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Altair Club Cars 2023 Toyota Rav4 Prime vs 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV + Hurricane Ian Update

2023 Toyota Rav4 Prime vs 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV + Hurricane Ian Update

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Plug-in hybrid crossover most people will think rav4 prime and its delicious acceleration and over 40 miles of electric range but what if i told you the mitsubishi outlander is by far the best selling plug-in hybrid crossover out there so today we’re going to compare the all-new mitsubishi outlander plug-in hybrid against its biggest rival the toyota rav4 prime so

We’re over at the mitsubishi newsroom the 23 mitsubishi outlander is priced starting around 41k after destination we’re going to compare that to the rav4 prime today but let’s talk about some of the juicy specs here we have a larger 20 kilowatt hour battery we also have a next generation plug-in hybrid system that lasts for 420 miles of range we’ll we’ll talk about

How that compares to the rav4 as well today one of the main features that this has over the rav4 prime is an additional row of seats but the outgoing plug-in hybrid outlander only had two rows of seats now we have the full functionality of the three rows of seats so that is a definitely a an advantage for the new outlander compared to the rav4 prime total system

Horsepower is 248 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque first deliveries are starting at the end of november here stateside with more availability nationwide in december alright so we’re heading over to the spreadsheet we’re going to compare the rav4 prime which is pretty much the king of crossovers plug-in hybrid crossovers in the united states the outlander i

Came in 2018 and here’s stateside but it was available in europe before that in 2013 and cumulatively cumulative sales since 2013 has eclipsed over 300 000 units uh worldwide so what we have on the left round four prime on the right is well in the center is the new outlander and then i have some of the specs of the old outlander as well because you might be able to

Find some really good deals on the outgoing outlander if that is something that you guys are interested in so let’s just compare engine to engine they both have four cylinders they both are naturally aspirated the toyota has the big advantage here when it comes to the gasoline engine with over 30 uh four more horsepower and more about 20 more pound-feet of torque as

Well now let’s compare the electric motors because when we’re talking about plug-in hybrid that is going to be the main driving force the majority of the time so the front motor on the rav4 prime is the the majority of the power okay whereas the rear motor on the outlander has the majority of the power so it’s going to be a little bit more sporty driving experience

In theory with uh this outlander plug-in hybrid they’re very comparable with combined power when it comes to fully ev 233 electric horsepower for the rav4 prime and just under 250 for the plug-in hybrid outlander but where the rav4 prime has a big advantage is with its combined system horsepower so you added the electric motors with that gasoline engine that gets

Us 302 horsepower where the mitsubishi outlander tops out at 248 so big advantage there for the rav4 prime and that’s why you can scoot to 60 miles an hour a lot quicker than the new outlander 5.7 seconds versus the 8 seconds but if you look at the rav4 primes acceleration on just under ev power it’s probably going to be very comparable around 8 seconds 0-60 to the

Outlander battery size is a little bit larger on the outlander plug-in hybrid 20 kilowatts versus 18.1 however since the rav4 prime is a little bit smaller vehicle probably a little bit lighter as well it has more electric range so 42 miles of electric range versus the 30 uh 38 of the outlander which is a huge upgrade versus the 24 miles we saw in the outgoing model

If we look at electric range plus the gasoline range the rav4 has a massive advantage here 600 miles of range and that you could probably top that the outlander plug-in hybrid only has 420 miles of range which is immense for an electric car but when you compare it to something in its own category of competition like the rav4 prime it just doesn’t hold a candle to

That total combined range now pricing is very competitive between the two of them rav4 prime tops off around 45k if you can find one at msrp if you can find one at all so where the outlander comes in comes at the same price around 41k versus the rav4 prime the top models top out around 51k so you have multiple different tiers and packages of the outlander more i

Think you have three where the rav4 prime has two the sc and the xsc if i remember correctly so most of you if you’re in the market for a plug-in hybrid rav4 prime is surges to the top of the list there’s no doubt but now we have more competition that’s a beautiful thing so this new outlander is just going to be an option for those to want a competitive product that

