2023 toyota sequoia trd pro inte
Altair Club Cars 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Interior | Detailed Walkthrough

2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Interior | Detailed Walkthrough

A detailed look at the interior of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro. In this video, I show you all of the interior features including the gauge cluster, navigation display, drive modes, and all the buttons in between.

So today i’m behind the wheel of the 2023 toyota sequoia trd pro and i’m going to take some time to showcase the interior of this thing so starting as i normally do from left to right over on the left you’ve got your window switches you’ve got your door locks you’ve got your rear mirror adjust you got your door latch right here tucked right here on the side you’ve

Got some buttons for different presets for the driver seating position over to the right of that you’ve got a button for the door light on the automatic headlights the gas door the dim level the gauge cluster the odometer trip button parking sensor in the back button for the 120 volt battery in the back heated steering wheel and uniquely to the trd pro model the

Trd light bar button so pushing this activates the light bar in the front grille moving to the gauge cluster it is a full digital display which has multiple pages on the left side so going all the way to the left oh the first page is more of a fuel efficiency monitor so you got a distance to empty and the eco screen as well over on the right you’ve got a compass

If you have a destination set in your navigation display it will display on the screen you got uh whatever music you’re listening to has apple music it’s the last vehicle that’s been keyed to this car so you got trailer options as well and a trip monitor drive information a bunch of settings for lane assist you can cycle through all them on and off trailer settings

Trailer light vehicle settings as well and then you got a message screen usually just leave it on one of the eco screens down in the center you have the um tack which displays with the rpms of the vehicle on the top you’ve got the temperature outside the vehicle to the right you got the time you’ve got two gauges over here the first one is a boost gauge for the eye

Force and the max is the battery level so you put them together you got high force max you got some gauges for the battery oil level gas and the oil temps as well showcases what gear you’re in right here so there’s different drive modes as well and they get displayed on the gauge cluster but i’ll showcase how you switch between those when i get to the center console

Moving back to the steering wheel it is race inspired it’s got a racing stripe at the top 12 o’clock how i was adjusting everything on the left side is over here on the left side left and right kind of go between different pages and up and down will allow you to navigate on that specific page different options you got back phone button you got volume controls talk

Button as well over on the right you’ve got cruise control options you got tuner button mode the distance level for the cruise control system and the lane assist the bottom features nice trd branding on the bottom give you a better look at the steering wheel the engine start stop button is located behind the steering wheel on the right and it is red and features

Trd branding which is pretty cool then center console you have this huge navigation display so it has five main bubbles so you got the navigation bubble you’ve got a media music whatever you listen to i’m currently not uh synced together so you can’t see the apple music that i have you got phone i have no devices connected because i’m currently recording on one

Of those devices you have vehicle so you got trip information current history vehicle alerts there’s no vehicle alerts at this time which is good so you got settings you got toyota users our current setting for this vehicle i’m currently on a press trip doing this so we just have a generic toyota user for everybody to use you got personal info bluetooth devices

General it’s going there real fast accessibility date and time keyboard notifications wi-fi display options you can adjust the daytime light nighttime the brightness contrast camera can be adjusted as well let’s go to vehicle customize you got lights door control boarding and exit climate you name it you can pretty much change it got software update as well

You can pretty much change everything you want below that you’ve got a knob for the volume and power of the audio system then you’ve got different hvac controls and they’re displayed digitally up here so currently i have 63 degrees and you can adjust it with these knobs for both the driver passenger and you can sync the rear as well and the fan button right here

You have a usb plug right here below that strip you have heated seats ventilated seats you have defrost for the mirrors as well but both the driver and the passenger get the heated and ventilated seats which is cool below that you’ve got a trailer button you’ve got a view button looks like a coffee cup or teacup you push this it’s really a camera button give

You 360 view of the camera or of the vehicle push it again makes it go away so you have traction control off the hazards button the rear locker two flank spots below that you have a charging pad for your phone you can just see that it is on right here indicated by that light to the left of that you’ve got the hold button so if you are at a red light uh you want

To rest your foot you push this button down with your foot on the brake you can release stretch your leg uh light turns green you want to go again push it again you can go so you have the parking brake latch right here as well coming back from there you have this great trd branded gear lever so you have park reverse neutral and drive and once you’re in drive you

Can hit it over and shift your own gears back in the park for safety to the right of that you’ve got two cup holders which can be hidden like this or you push it down and displays them currently holding my bottom of my gimbal to the left of the cup holders you have a knob with a bunch of options around so you can push those options in and use the knob to adjust

So right now the drive mode is enabled signified by that light so then i can twist this knob and it will adjust on the screen you can see sport sport is displayed right there sport mainly deals with the engine as you can see it lit up blue i’m going in the normal and then eco is a more fuel efficient mode as well and displays on both front and top and you also

Have to the right of that tow haul mode you got dac and crawl control right here mts right here you can control them all with this knob right here then you have the four wheel drive settings so you got too high and four high which can simply be pushed in and then select between them so right now i’m in four high and then too high to get into four low you must

First put the vehicle into neutral or it will yell at you but same deal put it in neutral you can push this down and push it all the way to four low and you’ve got the armrest so it has a bunch of cubby spots it’s a nice little tray pop this up slide this back and at the back there is two cup holder locations as well the passenger side features nice heritage

Toyota branding which is much like on the front grille glove box give you a look at the passenger door seats feature tierdy pro branding as well as a unique uh kind of camo e design it’s kind of hard to see through the camera but you can kind of see it and the rear features that same cami cameo or camo design as well looks better on the camera for the rear you

Can kind of see the design both the front and rear of the cabin get a full sunroof sunroof controls up top that is pretty much the interior of the 2023 toyota sequoia trd pro if i didn’t go in depth enough on some feature on the interior of this thing be sure to leave some questions in the comments below and i would love to find an answer for you and if i can’t

I’ll point you in some direction thanks for watching foreign

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2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Interior | Detailed Walkthrough By Danny Drives

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