2023 vinfast vf 9
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2023 VinFast VF 9

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Expected to arrive in late 2022 the venfast vf9 is a fully electric nine-passenger suv that falls roughly between the kia telluride and chevy traverse in size the vf9 is one of benfast’s first u-dot s-bound models and also one of the first mainstream brand three-row electric suvs benfast vf9 overview at the consumer electronics show last january fledgling vietnamese

Automaker van fast laid out plans to bring as many as five battery electric vehicles to the states starting with the vf8 and vf9 suvs the latter model will serve as the new brand’s flagship targeting conventional products like the hyundai palisade chevrolet traverse and all electric models like the new rivien r1s benfast promises the vf9 will offer a long list

Of standard features and more luxurious appointments than its key competitors but what could gain attention is the electric crossover’s unusual pricing strategy benfast will sell you the vehicle but lease you the battery pack the vf9 measures 201.5 inches in length with a 125 inch wheelbase that lands right between the palisade and the r1s like the slightly

Smaller vf8 italy’s pinen farina took the lead role in designing the vf9 though final details were refined by an in-house styling team for such a large vehicle the overall look is refined and sporty almost wagon-like as with the vf8 the bigger crossover was originally intended to use a gas engine the strategy was shifted to all electric power midway through the

Development process one benefit was the addition of a front for front trunk under the hood the vf9 features three rows the versions shown so far configured for six passengers though a mid-row bench option allowing room for seven will also be available the back row sits slightly higher due to the layout of the electric crossover’s battery pack but it appears to have

Enough head and legroom for two adults.2023 benfast vf9 like the smaller vf8 there’s a degree of eccentricity to the layout of the instrument panel both vehicles forego a conventional gauge cluster like tesla’s both suvs use a big central screen for almost every function but also get a head-up display drivers can also use buttons on the steering wheel or the vf9s

Voice control system the infotainment package incorporates an alexa style personal voice assistant you simply have to say hey vinfast and issue a plain english command to set a destination change the cabin temperature even operate the oversized sun roof the automaker plans an extensive array of features using the infotainment system from cloud-based navigation

To streaming video among others also like the vf8 expect the bigger crossover to incorporate a variety of advanced driver assistance systems such as active cruise control forward collision warning with auto braking and blind spot detection the automaker is working up a semi-autonomous driving package as well but it may not be available at launch american spec

Bf9s will be all-wheel drive with separate motors on the front and rear axles benfast officials say they will make a combined 402 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque enough to launch from zero to 60 in 6.5 seconds roughly the same as the smaller toyota bz-4x the crossover is expected to feature a 110 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack which the automaker

Estimates will yield as much as 369 miles per charge that figure is based on the global wltp test cycle however and is likely to drop anywhere from 10 to 25 once tested by the epa for the american market even then that would appear to make it one of the longer range options in its class the launch edition of the rivien r1s relies on a 135 kilowatt hour pack to

Get an epa rated 316 miles per charge benfast claims you’ll be able to go from a 10 to 70 state of charge in around 30 minutes using a high-speed public charger offering at least 150 kilowatts of power charging times using a home 240 volt level 2 charger have not been revealed but due to the size of the pack it is likely to take eight hours or more with a drained

Battery point 2023 benfast bf9 benfast initially planned to launch the vf9 and the vf8 in the us late this year it has signaled the debut may be pushed back into 2023 however either way it’s planning a staged rollout beginning in california and other markets with high bev sales it eventually plans to offer the electric crossover in all 50 states the base price

For the 2023 benfast vf9 will be 55 hundred dollars the electric crossover will be eligible for a us federal tax credit of up to seven thousand five hundred dollars as well as state and other incentives where applicable there won’t be many other nine passenger fully electric suvs on the market in 2023 but the kia f9 is one potential competitor that might be

Cheaper than the rivien r1s venfast also offered a 5 000 voucher for those who signed up for its advance reservation program dubbed the pioneer club but that program ended in april

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