Maybe they can’t get the rav4 prime maybe they have a mitsubishi dealership close by that is going to be favorable in dealing with them versus uh the markups that we see on the rav4 prime so more competition is a beautiful thing and the rav4 prime needs to have more of that because just the rav4 prime there’s just another battery packs out there from panasonic to

Supply the market worldwide let alone here in north america where got good luck finding one it’s very very difficult but the outlander is just going to give customers more choice if they can’t find the rav4 prime is around four five is around four prime a better vehicle overall i would say it’s power train slightly superior but the new outlander is a really really

Good vehicle overall watch my normal review with just the standard uh powertraining it’s a two and a half liter around 185 horsepower if i remember right and it got decent fuel economy and it was just a really good family vehicle for us i took that outlander to get my girl’s ears pierced so it was it was an awesome experience being in the outlander where we can

Stack our whole family in it with the three rows of seeds so hopefully i get a plug-in hybrid mitsubishi outlander for review so i can test it show you guys what it’s like to live with the daily basis with a family of six and just real quick before i end this and talk about my status update with hurricane ian kia america announces 2023 nero hybrid pricing it’s going

To start at 26k excluding destination so essentially round that up to about 28k after destination and this is what the new prius is going to have to fight against so hopefully the prius can come in at a similar if not cheaper price than in the new kia niro here are the different trim levels 26 29 and topping out at 32k before the 1300 destination epa estimate at

53 miles per gallon for the new nero hybrid has a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine with a 32 kilowatt electric motor and it gives us 139 horsepower 195 pound-feet of torque power sent to the front wheels via a six-speed dual clutch so i could make a whole nother video when uh the nero and the new prius are out on the market because they’re going to be duking it out

It’s going to be very fun and exciting but i’m going to end it there with automotive news status update for me i am in miami i’m staying at my friend’s house they have a beautiful little family full of boys and i brought my beautiful family full of little girls and they just have a blast my wife and i of course brought our dog too and he’s been loving it out here

And uneffective essentially miami back home though it’s a different story just two hours away on the west coast of florida the southwest coast more specifically naples close to where i live houses were underwater luckily my house didn’t have any damage still no power at my house still no water still no cellular and there’s no gasoline you go 40 40 minutes north to

Fort myers where my in-laws live luckily they were safe but fort myers is absolutely devastating as well as sanibel island captiva island pine island it’s it’s a nightmare it’s worst case scenario no one ever has seen a hurricane like this on the west coast of florida in living memory so guys thoughts and prayers out there definitely i’ll probably put a link to

If you guys want to donate uh to the relief fund to help out our brothers and sisters here in south southwest florida um it’s it’s just devastating and at the time that’s recording it’s turned back into a hurricane after sweeping through florida it’s going to be hitting south carolina uh and other parts of the united states so thoughts and prayers for those still

Suffering with ian and we got a long ways to go it’s going to be a long recovery for for many of our brothers and sisters here in florida and potentially in the carolinas as well so thank you guys for your support um it’s been interesting it’s not my first hurricane hurricane irma really shook up my life this one not nearly is is a life changing for me because i’ve

Got my crop together a little bit more as a human being this time around but i just want to say thank you to you guys out there who have supported my family um essentially have have made this a much smoother experience a lot of you guys support me through prayers well wishes thoughts and i appreciate that my family appreciates that we’re just very fortunate because

Just a block down the street houses were underwater and my house was spared so just very very grateful and thank you guys feel free to ask me questions i guess in the comments i don’t know if i’ll be able to respond to them it’s been a transitory life for the past three or four days so i’m just glad everyone in my family safe and healthy and a big part of that is

Thanks to your guys’s prayers and well wishes and thoughts thank you so much i’ll see you in the next video peace

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2023 Toyota Rav4 Prime vs 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV + Hurricane Ian Update By Kirk Kreifels

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