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2023 Subaru Outback Infotainment Touch Screen Update

The 2023 Subaru Outback gets a new update for the infotainment touch screen display. This update will also be available for 2020-2022 Subaru Outbacks. We’re finally getting wireless Apple Carplay for the Subaru Outback! I show you how to connect your wireless Carplay in your new Subaru along with some other nice updates to the touch screen.

The 2023 subaru outbacks have finally arrived we just got our first ones in off the truck and i’m super excited to show you guys today the new updates for the touchscreen display these are updates that i talked about in a previous video where i was kind of bashing subaru a little bit on some things that they could do better with the large 11.6 inch touchscreen display

That is in the outback so they have addressed some of those issues and i’m excited to show you guys all of these including the now wireless apple carplay and android auto so we’re gonna touch on that and more in this video if you guys are new to my channel my name is alex i like to share weekly videos just like this talking about news and updates all related to

Subarus so if you enjoy that please be sure to click that subscribe button down below and if you guys learned something new and get value out of this video please be sure to click the like button before we hop inside the car i do want to take just a quick moment to look at the exterior of the car by the way for anybody who is curious my 2023 outback onyx edition

Is expected to arrive here in the month of september i don’t have an exact eta yet but hopefully fingers crossed it arrives here in the next couple weeks and i’ll be making a more in-depth video on the 2023 outback and more specifically on the onyx and all that is offered on that trim level so stay tuned for that but anyways guys i really love the look of the

New 2023 outback i know when the 2023 was first released when the pictures first came out online i wasn’t so sure about the cladding that was added here and the larger wheel arch cladding that is something that i felt sort of indifferent on at first but now i do really enjoy the look of this i’m super excited to have one for myself i think it looks really good

And looks sportier in my opinion up front they did change the front grill so this has the like the honeycomb style grille where as the previous generation has the straight lined grille so it just it looks a lot better in my eyes subaru also brought back the round fog lights a lot of people wanted these and so they did bring them back i think this also is a great

Addition whenever you look at the previous model you’ll see that they have the rectangular fog lights the headlights also received an update you can see they have these sharp edges around the sides and when you look close this isn’t really that noticeable in pictures but in person you can see how the side of the headlight plastic kind of kicks out a little bit

It’s hard to tell on pictures but in video of course you should be able to see this much easier here are the headlights on the previous year you can tell they’re much more rounded they don’t have sharp edges they do still have the led headlights but they just don’t have the same design it’s not as aggressive looking or as sporty looking as the new 2023 and since

A lot of people have asked i will show you guys this new cladding right here on the front bumper people have asked about this and whether or not these are functional vents they are not so that is just a solid piece of plastic there although it’s not functional it does still look cool and from far away nobody will tell now let’s hop inside and check out this new

Updated infotainment display for the new 2023 outback so here’s what it looks like of course it looks almost identical to the previous model you still have the 11.6 inch touchscreen display but subaru added wireless apple carplay and android auto i’m going to show you how to connect that here in just a moment and it works really well i’m excited for that because

You no longer have to plug your cable in here to connect to your carplay and in combination with that subaru finally addressed this lower portion of the screen to make it easier to control they increase the size of these fan speed buttons so these soft touch buttons are much larger and here is what the old model looked like with the smaller fan speed controls you

Can see that these fan speed buttons are much smaller and so you have to more accurately press on the screen to adjust it accordingly subaru also updated the heated seat controls you no longer have to click into two screens so here’s what the previous model looked like you had to click on the heated seat icon and then you had to click a second location to adjust

Your heated seat now it’s all on the home screen so whenever you touch it it will turn your heated seats on touch it again it’s medium low and off you can do this for both the driver and the passenger so this is a much needed upgrade something that i think should have been done originally but i’m glad to see that they have made those changes good news for those who

Have the previous 2020 through 2022 subaru outbacks you will still receive the same design updates with the heated seat controls and the climate controls you just have to do an update within your settings make sure you’re connected to wi-fi go to your software update check for updates whenever that becomes available you will be able to update to this new design

Layout the 2023 is the only year that’s going to have the wireless apple carplay and android auto in order to connect your phone wirelessly through apple carplay and android auto you just connect your phone through bluetooth and the way you do that is by selecting the little phone icon here down to the bottom right we click on add we pick up our phone we go to

Settings in our phone we click on bluetooth and we look for the device name outback on our phone then we select outback click on pair and allow and now our phone is syncing up for the wireless apple carplay and android auto you also have to opt in on your phone to click use carplay and then yes to enable it we’re not going to add it as a favorite now we are

Connected and you can see that although this car is not equipped with navigation i can actually utilize navigation from my phone from the carplay so i can take my phone i can put it away or put it in my pocket store it out of the way i can also listen to music by clicking on my spotify app or if i want to select different apps i can go over here by selecting the

Little menu app icon down here to the bottom left you can do hands-free calling hands-free text google maps apple maps if you have ways you can do waze there’s multiple different applications you can use through car play and makes driving more enjoyable we’re gonna go over this touchscreen display in a lot more detail in the next coming weeks as soon as my outback

Onyx edition arrives but one other thing i want to show you guys today is something that i’m happy they updated and that is avh it stands for auto vehicle hold i’m going to show you what that does and what they changed on the new 2023 model so when avh is activated and you come to a complete stop say it’s at a stop sign a stop light maybe you’re waiting for a

Train to pass or there’s traffic you can let your foot off the brake so my foot is completely off the brake it allows me to relax when traffic proceeds i can just give it gas and go very quickly without having to worry about putting my car back into gear because otherwise if you want to let your foot off the brake you have to first put it in park so it’s really

Convenient and now i’m going to show you how to turn that on and off and how it’s different the old way to turn the avh system on and off is by clicking on this button that has the car on it and then going right here in the middle and toggling on avh it’s not that difficult it’s just a minor inconvenience and it has you clicking through two screens when it is on

By the way you will see it lit up green right there telling you that it is on now there’s a new way to activate your avh if you scroll over to the second screen there is a quick option to toggle on and off your avh what is also nice is that you can adjust these apps and move this to the home screen you just click and hold and then you move this over you slide it

Over to the left we’ll drop it right there and then click on the home button so now whenever you get in your car your avh will be able to quickly turn on and off the reason why this caused a minor annoyance in the past is because you’ll notice the avh is on whenever i turn my car off and turn it right back on the avh defaults to off well now you can quickly just

Turn it right back on whenever you want to there’s a lot more to this car and i plan to uncover that in the next coming weeks if you guys enjoy content like this please be sure to click the subscribe button down below if you have any questions leave it down in the comment section below and let me know your all’s thoughts what do you guys think of the new 2023 subaru

Outback exterior and the new updated infotainment display i hope you guys have a great day and i will see you in the next one hmm

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2023 Subaru Outback Infotainment Touch Screen Update By Alex Prestigiacomo

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