2023 volvo xc40 plus dark in thu
Altair Club Cars 2023 Volvo XC40 Plus Dark in Thunder Grey Metallic / Walkaround with Heather

2023 Volvo XC40 Plus Dark in Thunder Grey Metallic / Walkaround with Heather

2023 Thunder Grey Metallic Volvo XC40 B5 Plus Dark

Good morning heather here from portland volvo with a 2023 volvo xc40 b5 plus dark in thunder gray metallic with a charcoal leather interior you know the more i see these newly designed thor’s hammer headlights the more i fall in love with them they’re just sleek and cool full led those fog lights are led as well so the dark theme is just this gloss black trim

You could get an either a bright or a dark on the plus trim level and i love the dark with the thunder gray i think it looks so nice i love those new wheels on this one you also get for the plus trim level it’s a baseline equipment level basically so you get things like those led fog lights the panoramic sunroom for the power sun shade the grocery divider in

The back and then b5 is a mild hybrid so it still gets uh 247 horsepower it is all-wheel drive but it also has a small motor that is in charge of the ignition so that start stop is super smooth absolutely seamless you get improved fuel economy there’s a hands-free power lift gate and what that means is so check out this grocery divider with the hands-free power

Lift gate when your key fob is in your hand or on your pock in your pocket or in your bag you can just kick sort of right below over here and that tailgate will close automatically for you so you can have your hands full and still close that tailgate and you can even if you just lean up against the door handles see there’s a little that’s locking it so if you

Just lean up against or just brush your arm against it that will lock as well you’ll have to put your hand on the inside of the handle to unlock it lots of space in the back here beautiful leather this has the climate package so you get heated front and rear seats and a heated steering wheel this also has the driver assistance package which is formerly known

As the advanced package so that 360 degree camera system and pilot assist with adaptive cruise control the xc40 has a nice open cabin lots of space in the middle here cool storage options you get this hook on the glove box that’s great for takeout or putting a wallet or a purse on and if you don’t like that you can just pop it in get the removable trash can

And the xc40s cup holders this beautiful crystal gear shifter comes with the plus trim level wireless phone charger a little more power and your ignition switch is right here and now on the 2023s the pilot assist if you go to settings pilot assist is it’s turned on if you don’t like it engaged when you hit the cruise control you can always turn it off but it

Is adaptive cruise control and now that it’s on once you’re driving and you get up to speed and you engage the see a little steering wheel there you engage the pilot assist it’s just on in the years prior you’d have to set it and then hit this to engage it but it turns orange when it’s on and you do need to keep your hands close by there are sensors all in the

Steering wheel but you know it’s nice if you need to take your hands off the wheel just for a second or if you’re mildly distracted the car will keep you safely in between the lines on the road and at a safe distance from the car in front of you this is your home screen now you can slide through for whatever options you have you can click here to see everything

Really quickly if you ever get lost there’s an owner’s manual that has everything about this car in detail listed there your maps are here it has the google-based infotainment system so it’s voice controlled so you can say hey google take me to portland volvo okay portland volvo cars here we go ask it to adjust your temperature turn on your head southwest

Toward kenny lane seat controls um turn up the radio things like that get into here if you don’t like the voice control you can turn that off right here um turn that off and then you’ll have to hit this speaker button and that will activate hey google set temperature to 64. okay changing the temperature to 64 degrees sorry i’m having trouble controlling

That try again in a bit hmm why though i don’t know why well oh boy well there’s lots to know about these cars this one is fun gorgeous and ready for immediate delivery on nine us route one in scarborough maine it’s stock number 238023 thank you so much for watching we’ll see you soon take care from portland volvo

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2023 Volvo XC40 Plus Dark in Thunder Grey Metallic / Walkaround with Heather By Portland Volvo Cars

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