2023 subaru crosstrek touring 23
Altair Club Cars 2023 Subaru Crosstrek Touring 23CT8076

2023 Subaru Crosstrek Touring 23CT8076

Our first 2023 Crosstrek Touring with Eyesight arrived on the truck and went through the shop!

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george here this is our first 2023 subaru crosstrek touring so touring is one step up from the convenience the entry level so this is the first trim level where you get fog lights the wheels are the same on the convenience touring and the sport and that crystal white pro really shines it’s really apparent

When the sun’s on it like this and interesting fact white seems to be statistically the safest color to drive even here in canada with all the snow we got so that’s why lots of fleet vehicles are white but at the back here the crosstrek has a ton of storage so the button to release right between these two stars little rubber switch press it unlocks and then lift

No power liftgate on the crosstrack but far more storage in here than people would expect the touring comes with the privacy cover as a standard the convenience does not easy to retract if you need to remove it grab one side and you can see it’s a telescopic piece and it just angles out really really easy to use no cargo tray that is only standard on the outdoor

Trim level crosstrek you do get a nice cargo light that you can leave turned off or you can have it set to turn on when the door opens that will shut off uh within 30 seconds approximately of when you close the rear hatch grocery bag hooks that you can also hook a cargo net too worked really well put the loops around it stops your apples from tumbling all around

Underneath here spare tire it is a temporary spare tire and then of course you have your eye bolt for recovery you’ve got recovery points front and rear we do wheel locks to everything prevent theft the third seat belt kind of unique i get asked about this all the time so it’s out of the back here and you run it through there and there’s actually two clips you’ve

Got your regular buckle and then you’ve got this so everyone ends up with a 30 point harness safety first now these seats do go virtually flat lift push really really easy and it’s not quite flat but it’s virtually flat you can put actually quite a bit of stuff in here like tons of room in the crosstreks far more than people expect you get the roof rails you

Can get crossbars if you’re going to carry anything on the roof and tules ski carriers what not the touring is still cloth slightly different cloth than the convenience you do also get the full dart own armrest with the two cup holders everything but the entry level convenience comes with this fold down armrest with cupholders the cloth is that black gray kind of

Two tone the cool grey khaki you get the lighter gray black two-tone and they all come with the orange contrast stitching in the two rings in the doors you do have bottle holders faux carbon fiber trim power window handle child locks so down is locked up is unlocked for those parents out there or grandparents now the two ring is the proximity key so everything

But the convenience gets the proximity key subaru logo is unlocked top one’s locked third button down there unlocks just the trunk and then you have panic but so long as the keys within about three three and a half feet if you were to press those lines that would lock the car while it’s not running and then to unlock you just put your hand in again so long as the

Key is within about three three and a half feet up front power windows lock mirrors as you would expect window lock mirror adjustment faux carbon fiber trim kind of continues throughout the cab there bottle holders now the driver’s seat is height adjustable base off of a pump system pump down and push it down pump up to lift it up really really easy i actually

Quite enjoy the manual seats i find it’s easier to find my most comfortable seating position these headrests are tiltable that’s yeah and then you go all the way and it springs back really easy to adjust by the driver’s left knee we have traction control you can disable auto start stop and this is the brightness for the gauges which won’t make a difference right

Now just because of how bright out it is but it would adjust those so the steering wheel in all of the cross tracks is tilt and telescopic so you can adjust it to drivers of varying heights and arm lengths customization these gauges you can change the center display gives you a bunch of different information depending what you want to look at most people seem

To prefer the digital speedometer or the fuel economy for trip a trippy and of course right now sitting here doing nothing it’s not good economy left hand side of the steering wheel we have our bluetooth and audio controls you can make it take calls control the volume that calls the music this will switch through presets or go to the next song on the cd whatnot

Source switches info will change the small display up there which i’ll show you in a minute these arrows right here these are how you change that small display right hand side we have our adaptive cruise control so the cruise that falls at a set distance increase or decrease the distance and the distance is set by bars and the bars are a ratio four bars at 100

Kilometers an hour is roughly 150 to 180 feet below that lane centering assist so when you turn that on you’ll notice that those that gray line show up on either side of the crosstrack if the two color stereo eyesight cameras there and there can see the road lines above 60 kilometers an hour they will illuminate white on whichever side you can see and it’ll give

Gentle steering input to keep you in the middle of your lane great for long drives i like it for the second half of a long day around town i don’t recommend it especially here in prince george lines are only on the road for half the year two different drive modes intelligent and sport so you can see down on the left hand side next to the p for park is an eye for

Intelligent press the s it goes to sport intelligent sport and you’ll notice that yellow line is a little steeper so you do accelerate a little faster your rpms sit a little higher it’s for more spirited driving it does make a difference it’s nice for passing on the highway heated steering wheel does not heat between the seams nor does it heat right here but kind

