022 detroit international auto show and this right here is the all new 2024 equinox ev let’s take a first look now chevrolet is certainly no stranger to introducing affordable long-range electric vehicles the bolt has been on the market since 2017 but it never

Really offered the kind of space or all-wheel drive capability that a lot of americans were looking for this 2024 equinox ev is going to change all that because it is built off of their new altium platform which is the same platform that also underpins the gmc hummer ev the chevrolet silverado the upcoming blazer ev and this is again a much bigger vehicle to appeal

To the american consumers now looking at the styling of the vehicle let’s go ahead and talk about that because chevy again is trying to make their cars appear a lot more modern a lot more stand outish on the road i really think that the new equinox is setting forth a new styling direction you can see the front end is basically not unlike any other chevy i’ve seen

Before you can see there’s this really interesting light bar a lot of these evs are going with the light bars going across the entire front fascia that light bar is going to be optional on the higher trim chevy will actually offer this vehicle an lt and rs and then there’ll be like sub brands within the lts like 1lt 2lt and then 3lt you can see here all of them will

Come with these led headlights there’s actually this interesting textured carbon fiber trim on the lower portion of the front splitter and then as you can see here no actual grille openings it’s an electric vehicle it doesn’t need that so again this is all for aerodynamics right down here are the sensors for the adaptive cruise control you can also get super cruise

On this vehicle which is uh chevrolet’s hands-free driving assistance tech on the highway but overall let me know what you think of the styling in the comment section below this particular model here is a 3lt painted in blue with the white two-tone combination which i think also gives it a very futuristic and modern appearance now i can’t open up the hood for you

Chevy actually tells me there is no frunk on this vehicle which is kind of disappointing considering the ltm platform offers it but because uh we’re talking about the hood the powertrains are going to be pretty simplified in this vehicle chevy will offer it as a single motor front wheel drive or a dual motor with all-wheel drive that’s a huge improvement over the

Bolt where you still can’t get all-wheel drive two different power outputs 210 horsepower for the front wheel drive model and 290 horsepower and 346 pound-feet of torque if you guys go for the all-wheel drive model chevy didn’t quote any 0-60 performance but i imagine for those of you who are looking for an electric suv that should be plenty of power this vehicle

Will start at under 30 000 before the federal tax credit so again it’s going to be a really affordable electric suv when that goes on sale later on now looking at the side profile you can see it has a much more uh interesting design versus the bolt first of all it’s very long it’s very wide but it also has the height that you expect from an suv i wish i could tell

You what the specs were in terms of the overall length and wheelbase but chevy uh wasn’t able to share that with us right now but to me it looks uh kind of like something a little bit larger than a toyota rav4 or a honda crv i’d probably estimate this is around 185 inches long which again is going to be a good size for a lot of people looking for a compact suv

Now chevy is going to offer a choice between either a 19-inch wheel going up to or an 18-inch wheel going up to a 21-inch wheel you can see this model here the 3-lt has the 21-inch wheel uh riding on pretty fat 275 40 r21 inch tires so these are some serious wheels gives this suv a really modern really sleek and very sporty design that i think a lot of people are

Going to uh really enjoy now the charge port door is going to be over here on the driver’s side it’s going to come standard with of course dc fast charging this truck this vehicle will be capable of charging it up to 150 kilowatts which means you could probably go from 10 to 80 percent in roughly 30 ish minutes that’s considerably slower versus something like the

Gmc hummer which can accept up to 350 kilowatts but again they did not disclose the battery sizes for this vehicle they’re gonna actually offer two different batteries and you should be able to go around 250 miles of on a full charge for the smaller battery pack up to 300 miles on a full charge if you guys go for the larger battery pack with front-wheel drive the

All-wheel drive model will drop that range to around 280 miles so again very competitive range estimates for a vehicle that’s going to have a starting price around 30 000 now you can see over here panoramic glass roof is going to be included i really like this two-tone with the silver roof rails the white um the white roof the door handles you can see are kind of

Flush mounted uh which again gives this a much more futuristic design and i also like the way the roof line kind of has that contrasting look over here with the white the black and then the blue and then the rear of the vehicle this definitely doesn’t look like a dopey looking rental car grade vehicle like you expect from most of the equinox models it has a sleek

Modern futuristic design with the trademark led light bar that goes across the rear i like the new equinox badging here you can see the e uh is supposed to be or they actually kind of gave it a unique badge for uh showing this is an all-electric vehicle the bow tie here i kind of don’t like how it’s again the signature gold color i would have liked to see this black

Maybe chevy will offer that if you guys go for the rs models and then down here you can see really interesting texture for the lower rear bumper and then obviously no visible exhaust tips this is a vehicle that’s going to be all electric but they uh opening up the trunk of this vehicle you can see it is a fairly large sized trunk chevy actually already told us that

You get around 57 cubic feet of space with the trunk open which is pretty large for this segment i think that a lot of people are going to find the cargo area to be very very useful so the exterior of the new equinox ev is very enticing to look at however the interior is where was where chevy has really stepped up their game now sadly this is a very early prototype

Model so chevrolet has asked me not to sit or touch anything with the interior but you can see here looking at it at a glance this is the 3lt model and it has a really premium look to it especially when you look at the technology in the center over there you have a 17.7 inch that’s right it’s a 17.7 inch full lcd display it’s a touchscreen display it includes their

Android based operating system so it has google voice commands it has wireless apple carplay android auto it has over-the-air updates the graphics as you can see modern crisp really beautiful looking you have an 11-inch display here for the instrument panel which again kind of forms this curved display uh that is canted toward the driver along with the two-tone

Accents looks you can see this particular 3lt has like this really cool color combination where it’s got this kind of light gray with the black with the contrast stitching it’s got the blue along the center console you have a wireless phone charging pad there and then you also have features like heated and cooled seats power seats uh with memory function over here

On the driver’s side and then the steering wheel you can see it’s a new steering wheel design there’s the status bar light for the supercruise which again makes this vehicle feel a lot more modern and premium versus something like the gas-powered equinox now above me above me here you can see there is a panoramic glass roof the roof as you can see does not open

But it does let in a lot of natural light it goes into about halfway of the back seat now let’s go ahead and take a look at the back seat really quick now sadly again i still cannot sit inside this vehicle but i am surprised to see that there is a pretty generous amount of legroom back here it looks like it has around 36 37 inches of legroom there are features

Like two usb c charging ports over there you have rear seat air vents a seat belt buckle that’s sitting there on the floor and then these seats over here you can see they appear to be slightly more reclined but you have looks like a center console over there or an armrest that folds down it should give you two cup holders and then overall you can see the door panel

Materials look pretty modern i like some of the different colors and textures uh for this vehicle i think it should be exactly what a lot of american or families are looking for this has a lot more space for something like the chevrolet bolt so even though this vehicle shares the nameplate with the gas-powered equinox as you can see it shares virtually nothing else

This is a much more premium technologically advanced suv that i think the industry is just going to need because like i mentioned earlier its starting price is going to be under 30 000 for the base 1lt version i suspect this model here will probably be closer to 50 000 whenever chevrolet announces the actual on sale date which will be in the fall of 2023 now in

Terms of the federal tax prayer i will be happy to report that the equinox ev will qualify for it because the final assembly point will be in mexico so when this car does go on sale in the fall it’s 2023 you can also qualify for that full 7 500 federal tax credit which will again lower the price even further especially if you go for that base model which is going

To start at under 30 grand for redline reviews here at the 2022 detroit international auto show i’m sophia you

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2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV – Redline: First Look – 2022 NAIAS By Redline Reviews

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