2023 telluride sx prestige
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2023 Telluride SX Prestige

Let’s look at the 2023 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige!

Good morning everyone this is the kia king here and today as you can see we have an incredibly special vehicle a long awaited vehicle this is the 2023 kia telluride but i wanted to show you guys what they brought to the table on the fully loaded one so this one is an sx prestige and today i’m going to walk you through this vehicle i’m going to show you all the new

Things that have come to the telluride now for the 2023 model year and i’m going to show you what you get for your money so without further ado let’s get to it foreign if you’re new to the channel welcome and i appreciate you clicking on this video now if you’ve been with my channel for a while then thank you for returning and i hope you still enjoy the content if

You guys would please like comment and subscribe to the channel that way i can continue to make this content for you guys because again i am the kia king and i love providing content surrounding the kia brand so let’s get back to the video so let me just preface this video with saying that the telluride has been kind of the king of the hill as far as the midsize

Suv goes they’ve sold out so many times and it still blows people’s minds to this day now kia knows that and because of that they didn’t want to change too much with a formula that already works right don’t fix what’s not broken so they took a page out of porsha’s book and just gave it minor aesthetic and technological updates and sent it to market and that’s what

We have here so now we’ve got the reigning champion of the midsize suv segment back again to keep its throne let’s see what you get so all new for 2023 is a brand new fascia which is going to be controversial but i love it so for one the headlights are brand new so now they’ve gone away with the amber drls which i know a lot of people are like why did kia do that

They’re keeping the car modern still i think it looks fantastic you have lower running lights down here that are full led you do have full projector led headlights still these are now the standard headlight unit for the telluride so they’ve brought that to every trim level now in addition to that everything else is functional in the front so you still have these

Air dams in the lower bumpers helps with their dynamics but also brake cooling and such if you decide to tow now this one being an sx prestige you’re going to have front parking sensors in addition to rear parking sensors in addition to that you are going to still have the surround view camera system hence why you have the camera in the front grille now notice

The tiger nose grill is kind of modernized here on the telluride to kind of match the rest of our lineup here so just make note of that and of course you get the new kia emblem finished in this machine finished there now in this lower fascia here you are going to have this kind of painted trim piece here with a little bit of cladding so it gives a little durability

While also bringing a little bit of luxury to the table and then you also have this painted piece and this lower chin spoiler area and let’s not forget you have these led fog lights that kind of caress the lower portion of the bumper here now as with every telluride ever built you do get radar cruise control standard but i’m gonna point it out anyways even on this

Sx prestige but the brick is right here for you guys so if you’re curious of what this little square is that is for the radar cruise control brick so let me know what you guys think of this new front end on the telluride because i think it looks fantastic i know it’s controversial but i want to hear what the general public has to say on 2023 for the sx prestige i’m

Just going to give you a little bit of hindsight here they did break up the telluride into three different kind of lineups so you got your normal road going ones like the sx prestige you’ll have an x line sx prestige and then you’ll have a x pro sx prestige so they have two other kind of model lineups within the telluride group alone this one is neither one of those

Two off-road trims this one is a normal sx prestige so in saying that look at these wheels so these things are just absolutely beautiful they’re 20 inch wheels they’re going to be wrapped in michelin tires here which is nice um you can see they kept with a mostly black painted face but again they’re trying to streamline the product lineup within our suv so you can

See that it does have some machine finished areas of the outer portion of the rim itself rim wheel what to call it because there there’s a lot of uh speculation that’s neat that’s neither here nor there so black center caps so it kind of keeps a monotone look there towards the center but overall a really clean design i think it’s very cohesive and i think it works

Really well with the overall design of the telluride itself and also i apologize if there’s any additional noise because we’re right alongside a very busy road with some kind of loud vehicles so i apologize in advance in the back here on the 2023 telluride i do want to point out one of my favorite biggest differences and that’s going to be the brake light housing

So it’s full led but i want to point out that the strips here are a little bit thicker as far as width and then on top of that the housing is a clear kind of grayish housing so it gives a little bit of flare there i think it looks really great stylistically other differences key has gone to 4x badges for their all-wheel drive models this is noted on things like

The stinger the telluride sportage i’m sure it’s going to be on upcoming sorrento so i’m going to keep you guys informed on that but just know if it says 4x on a kia model now that is going to be their all-wheel drive signature now in the back you got telluride spelled out on the deck lid it is a new font now so the font that key has been using now has been

