2023 volvo xc90 looks prestige
Altair Club Cars 2023 Volvo XC90 Looks Prestige

2023 Volvo XC90 Looks Prestige

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The flagship volvo xc90 has received running changes and price rises for the 2023 model year including a new google-based infotainment system as well as an improved plug-in hybrid system for the top shelf recharge variant as before there are four variants on offer though now with a new naming structure gone are the old momentum inscription and our design trim levels

Replaced with plus ultimate bright and ultimate dark names respectively key changes include an air purifier and power folding rear headrests previously optional as standard across the range as well as the fitment of volvo’s latest android automotive infotainment system with app connectivity and over-the-air ota software updates ultimate variants also score a heated

Steering wheel and heated rear seats as standard equipment and there are new exterior colors available all models have been subject to price increases amounting to four thousand five hundred dollars for b5 and b6 versions and three thousand dollars for the t8 recharge plug-in hybrid a total of three powertrains are available depending on variant inc including two

Petrol engines with mild hybrid assistance as well as a turbocharged plug-in hybrid all are four cylinder units the entry level b5 features a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine hooked up to a 48 volts mile hybrid system outputs are rated at 183 kilowatts 5400 to 5700 revolutions per minute and 350 newton meters 1800 to 4800 revolutions per minute with zero to 100

Kilometers per hour taking a claim 7.7 seconds stepping up to the v6 engine variant adds an electronically driven supercharger dubd charger which bumps outputs to a healthier 220 kilowatts 5400 revolutions per minute and 420 newton meters 2100 to 4800 revolutions per minute volvo claims 0 to 100 takes 6.7 seconds finally the t8 recharge plug-in hybrid is again

A 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine now minus the supercharger hooked up to a plug-in hybrid system incorporating a rear mounted electric motor and lithium-ion battery outputs are rated at 233 kilowatts 6000 revolutions per minute and 400 newton meters 3000 to 45 000 revolutions per minute for the petrol engine and 107 kilowatts 15 900 revolutions per minute

And 309 newton meters zero to 3280 revolutions per minute for the e-motor combined volvo quotes 340 kilowatts and 709 newton meters with 0 to 100 taking acclaimed 5.3 seconds all versions of the volvo xc90 in australia are fitted with an 8-speed automatic transmission in all-wheel drive unlike the wider range the t8 recharges awd system uses the petrol engine to

Drive the front axle and the e-motor at the rear for electrified all-wheel drive v5 and b6 versions of the volvo xc90 claim to use 8.2 liter 100 kilometers on the combined cycle emissions are rated at 187 grams km co2 for the b5 and 186 gram km for the b6 meanwhile the t8 recharge fev quotes combine fuel use of 1.8 liter 100 kilometers though achieving that figure

Requires a full charge of the 18.8 kilowatt hours battery volvo australia quotes a zero emissions driving range of up to 77 kilometers for the xc90 t8 recharge and an emissions rating of 77 grams km of co2 all models are fitted with a 71 liter fuel tank the volvo xc90 measures 4953 millimeters long 2008 millimeters wide 1773 millimeters tall with a 2984 millimeters

Wheelbase boot space is a quoted 680 liters for b5 and b6 versions and 610 liters for the t8 recharge as for towing xc90b5 and b6 models are rated to up to 2400 kilograms braked with the t8 recharge quoting 2 350 kilograms the xc90 is backed by a five-year unlimited kilometer warranty further hybrid models are covered by an 8-year battery warranty maintenance is

Required 12 months or 15 000 kilometers three years of maintenance will set you back one thousand seven hundred fifty dollars while five years is priced at three thousand dollars the current generation volvo xc90 wears a five-star and cap safety rating but only for diesel models sold between september 2015 and january 2022 so the latest range is therefore unrated

Ancap’s safety rating was based on 2015 your own cap testing which is now expired under your own cap’s new seven year validity policy it scored 97 percent for adult occupant protection 87 for child occupant protection 72 percent for pedestrian protection and 73 for safety assist

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