2023 toyota camry hybrid se walk
Altair Club Cars 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Walkthrough

2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Walkthrough

J.D. here at the Bill Penney Toyota lot to walk you through the 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE.

Hey everybody this is jd hunter here at bill pay on the bills20 toyota a lot and today i’m a lot since i just uh since my last episode i gave oh my hair is all messed up ignore that ignore my hair ignore my hair don’t lose my hair all right so today a lot since i showed you the camry hybrid s-e-r-le last time now i’m going to show you the hybrid camry se 2023 all

Right there we go this one is in white i love those i love those wheels so this is the se hybrid look at that bad boy there yeah this one is in white with black interior now right next to it i do have a um an le hybrid camry i want to show you the wheels difference so you are going from the 16 inch wheels over here to the 18 inch wheels over here bring you

Inside here all right there’s a cockpit black leather interior softex leather so quick little uh size or grandpa while everybody’s hanging outside so a quick little story with grandpa so soft hex um i know a lot of people are like is that the faux leather why do you got fake leather in there it’s because toyota uh toyotas were you normally have like a lot of

Leather products in them and they found out that their cars were outlasting their leather interiors so they made softex leather interior it’s a synthetic leather interior they can they can last as long as the actual vehicle itself thus the um that’s why you have and it’s a software i really like it this is not that hard crushy leather it’s a nice soft it’s very

Comfortable and everything but sorry about that got a side tangent but let me go back to the one back to the review all right just like the other one got a nice little um uh change holder right there auto high beams traction control you have a smart key system same four 4.1 and multimedia information display you got your center console here seven inches we’ll

Show you all this yeah ignore the beaten up all right there you go shows you all right there we go all right of course you’re going to get the um toyota safety sense which includes the dynamic radar cruise control lane departure alert lane tracing assists the um road sign this is pre-collision systems with pedestrian detection your auto high beams foreign you’re

Going to get dual zone climate control of course you are getting the usb and 120 volt outlet these are compatible with uh this is compatible with apple carplay android auto and amazon alexa you’re going to get the paddle shifters so you can do a little bit of um quick shifting from the steering wheel of course you got your three drive modes echo normal and sport

Echo provides the best fuel efficiency while sport provides the best acceleration you got your of course it is a hybrid so you’re going to get the ev mode you got to get the brake hold which keeps your vehicles um stopped while you even take off the foot off these brake pedal or if you’re on a heel or incline got your the electronic parking brake so you don’t have

To worry about driving around with your your emergency brake on show me oh yeah got usb ports down here that’s super deep um center console here of course you got your spot for yo extras pair of sunglasses or your extra big lighters and of course your sunglass holder up here your emergency your emergency connect which works in case you have a emergency oh i need

Roadside assistance or need to report an accident with a touch guard so you don’t accidentally press it of course plenty of glove compartment space now the ses do have the sports tune suspension there and they feel a little they’re a little bit more sportier have a more aggressive look in the front end and i’ll actually show you that um real quick as well once i

Go outside the car now i’m gonna get myself nice and comfortable in here all right got myself bring this out a little bit oh here we go there you go that’s a nice little cruising set up there now showing that i am i’m five foot nine and this is plenty of headspace playing leg room nice relaxing um set up all right let’s see how i look in the back well but first

I’m going to show you the front and then i’m going to show you how i feel look in the back oh my hair still look bad uh ignore that y’all ignore that y’all didn’t see that okay oh i did that out or something all right let’s go let’s go all right so i wanted to show you the differences between the le and the ses front so this is a hybrid camry le and this is the

Se le all right so let’s go check the back here oops all right looking inside here of course you got your same little spot here so you can leave your phone in here or your friends can leave your phone in here pockets for the back of course you’re going to have your cup holders and everything there you got the nice leather interior as you can see here i am

Five foot nine and a half and i still got plenty of space here and wow this is a this is a great opportunity so i want you to get used to the inside here and now the noise from outside very nice very nice oh yeah you do have oh deer handles i know they’re called something else everywhere else but um you got oh dear handles everywhere around here boom boom right

Let’s go check out the boot it’s about hey boot time we check out the boot all right flat space ignore that somebody drop their ah oh it’s a leaf all right plenty of space in there oh my goodness oh of course a lot of people were asking about the um spare so you do get the same height spare tire so it still is a donut but it’s the same height as your other

Wheels so you all of your safety systems will work you also have this nice little hook there that way you don’t have to constantly try to hold the thing up all right touch this down pop that in bring this down all right turn it around there we go all right so that covers the hybrid camry 2023 and um uh and the se hybrid camry for 2023. if you have any questions

Just give me a call or send me an email or you can leave a comment down below don’t forget to like because like follow subscribe ring the bell do all that stuff just go yay jd talk to you later bye

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2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Walkthrough By J.D. the Toyota Salesman

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