2023 subaru crosstrek special ed
Altair Club Cars 2023 Subaru Crosstrek Special Edition #Part 2 upgrades

2023 Subaru Crosstrek Special Edition #Part 2 upgrades

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Foreign hey guys my name is ernest and i am an owner of modern tactical tactical mountain tactical youtube channel i usually don’t like getting on a front of the camera but uh today i decided why not uh we are here today in northeast georgia mountains wilderness and it’s beautiful day uh temperatures great it’s like in the 60s um i brought my mom bike and uh

It’s quite empty i don’t think anybody’s here um during the week it’s quite empty but we are here to see the new installations new add-ons to my 23 subaru crosstrek special edition and we will start so there she is with all the upgrades uh first of all i want to thank you guys for uh liking my videos and watching my videos um uh i never had over 200 subscribers

I know that sounds kind of a ridiculous 200 is like not that much but for me it is um it’s getting quite of uh quite quite of use i think it the previous video i made is like 11k at the moment so it’s pretty good um but anyways let’s start with um so i’m going to start from beginning and tell everybody so somebody’s watching this video first time uh what i’ve

Done first so uh the first thing i’ve done is i upgraded the tires and i went with um yokohama geolander’s mts this is just a one size up and they are 205 65 17s um so far they’ve been uh treating me really really well um a great tire so off-road they’re excellent i kept the original wheels and the stock stock suspension as well i’ve added this little flag

And i’ve got that from amazon i really like it it gets all blacked out and it’s aluminum so it’s a durability wise it’s gonna last quite a long time so like if you put a sticker which i’ve done previously on my cars that will wear out over time especially when you wash it and sun and everything um so that’s pretty good um another installation i’ve done this is

Directly from subaru is these is these uh inserts they’re like carbon fiber i’m not quite sure if they’re carbon fiber but the price on these things were like 210 dollars like so that better be carbon fiber that says sti so this car is definitely not sdi but um they look great and they will protect the door handles from where um after that i have got the tint on

The front so it’s completely tinted um i’ve noticed i guess the back windows are from the factory so i think they’re spray painted or something the way they do it so and some odd angles on the sun you’ll tell the front is a little bit darker but it’s not a big deal i think it looks great with the black tint on it uh the trailer hitch oh well i’ll tell you what

I’m gonna tell you this so if you’re buying a special edition on any car and you’re outdoor enthusiast like i am you like mountain biking and whatever hiking any outdoor sports and you will need eventually a trail trailer hitch on the back and and then i’ll install it immediately maybe some dealership will i’ll tell you what and let tell them immediately that you

Want a trailer hitch negotiate with the deal because if you get it like from a third party and you buy it on amazon or something then you want to get installed it is a pain in the ass literally it’s a three hour job for subaru and they have to take the bumper out i mean it’s it was a long process so obviously they’re probably with the crossbars all the different

Stuff i’ve installed is like probably four hours in subaru uh so once i got the trailer hitch installed uh i got my mountain bike rack um i’ll give you another advice and that’s totally up to you um this is a very good bike rack and it’s very affordable i got on amazon for around 200 plus tax and it’s made by bell so i i’ve had previously um yakima and uh thule

Racks and they’re they’re quite expensive man like that in a 600 range and that’s just to me that it’s it’s a bit pricey so this um it does the job it’s a decent quality it looks good good job um my mountain bike this is my second baby right here um quite expensive baby um yeah but uh this is canyon it’s full suspension 27.5 i love this bike love it yeah the

Color is different compared to my car um coming to the um roof rack and my uh track traction boards so uh subaru has their own i think thule or yakima rack that is like 600 or 800 if you want to add it um for some reason the crossbar crossbar sport not standard so i had to add that to my deal and they’re like i don’t know a couple hundred bucks as well uh they

Didn’t have them in stock either so they didn’t have the trailer hitch that didn’t have the crossbars i i don’t know but anyways i’ll wait like 30 days before i got a call in the service department and their service department is excellent customer service wise i love subaru i love the way they treat people they’re just it’s just mind-blowing compared to other

Dealerships um but yeah i got this uh roof rack it’s tiger and honestly if it’s not even better quality to me than two leo yakima racks it is super durable it’s super good quality um i paid 300 bucks um approximately but you can you can google it and this is a large size so it’s pretty let me show you from this angle so it will literally be about the roof line