Of where you’re supposed to keep your hands super is all about safety i’m going to turn that off because it’s hot out but yeah it warms where you’re supposed to keep your hands i actually end up turning it off after five minutes in the winter because my hands are just absolutely cooking now the screen up top here gives you multiple pieces of information now when

I press that info button on the left-hand side of the steering wheel cycles through it what safety tech’s on off-road screen water temp oil tamp weather that’s part of the satellite radio trial it just defaults to new york metro what you’re listening to and then fuel economy so depending what you like to look at it is handy to have i like water temp oil temp

Myself up top also displays our climate control so it ranges from 18 on the low side all the way up to 32 freezing to tropical depending how you and your pastures like it i’m putting it back to cold 18 doesn’t sound cold it’s pretty cold as you can see 30 degrees celsius out right now shows you where the airflow is being directed the little arrows effect that

Show up on the person below that we have our radio screen believe it’s a 6.2 and it still has the plastic on it uh so it is all touch or we have the physical buttons down here so if i wanted to go to radio i get it radio hit home apps you have access to apple carplay android auto you’ve got access to the my subaru app after the vehicle is registered in your name

And you set up your account phone you hook up your bluetooth when you put it in reverse backup camera automatically pops up does show you the top of the bumper there so you have something to relate to and as you turn the wheel those orange lines move show you where you’re gonna end up you’ll notice that they’re tapered skinnier to thicker at the base if you’re

Getting close to a vehicle between two vehicles in reverse and those green lines don’t fit you’re not gonna fit that’s a it’s a nice guide but yeah cd player we still offer a cd player climb controls are adjusted from down here we have our four-way flashers our emergency lights we’ve got a scene we have max ac so ac even in the winter or when it’s pouring rain you

Got the temperature turned up a little bit if ac comes on just let it do its thing humidity sensor that’s moving moisture around so you don’t fog up maxies the frigid stuff automatically turns the fan strength all the way up down a little bit makes it colder this does our heated mirrors so our side mirrors our back window which that’s actually something i don’t

Really show people great visibility out of these and this is the first drum level here heating elements in the windshield where the wiper blades sit so your wipers aren’t frozen to your windshield i’ll show you that before at the end of the video below that we have two usb ports an aux and a 12 volt so the usbs are for apple carplay android auto music listening

Charging the aux is just for music listening and then of course the 12 volt outlet is for charging this is rubberized so the idea is to stick a device down there and stop it from sliding around now i’m in drive i pull to the left and it shows me what gear i’m in i do have these paddles up shift downshift so if i up shift goes to second left downshift so you can

Manually select your own gears if you would like i like it for slowing down coming down big hills i’m not riding my brakes as much behind that we’ve got heated seats high and low for the driver and passenger x mode which is kind of like 4×4 low in a pickup great for the really rough stuff only works under 40 kilometers an hour if you exceed that it kicks out cup

Holders and then in the center console you’ve got a place to run your cords out of but there are actually is actually sorry a 12 volt outlet for any charging needs it’s kind of hard to angle the camera in there i do apologize about that carbon fiber trim and up top here you’ve got your map lights sos and concierge roadside that’s part of the three-year trial the

Connected services you get with most new subarus this is our lane sway so it’ll start beeping at you if you start changing lanes without signaling and then we have automatic emergency braking which is designed to stop you from hitting other vehicles and pedestrians in forward collision uh it does work with animals they won’t give you statistics with animals just

Because there’s a varying height shape size color of animals but i’ve had people tell me it stopped them from hitting a moose you’ll always have an indicator here for the pasture airbag either off or on there’s no guessing what does the orange light mean so that is actually a very nice feature uh i’ve worked at other manufacturers where they always have a light and

It unfortunately doesn’t always mean the same thing so on these on the windshield i guess and it’s beeping at me because i got it and i don’t have the key i don’t know if you can see it but maybe you can but there’s actually the lines right here so heating element and it goes all the way across to the end of the other wiper there so you get that full heating

Effect which i thought was kind of gimmicky but it is actually one of the best things ever a very nice feature for the winter here where you get it for a long long time so that is a brief overview of the 2023 subaru crosstrek touring i’m testing the subaru specialists from subaru prince if you guys have any questions about this vehicle or anything in our lineup

Options features accessories please let me know i’d love to get those answers for you make a video about it if i have the chance but yeah check it out let me know what you think no changes for the 23 model year from the 22 but it is the first 23 touring that we received so i wanted to give you guys a quick look at that this one’s off to enjoy its or for its new

Owner to enjoy in the next week here so talk to you guys soon

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2023 Subaru Crosstrek Touring 23CT8076 By Tyson Remmelg

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