2023 tesla model x refresh ccs a
Altair Club Cars 2023 Tesla Model X Refresh CCS Adaptor and FREE Charging

2023 Tesla Model X Refresh CCS Adaptor and FREE Charging

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Hey everyone how’s it going so in this video i will be showing you how to charge your tesla this is a tesla model x 2022 recent built and the latest refresh in the tesla model x lineup and we are pulling up to this ccs charging station also channel the channel mode is fading away if you’re not familiar with ccs it’s a fast charging network that is quickly expanding

So a lot charging station non-supercharger station are using ccs charging adapter or charging plug that is and tesla at least in the us and in some other countries does not have this capability because they don’t have the ccs charging plug adapter built in place so this charger looks to be a city built and looks to be a partner with some of the the plaza in this

Area and it does have that channel on the left there and this is your ccs plug you cannot use this on your test vehicle we just happened to come up to this charging station because the supercharger we came by was fully occupied by other tesla owner and it was quite aligned so we decided to look for another charging option and this turns out to be the one nearest

By within the mile so using this adapter from hand shell all you need to do is just plug that into the charger plug this is a solid adapter that we think equivalent to that of tesla in south korea which they currently sell and then you plug it into your tesla vehicle again this only works with the tesla model x s refresh and any model y or three due to that pin

On the top where it locks the mechanism you cannot use this for the old model x or s unfortunately so right now i am charging at close to 45 kilowatt and is pulling in about 174 miles of range so you can see there 174 so this is on the slower end of the fast charging network for ccs and channel usually you can get up to 150 kilowatt and that is equivalent to close

To i would say 450 to 500 and that is assuming you get the max 150 kilowatt typically it’s between 80 to 120 at most ccs charger and that’s probably the soft spot where you want to charge because you don’t want the fast charge from her too often of course if you’re on a road trip you probably want to use the supercharging network but this is a great alternative

Outside of supercharger and you don’t have to rely on let’s say the j1772 which is really slow in comparison you can get between 20 to 30 miles of range per hour at those charging station so again this is the adapter from hand show and we’re using this for the first time on the model x refresh you can see there about 47 kilowatt wrap up there we got 2.6 kilowatt

Already charged with an amount of minutes and it just fits perfectly on this model x refresh and i assume for the model s refresh as well so we started around 24 and we probably will stop around 50 just to let it charge for a while and see what happens if the charge stays consistent or if it fluctuate and it looks to be consistent so far and with this model x refresh

You can see this is a brand new model x refresh delivery just a month ago everything feels brand new the yolk steering wheel which people recently been complaining about that is ripping apart but they say it’s normal wear and tear i don’t know what should be covered in their warranty for the next four years we’ll see how that lasts i really like this adapter in

Comparison with other ccs adapter because it’s very compact it’s one piece it’s just like the j1772 you can store that in your glove box or in your armrest or even in your front car trunk very compact it is well built from the weight of it it feels solid much better than having a channel adapter the channel is just too large and new manufacturer are not using

That anymore plus you don’t want to pay five six seven hundred dollars for that adapter so we’re still charging i’m touching it to see if it heats up it doesn’t and we’re just in the middle of nowhere here so this is a interesting charging station there’s actually no one here it’s empty it’s empty on a busy busy weekend unlike supercharger it’s completely full

During this time and also the rate is slightly cheaper than tesla supercharger about 10 to 20 cents cheaper per kilowatt usually which is a huge saving if you pulling in 50 70 80 kilowatt of of charge and as you close the door the display screen you can see the charge rate is consistent so we’re getting a consistent charge right here so we’ll take a look at the

Model x refresh in case you haven’t seen this in person and you’re interested in seeing how it looks so front fascia everything looks exactly the same the front headlights is exactly the same the only difference is the fog lights now looks to be a straight pull from model 3 and model y so to try and streamline the items that they’re installing across the line up

There to be consistent and the same all the pilot camera looks to be the same size it’s not the one that blows out like the model s refresh the wheels are new though new design same size 20 inch 255 to 65 or i’m sorry it’s 265 in the front and 275 in the rear if you get the 22 inch for the long range and this is the long range it’s slightly bigger there’s

Some trim that seems to be weak there on the actual front fender or a pillar that is same thing on the left side not sure why that is that wasn’t the case in the previous model x so some trim are not as sturdy like before but the door buttons works the same falcon doors works the same they did bring that that model x logo back on that that a big pillow that is

On top of the b-pillar and the c-pillar rear seats this is a seven seater so you do have maximum capacity for power open all your doors use that leg room in the middle there so rear passenger will feel a little bit more claustrophobic back there but doors are automatic as well with the touch button so all the doors are aligned this did need to go to the service

Center for about a week to get some alignment to fix around the right falcon doors make sure you check those wings and those front doors that they are aligned when you pick up the model x seem to be the same issue that they have with the refresh with the group’s model the seat i have to say looks similar looks to be more bolster but just to let you know with

The ventilated seat now it does feel more firm and not as plush like the previous model x something for those people that love those cushiony model x the model sc you won’t like these ones it’s a lot stiffer but i’m sure you get used to it because it does have that bit air suspension now so you sort of lose that comfort with the seat but you gain some comfort

With the suspension so from the rear the diffuser on the bottom is slightly different but it’s not useful it’s checking the charge here making the speed consistent no fluctuation at all so still at 47 kilowatt charge about 107 174 miles per hour rear trunk there’s some changes here there’s a cover on the left hand side the bottom compartment looks to be the

Same some storage on the right which wasn’t there this looks so tiny though and this is the j1772 you see how small that is comparison with the ccs adapter and and charger so third row again these are all manual seats that you have to hold yourself it does have an electronic switch but you have to hold them yourself hook hooks in the back all the same you have

Your 12-volt plug back there it’s on the right side now instead of left and your token so token button automatically close no issues with that rear display so the display has a matte screen cover that’s why it looks like that but without it it’s going to be more glossy just like the heads up display so here’s your cool seats ventilate the seats and heated seats

This is new for the tesla model x refresh also for the model s refresh of course it does eat into your battery range as well you use it one interesting thing is you have chill sport plus insane mode now standard in the long range and you have launch control that you can take this to the track it’s not called track mode it’s called launch control so you can launch

This 060 as fast as 3.5 second or so but people been quoting about 3.8 so 3.8 3.7 is probably more realistic so hopefully you find this video helpful if you’re interested in the ccs charging adapter check out the link in the description and we also will provide a promo code make sure you use a promo code to save some money so you can get it as low as in the 200s

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2023 Tesla Model X Refresh CCS Adaptor and FREE Charging! By The Megawatts

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