2023 toyota sequoia review a new
Altair Club Cars 2023 Toyota Sequoia Review | A new full-size contender?

2023 Toyota Sequoia Review | A new full-size contender?

The Toyota Sequoia finally gets a big redesign. Can the new-look SUV compete with the Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition?

It’s been 14 years since toyota last overall  hauled the sequoia an eternity in the automotive   to us all new for 2023 new platform new hybrid   up folks i’m dave undercoffler editor-in-chief   of autolist.com a sister company to cargurus a  lot has changed in the world since toyota last   introduced a new sequoia so this

Version has a lot  of catching up to do especially when it comes to   rivals like the ford expedition chevy tahoe nissan  armada and jeep wagoneer plus toyota is no longer   so this also needs to fill in that space so   is it up to the task or is this one tree that’s  better left in the forest let’s go find out but  

Before we do like and subscribe to this channel  so you can get all of our alerts on future videos   all right let’s take a look at the exterior now  this new sequoia is based on the same platform   shares a lot of the exterior cues so you   can see it has this big bold muscular presence  we’re testing the fully loaded capstone

Version   us led headlights and fog lights down below   moving to the side our capstone model has 22-inch  alloy wheels other trim levels will get either   18-inch wheels or 20-inch wheels you’ve got the  capstone badging here and some chrome treatment   loaded model also has power retractable running   boards

To help the little ones get in the truck  more easily the wheelbase of this new sequoia   but the overall length is up three inches   moving to the back again you can see the big bold  sort of muscular presence in the styling back here   sequoia badging across the back in case you forget   up like this but if you want to

Just get access   through here you have that option as well under  the hood all sequoias get this all new hybrid   powertrain and it is a monster it’s a 3.5 liter  twin-turbo charged v6 and an electric motor that   makes 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque  it’s paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission  

Two-wheel drive is standard but our loaded model  has part-time four-wheel drive with a limited slip   differential so some people are gonna like the  fact that this hybrid powertrain has more power   and torque but others are gonna miss the v8 where  do you guys fall let us know in the comments below   on paper fuel economy goes

Up two-wheel drive  models are rated at 21 miles per gallon city   24 in the highway and 22 overall this four-wheel  drive version loses two miles per gallon for each   of those so it’s 19 in the city 22 on the highway  and 20 overall but keep in mind those figures are   on paper only what have we been getting over 300 

Miles of testing well stay tuned we’re going to   tell you so much like the outside got a redesign  so did the inside and it too has this sort of big   brash bold characteristic to it this is a 14 inch  color touch screen for the infotainment system   this is standard on all models except the base  which is the sr5 that gets

An eight inch screen   here but you can get this screen optional i love  the setup here this is a system toyota has been   putting in all of its new vehicles and i really  like it it’s very crisp it’s responsive to your   touch there’s wireless apple carplay wireless  android auto another thing that i really like is  

That there are physical buttons for the climate  control if you’ve been watching any of my other   videos you know it’s so frustrating to me when  automakers put everything into the touchscreen so   toyota did a really nice job you’ve got physical  buttons for all the climate control i will say   some of these labels are a little

Hard to read in  daylight but you can infer what each of them does   based on the screen above it you do have a large  volume knob there i like that as well also all   display for the driver that’s a nice touch   goodies like heated and ventilated seats you’ve   got this large panoramic roof i’ve got a digital  camera

For the rear view mirror a up display   open pour wood trim and these two tone leather  seats finally because toyota knows that this   sequoia is going to be put into full-time family  duty there are cubbies and cup holders all around   this truck it’s really cool you’ve got little ones  in here this entire thing opens up and

If you want   more access that’s easier that slides out of the  way cup holders here more cup holders on the door   so that’s really nice very practical for this suv  this is a look at the second row as you can see   there are two captains chairs here so overall this  is a seven passenger version of the sequoia lower  

Trims will have a bench seat here which makes them  an eight passenger as you can see i’ve got plenty   of space you would hope so right in a vehicle  this big i’ve got the driver’s seat adjusted to   where i would have it i’m six foot one so i’ve got  plenty of room for my legs my knees headroom is   comfortable but it does get

A little tight thanks  to this low roof with the panoramic moonroof   and because this is the capstone version you have  a variety of amenities back here i’ve got heated   and cooled seats i’ve got my own climate control  system and a variety of ways to charge my devices   one thing to note about these captains chairs is 

That they don’t slide back and forth as they will   and some of the competitors to the sequoia they do  flip and fold out of the way pretty easily however   plus because this is the loaded capstone version  i’ve got a button here that automatically folds   the rear seats once we’re in the third row i’ve  actually got a fair amount

Of space plenty for my   toes my legs and my knees headroom gets a little  tight but you could spend quite a bit of time back   here as an adult that’s nice and because this  is the loaded capstone version there are some   other goodies back here i’ve got a button that  allows me to recline the seat or move it forward  