Applied to the new stinger k5 sportage they’re they’re introducing it to the whole model lineup here it’s a very squared off kind of look here i think it looks good so key badging here you got your backup camera third brake lights up here and uh kind of embedded in this spoiler and you do have your rear wiper blade now i know people are going to be so mad at this

But again they don’t want to mess with what’s not broken they left the single dual exit exhaust okay i say single because a lot of people are like why don’t they put quad pipes on it it’s kind of overkill guys so you got the same exhaust tips here and then in addition that you can see kind of the squared off rear bumper area here and you do have your rear parking

Sensors on this telluride now you do have more of this durable cladding here on the back so if you want to go you know off-roading or anything like that you don’t worry about any painted pieces getting damaged now in addition to that your reverse lights are going to be built down here into the bumper itself so that’s becoming a common trend with a lot of kia suvs

And then you have your rear reflectors down here surrounded by this gloss black trim so overall a really neat design but again i want to know what you guys think of this design because i know it’s a slight change but some people don’t like change i think it’s very welcome especially on the telluride it was getting a little long in the tooth there and it’s i think

It’s good to see that they modernized it here now i’m gonna do the point of view here but i want to let you guys snow this tailgate is of course a power tailgate so all you simply have to do is just press the button opens right on up and then we can check out the trunk space here so the sun’s starting to come out now so it’s going to get a little brighter here

But things back here really haven’t changed much right so you got your two buttons here that’ll fold down the second row seats at will you do have your third row here still with a tether so they they didn’t mess with that too much you’re still going to have this little load floor here which you can open up and exposes the release point for the spare tire which is

Still underneath the car tied to the steel string and then i’m not going to peel this off but you’re still going to have that stainless steel trim here you can barely see it alongside there but just know it’s still there and then for the third row seats you’re still going to have your usb ports but they are going to be usbc now so just make note of that and then

They kept the speakers here for the harman kardon surround sound and while we’re back here you can see the headliner it’s still going to be that microfiber suede like material here so you’re still going to get that here in the prestige one little party trick i do want to make note of is on the tailgate they did introduce the auto close function that’s shared on the

Carnival so essentially if you have your key fob and you’re walking away from it this thing will automatically close the tailgate once you’re out of a certain distance for a certain period of time so space has never been an issue in the telluride right it’s an incredibly spacious cabin here in the second row i’m five nine if you guys are curious and honestly i’ve

Got so much room it’s insane tons of headroom tons of knee room shoulder space is fantastic and look i can move the seat forward and backwards if i want to and i can even recline using this little lever here and i can relax but i do want to make note it kind of feels like this seat reclines a little bit more than the outgoing telluride could be in my head but i

Just want to point that out to you guys so without further ado let’s see what else you get here in the back seat of the sx prestige tell you right so this one being in prestige you do have the napa leather interior now you see the trim on the seats is very similar to the outgoing model okay so that’s really nice to see usbc ports built into the seat backs here

You still have the armrests don’t forget the armrest don’t mind my camera bag and such but down here you get your 12 volt power outlet still going to have your household plug you’re still going to have your little hooks here for grocery bags purses whatever you want to use okay and you still have map pockets on both rear seats so let’s not forget about that

You’re going to have your rear sunroof for the rear passengers and then your ac controls are still built into the roof now as far as the actual door goes let’s look so here you’re still going to have your sunshade okay they did change the wood trim here so it’s a different pattern i’ll go over that towards the front and then your rear seats here on the procedure

Are going to be heated and ventilated okay so they retain that get your nice speaker grille here in this metal finish for the harman kardon surround sound you still have your cup holders built into the door pockets seat controls are the same right so i showed you the lever in the bar in the front you still have this one touch system so you can press that releases

The seat lets you get into the third row here however if you’re in the third row and you need to get out you can press this button here on the shoulder pad which is identical to the button on the side and you can easily get out so here in the driver area of the 2023 telluride not much has changed and that’s a good thing right the big elephant in the room is this

Huge panorama display looks fantastic it’s on pretty much every other kia model as far as their suvs go i’m gonna turn it on for you guys so you can see a little bit let’s put it actually in this mode here so you can see it when it’s on looks fantastic you’re gonna have your blind spot view monitor still might not be turning on just because the car is physically

Not on with the engine you are going to have your giant display here with navigation you’re going to have your center locking differential here because this one is all-wheel drive with your different drive modes here so you can see that all these functions are still the same your idle stop and go button auto hold still going to have your parking sensor button in

