2023 subaru solterra presentatio
Altair Club Cars 2023 Subaru Solterra Presentation from LA Auto Show — National Parks

2023 Subaru Solterra Presentation from LA Auto Show — National Parks

I was trying to film the 2023 Subaru Solterra Touring at the 2021 LA International Auto Show, and they started playing this video about how much Subaru loves the National Parks and everything else. So Enjoy!

It’s hard worker 12 at the auto show we have rear parking sensors we have dual backup cameras oh we got some cool looking stuff up here this is probably for aerodynamics there are special places places that fuel our spirit of adventure and capture our imagination the national parks if you visit them you will certainly find a subaru there oh yeah you will subaru

Ownership of nature yeah we do and our symmetrical all-wheel drive vehicles allow them to get out and explore all that our parks have to offer subaru recognizes the special connection our owners have with the great outdoors which is why we partnered in support and protecting places like our national parks over 20 years ago through our leave no trace partnership

Subaru has helped educate over 220 million people on reducing their environmental impact on places like our national parks since 1999. subaru and our retailers have also teamed up with terracycle to collect hard to recycle items like disposable coffee cups lids and snack bag wrappers and convert them into durable benches for parks and schools saving six million

Waste items from ending up in landfills over the years and through our subaru loves the earth initiative subaru and our retailers have also made a commitment to the national forest foundation helping to provide the resources they need to replant one million trees in areas devastated by wildfires when it comes to supporting the national parks no company cares more

Than subaru in fact subaru is the largest corporate donor to the national park foundation and has provided more than 68 million dollars to help conserve our parts funding efforts such as recycling composting and waste reduction operations to help protect over 85 million acres in more than 400 national parks super’s commitment to the environment is long-standing

And we are dedicated to conserving these beautiful places for generations to come the introduction of subaru’s first electric vehicle begins a look to the future of exploration and adventure and with it comes an increased commitment between subaru and the national parks as we become a premier sponsor of three vital national park foundation initiatives focused on

The future initiative one resilience and sustainability this initiative supports the national park service school to integrate environmental sustainability into all aspects of operations subaru will help the parks promote sustainable practices inspire innovative solutions and motivate visitors to action programming opportunities include providing funding and

Education on water reduction initiatives reducing waste essential landfills increasing energy efficiency and enhancing environmental stewardship for park visitors initiative two outdoor exploration in an effort to help inspire a lifelong love of the outdoors exploration and recreation subaru will be providing funding to improve accessibility to the national

Parks and foster more inclusive experiences for all programming emphasizes eliminating barriers promoting access and cultivating connections initiative three parts of the future this initiative anticipates future national park needs and opportunities by making investments today for tomorrow’s visitors programming supports prioritizing modernization improving

Visitor experience and increasing accessibility here subaru would help by harnessing the power of technology and innovation to meet the needs of future park visitors subaru owners are active and love the outdoors they love adventure and just soak up the sun in wonderful places like our national parks that’s why subaru has a history of channeling our efforts and

Resources toward making the world a better place and today’s announcement hopes to make that future even brighter when the time came for subaru to develop its first tv it had turned the right to be called a subaru so it had to have our legendary capability that’s why we designed this suv with subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive and s mode for improved off-road

Performance in all weather conditions as well as higher ground clearance than other avs it also had to be subaru safe so we included with our most advanced safety features and designed it to help earn the highest crash test rating to protect the ones you love and it had to be long lasting 96 of subaru vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today

The ability to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature while respecting the environment is what the subaru brand is all about which is why we are so excited to include our first zero mission suv and most advanced subaru effort to our family of vehicles designed to be capable safe long-lasting and green this all-new all-wheel drive ev suv is a subaru through and

Through the subaru for getting out and truly enjoying the sun and the earth say hello to the subaru suv of electric vehicles the all-new subaru soleterra love is no electric so zero emissions suv to have the capability and versatility of the subaru legendary subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive come standard the standard x-mode and hill ascent and ascent assist

Maximizes traction and control in difficult conditions more standard torque than the dw id4 or mazda cs30ed and better ground clearance than the mustang hockey and tesla model will help you navigate tough terrain and discover new places when it comes to versatility and comfort sultana really shines with up to 126 cubic feet of total engineering an available

Glass roof and a flat rear floor for passengers this ep suv gives you all the space you need and then some a low moving height and up to 30.3 cubic feet of cargo volume offers ample cargo roof for all your gear this altera also has the level of safety you’d expect from a single including standard eyesight driver assist technology available 360 degree surround

View camera for enhanced driver awareness advanced safety features also include blind spot detection rear cross traffic alert reverse automatic braking and safety exit assist and with available super solterra connect you’ll get automatic collision notifications and sos emergency assistance to help keep you safe and secure even when you’re off the beaten path

The subaru sulterra isn’t just adventurous versatile and safe it’s also our most environmentally friendly subaru yet with zero emissions and a fully rechargeable bmi on battery this ev suv features dc fast charge capability that gets up to an 80 charge in less than an hour easy home charging capability allows you to plug in overnight for a full charge so you can

Start your day with an estimated range of more than 220 miles with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive and with convenient access to over 38 000 level 2 and dc fast chargers nationwide as well as a charging station locator integrated app you can get charged and stay charged wherever adventure takes you when it comes to technology saltera is advanced a full

Lcd gauge cluster and our largest ever 12.3 inch super multimedia system features wireless apple carplay and android auto integration available advanced features like cloud-based navigation and a subaru voice assistant will help you find your way even on your way out here this is the first all-electric serial emission suv or subaru the evo that not only loves the

Environment but gets you out into the environments you love that is the largest corporate donor to the national park foundation it’s the ep from the company with a long history and a bright future of supporting our national parks when you get to the new subaru sulterra evs uv it’s a good feeling knowing that you’re part of the company helping to make a difference

Power your adventure with the subaru suv of electric vehicles the all-new subaru sulterra is oh that was inspiring

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2023 Subaru Solterra Presentation from LA Auto Show — National Parks By Dietrich’s Car Channel

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