I’ve got a usb charger down here and just like the  second rows and the doors i’ve got a sunshade here   in case i want to take a nap all right now to the  cargo area of the sequoia and this is probably my   biggest gripe of the vehicle overall it’s the  cargo space there’s just not a lot of it given   how big this vehicle is

Overall both the ford  expedition and chevy tahoe have an independent   allows them to more cleanly integrate the seats   into the cargo floor for better space this sequoia  has a more basic solid rear axle so it really   doesn’t give you a lot of space you do have a  few options in terms of configurability back here  

Aft to give you a little bit more space here   and then this floor can be adjusted in terms of  its height to bring it level with these seats   don’t have nearly the cargo space that you   would in some of the rivals in this segment so  it’s a bit of a miss for the sequoia that way   all right driving impressions probably

My favorite  thing about the sequoia overall is the power train   437 horsepower 583 pound-feet of torque that is a  lot this thing is a monster and i really like that   unlike some other turbocharged v6 engines this one  has no turbo lag whatsoever the minute you get on   the throttle it’s responsive that’s great probably 

The highest compliment you can pay a turbo v6   is to say it feels exactly like a v8 with all that  rich torque and the sound and that’s exactly what   this powertrain does it sounds like a v8 it acts  like a v8 unfortunately it also drinks like a v8   over 300 miles of testing we’ve been averaging  15 miles per gallon and some

Of that was even   on a pretty long road trip so that’s not great  definitely doesn’t measure up to the epa estimates   meanwhile the 10-speed automatic transmission  is a peach it stays out of the way but it’s also   very responsive when you need it to be a couple of  things that i don’t like the steering for one is  

Very light i have it right now in sport mode which  does dial up the feeling and the resistance a   little bit but in the default normal setting you  really don’t get much feedback from the steering   at all and that’s a bit of a problem in a vehicle  that’s this big i also don’t love the ride quality   ours has the optional air

Suspension and it’s just  there’s too much chatter again part of that is   also because we have the larger wheels the 22-inch  alloy wheels so be sure you test drive the sequoia   with a different trim that you’re interested in  because it does vary depending on which model you   have there’s 18-inch alloy wheels 20-inch wheels 

And then the 22s that are on this truck one thing   about the steering is that this sequoia has a  really tight turning radius and that’s been great   you’re going to find that really handy when you’re  navigating really tight parking spots or parking   garages another great thing about the sequoia’s  new hybrid powertrain

Is its towing capacity   it can go up to 9 500 pounds of towing that’s  a lot it’s 2 000 pounds plus over the previous   generation of sequoia so that’s great in terms  of visibility it’s good but not great this is a   full-size suv right you’d think you’d have this  commanding view of the road unfortunately the  

Windshield feels like it’s a little too low and  then out the back the glass feels a little too low   as well so you don’t have that commanding presence  you think this would be like driving a lighthouse   not so so that’s a little frustrating the scoia  also has adjustable drive modes so there’s a   normal setting there’s a

Comfort there’s a sport  a sport plus and finally a custom mode that allows   you to sort of fine tune how the vehicle feels  wind noise and road noise is largely held at bay   and that’s really nice you kind of hope so right  on the vehicle this large the seats are certainly   comfortable but they don’t have the bolstering 

That i would like they’re a little too wide for me   so it’d be nice if they held you a little bit  tighter but that’s really nitpicking at this point   against the ford expedition the chevy tahoe the   gmc yukon the nissan armada and the jeep wagoneer  the chevy is going to have more passenger space   in the third row and

In the cargo area but it  doesn’t have this amazing hybrid powertrain   the ford is going to stack up really well because  it too has a turbocharged v6 although it’s not a   hybrid and its cargo area is really nicely managed  because it has that independent rear suspension   the nissan armada was recently updated but it’s 

Still starting to show its age it’s got a basic v8   so i think i would choose this sequoia over that  model the jeep wagoneer is the new entrant to   this segment it has a nice burly v8 but it gets  terrible fuel economy so there’s no turbocharged   space so that’s certainly something to consider   so overall this toyota

Is best for people who  want bulletproof reliability because you always   get that from toyota from people who want a great  powertrain that has a lot of towing capabilities   for rear cargo space all right folks there   sequoia pros well we like the new styling   this hybrid power train is incredible to drive  and

We really appreciate the tech upgrades inside   cargo space lag behind most of its peers   this hybrid powertrain is certainly thirstier  in the real world than it is on paper and this   can get expensive this is 81 000 as you see it  here so overall while we appreciate the upgrades   toyota made to this generation of the

Sequoia we  don’t quite think it can keep up with its american   counterparts and we also don’t think it can fill  the shoes of the discontinued land cruiser so for   reviews or listings of this sequoia or anything  else you’re shopping for be sure to check out   cargurus.com and if you have a car to sell check  out carguru’s

Instant max cash offer where you can   comes right to you and before you go like and   subscribe to this channel so you can get alerts on  all of our future updates we’ll see you out there

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2023 Toyota Sequoia Review | A new full-size contender? By CarGurus

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