Your camera button here hit a cooled seats there and then you’re still going to have your heated steering wheel so things there have not changed however some things have like for example the wood trim i told you it’s different they kind of updated it here it looks more like the carnivals would trim and i think that’s a very good thing because the wood trim in the

Carnival was fantastic you can see the front seats have that same pattern as the rear seats that i just showed you and then in addition to that you still have the same buttons here on the dash so have no fear they didn’t mess with that and then as far as equipment here memory seats power folding mirrors and then all of your power door buttons and things of that

Nature and then on the sx trim here you see you get your power thigh extender in addition to the standard power seat so overall it’s a very very nice interior but i’m not done yet because this car has two things that i’m really excited to show you for one the sx trim look at that this prestige you get this digital mirror now from kia so that way if you wanted to be

A standard mirror you can it’s a homelink mirror also and it’s auto dimming or flip it up and now it’s your digital mirror here i apologize if it doesn’t show the best through video but it’s there and it’s awesome now in addition to that you’ve got your wireless phone charger down here but just like the kia niro that i showed you guys um yesterday if you haven’t

Seen that check out my video down there but this car is going to be equipped with a digital key so i’ll go over that in a little bit now the final thing i’m going to say about this front end area is that there’s two other differences so for one you have the seat belt reminder here now that is actually brand new and then in addition that with the camera system so

Telluride has a surround view camera nothing really new about that the telluride’s has always had that but now you have the augmented reality view so i can tap on this and now look at that it shows your telluride as if you’re looking from pretty much a video game on the outside it is so so cool that they finally brought this here this is a feature that’s typically

Reserved for cars double the price to have a price tag of a telluride and they have it here so overall i think the technology in this thing is just absolutely incredible and i hope that a lot of customers will be able to utilize this in beneficial ways now i’m going to touch on the door handle again right with the digital key i explained this in my kia niro video

But you’re going to get pretty much a credit card type of card that’s the best way i can explain it that can act as your car key so you no longer have to worry about having a key fob on you okay now in addition that you can add it to your phone’s wallet and use your phone as a key to the car so they introduce that now to the telluride fantastic feature i absolutely

Love it but they also change the keyless entry system in general so even if you have the key fob on you if you want to lock the car because right now it’s unlocked just rest your hand on that little indention on the handle boom locks it away or if you want to unlock it just rest your hand on the door handle and then boom it unlocks its capacitive touch now versus a

Physical button again a lot of companies have already had this kia had a physical button on the door handle on previous tellurides and on previous cars in general but they have it here on the 2023 and it’s here to stay and i’m very excited about it and i’m hoping that customers alike will love it just as much now as far as the mirror situation goes so you have power

Folding mirrors not really new on the telluride your camera is going to be integrated with that surround view camera system as well also nothing really new there the mirrors are going to be heated and they’re also dual colored so you can see it’s body painted color here black underneath one thing i will say is the emblem for the blind spot detection system is now

A giant triangle with an exclamation point in there versus the little two car system that they’ve been using in prior so now it’s going to be a red little signal versus kind of a golden yellow one so just make note of that as far as a big difference goes so i want to take a little bit of time to explain certain things or give you reasons on why it didn’t explain

Certain things about the telluride in this video so the point of this video was to really show you guys the differences that they have made on the 2023 model year telluride now certain things like the engine transmission have stayed the same essentially right so you still have that 3.8 liter v6 tied to a 8-speed automatic transmission now i will say depending

On trim level like an x pro for example you do get a towing capacity that’s a little bit higher from the standard 5000 pounds it jumps to 5500 pounds part of that is due to certain trim level differences with the suspension an additional i believe it’s a transmission cooler that’s added to the vehicle as well so that way you can tow a little bit more efficiently

So there’s things like that and then a lot of people are going to ask about the heads-up display why didn’t i talk about that right i’m talking about it now but i’m just kind of giving you a little bit of insight so the heads-up display is still on the top trim of the telluride it was available on the outgoing model however i will say there’s not much differences

Except it might show you things like highway driving assist to some graphics there to show you like cars that are around the the telluride side while you’re driving using you know highway driving assist two which essentially just allows the car to make lane changes as well as long as the card deems safe to do so so all in all there’s not many more changes that i

Haven’t already discussed in the video if i have missed something please leave a comment down below because i want to comment on it i want to talk about it converse about this vehicle so without further ado enjoy the rest of the video

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