2023 subaru outback wilderness f
Altair Club Cars 2023 Subaru Outback Wilderness First Look

2023 Subaru Outback Wilderness First Look

The 2023 Outback Wilderness from Valley Subaru

Hi this is lucas with valley subaru here in stanton i’m here with this 2023 outback wilderness the outback wilderness is an off-road package so it’s going to be slightly lifted when compared to a regular outback some other features that make it better for outdoor activities or off-roading are the full-size spare tire this is a forward-facing camera which is great

For any kind of trail or off-road activity so you can see what’s in front of you and avoid any kind of obstacle it’s also got x mode which will adjust the way the all-wheel drive system and the throttle handles in order to give you a better off-road experience the other off-road capability feature that i want to talk about is the star text material is this looks

Like leather but it’s actually a synthetic material which is stain resistant puncture resistant if you get mud on you when you’re doing your off-road activities or your camping or something like that then if you get something on these seats then it won’t stain if you have pets or kids this material is great it feels like leather it’s super comfortable but it’s

Stained and puncture resistant those are the features that set the wilderness apart from the regular outback but now i want to talk about some of the standard outback features including the symmetrical all-wheel drive system now subaru is kind of unique in that they use this all-wheel drive all the time system so if you are doing any kind of off-roading and you go

Through mud or anything like that the all-wheel drive system is always engaged so there’s no delay while a computer makes a decision to reroute power also standard for the outback for the 2023 model year is going to be your bluetooth system and your eyesight system now bluetooth and on the 2023 outback that includes wireless apple carplay and android auto that’s

The first time subaru has offered that so as long as you have your phone with you you can actually get the apple carplay and android auto from your phone right onto this screen now the eyesight system is going to give you your distance pacing cruise control so it can actually match speeds with the vehicle in front of you it can center you in your lane and it can

Also in an emergency situation apply the brakes and bring the vehicle to a complete stop outback has heated seats standard on the premium trim level or above the wilderness also has a push button start and this one is equipped with the moon roof package another safety feature is this sos button here this is starlink so if you’re in an emergency situation you can

Push that sos button and help will come or if you’re in an accident where the airbag deploys subaru can actually detect the accident and they can notify emergency services for you in case you’re incapacitated this is the 2.4 liter boxer engine now boxer engine is going to be lower in the engine compartment which is going to give you a lower center of gravity better

Handling better fuel efficiency this is a turbo engine but it uses regular gas all your fluid levels are in yellow you can check those yourself your battery is right there if you’re uh if you ever need to be jump started you also get three years 36 000 miles of roadside assistance prepare to change your own oil but we do give you four free oil changes when you

Buy a car from valley subaru you’re looking at 23 miles per gallon city and 26 highway for this one power seats plenty of backseat leg room your back seat passengers also have heated seats and some usb charging ports tons of room back here in the trunk area for camping gear or whatever you may be carrying uh this button here is going to close the trunk and this

One will close the trunk and lock all the doors there are your parking sensors here’s your backup camera the forward-facing camera is right here and then you also have a radar that’s built into the bumper there that uh is part of your eyesight system so that can detect vehicles in front of you and that’s how it’s able to match speed with them or apply the brakes

In an emergency that’s it for the 2023 subaru outback wilderness if you have any questions call me at 540-213-9626

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2023 Subaru Outback Wilderness First Look By SubaruTime

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