So it fits really really good and you can you can pile up a lot of stuff on there uh majority for me is going to be um you know like camping gear and kayaks and pillow boards and other stuff uh the traction boards uh it was super easy installation by the way the traction boards i got these on ebay i think i paid like 90 bucks i haven’t used them yet um to be

Honest with you it’s just good to have them um so far i assemble them on the side like this it was a pain in the ass to install these to be honest with you because the the bracket it’s just not long enough for this roof rack to hold the back plate which would these go through so that took me um a while but i just end up putting the straps and it’s holding it pretty

Well uh besides that everything else is original um as you can see i think subi looks really good apparently that’s the name that everybody call him suey yes since i’m a new to subaru so there she is drives an amazing off-road oh my gosh i absolutely love this car i absolutely love it um let’s see yes uh somebody asked me about the price on the the tires um

So i got these from uh discount tire um discount i’ve been using discount tire for quite a long time and i honestly it’s a great uh company so i don’t know if you have it in your state but here in georgia i’ve used discount tire from most of my cars because you can purchase the insurance on the tires even though these are super rugged eight ply tires i mean they

Just i mean it’s just they’re going to last a long time um i think 220 220 bucks i would say i think approximately maybe 218 per tire uh plus the insurance i think it was 32 dollars per tire but it’s a lifetime warranty even if you stick a knife in in the tire you know but you don’t want to tell them that but anyways if it’s your fault they will replace diet no

Questions asked so i had to get that um so that was added and the installation and i also added the black lug nuts i thought it would be a nice little touch right here so these are a little because the other ones were like the chrome kind of a look and i didn’t like that i’m trying to get rid of all this chrome i just don’t like chrome um so i think out the door

Of the taxes it was like eleven hundred dollars for the tires and another youtube uh uh person asked me about the what did i do with my old jewelander regular all-terrains i have a storage unit that i keep all my outdoor gear uh near my house walking distance so what i’ve done and put them in the bags i dropped the seats in the back and all four tires fitted in

The back easily and i ended up just putting in my storage because they’re brand new they’re like 200 230 dollars per tire so there’s no way i’m getting into this it’s brand new you can sell those on like facebook um marketplace or whatever you can sell them all you know just put them online and sell them and make some money if you if you decide to you know and

So and you can use that money um you know kind of the cover up the new tires you put on um so i honestly wouldn’t recommend these tires for everybody because they’re they’re rugged they’re going to make noise in a highway but they they ride really well they’re just going to be a little noisy and they’re going to reduce your gas mileage besides that i just love the

Way it looks um so i think this is it for right now uh please let me know if you have any questions uh gladly when i got time i’m a firefighter so i work 24 hour shifts and sometimes they’re too tired i need to sleep but i’ll get to it as soon as i get a chance um uh just yeah ask me anything if you have any questions or maybe have any suggestions uh to tell

Me uh what else would be a great add-on to this i i’m thinking about adding um what i call the rally bars up front or just kind of like a brush guard kind of a thing with the lights i’ve seen those uh amber lights from baja damn they’re expensive but uh those two right there dino dynamics makes something that fits there to amber they’re really good leds they’re

Like 276 bucks for like uh i don’t know it’s not a pro model but it’s something i don’t know but probably the next will be that i will change those put the amber leds in there and then i’ll put that brush guard with um a larger set of fog lights and i think that’s going to be a a really good look to it and it’s going to protect the front and i think i don’t think

I’ll be investing any more money anytime soon uh maybe later on i’ll add a better suspension but we’ll see uh please like and subscribe guys i appreciate everything you guys uh i’ve done so far for me i’m pretty impressed with 200 subscribers bam man it’s not that much but i’m so happy about it um anyways i’m gonna enjoy this day uh probably i forgot my damn suction

Cup so i wanted to get the suction cup so i can attach it to my car and show you how to drives uh you know you can get a good angle with the suction cup and put my gopro there oh yeah by the way i’m using my new gopro 11. it’s uh we’ll see how the this is the first video i made with the gopro 11. i’ve been using gopros forever um uh the other videos i made with

My phone but i think this can be a better quality and i can edit and do a bunch other things so guys thank you uh ask me any questions let me know uh suggestions i’m open to it uh i hope you enjoy subaru i think this is a great choice i’m super happy getting super glad to be part of family um looking forward to all the adventures and travels all right thank you bye

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2023 Subaru Crosstrek Special Edition #Part 2 upgrades By Mountain Tactical

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