2023 subaru crosstrek outdoor 2
Altair Club Cars 2023 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor 2.5L 22CT6639

2023 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor 2.5L 22CT6639

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george here we’re taking a look at our 2023 subaru crosstrek outdoor in the cool gray khaki so this is our most popular trim level in the most astor color probably the most sought after trim level the one that we saw the most because of the engine it’s the 2.5 liter 182 horsepower 30 more power in it than

The 2-liter that you find in the convenience the touring and the sport so what do you get different front bumper has a little bit more plastic cladding on the front with the name outdoor they expect to take it off the beaten path more plastic cladding means less paint to mark up we do also get the off-road slash parking camera and i’ll show you how to use that

Inside led fog lights you get the more aggressive fender flares they’re a little chunkier more aggressive bulkier they make it have look meaner essentially you also get those gunmetal gray wheels paired with matching mirror caps and these are always this color regardless of the body style color so you’ll never have color matched mirrors on an outdoor crosstrek

We also get the gray shark fin antenna and of course the rear is the fender flare is also chunkier as well it actually extends onto the door the normal crosstreks don’t they cut just a long so that’s one of the ways you can tell at the back we also have the grayed out lettering i’d say blacked out but it is that gun metallic gray good good looking color i like

It stays really clean looking it’s gloss but matte there’s no metallic and it’s quite nice lots of room in the back of the crosstrek far more than people expect cargo tray is standard on the outdoor it has a little bit of a lip to it hopefully if there’s a spill or anything it contains it privacy cover is removable as you can see it is just a telescopic piece so

This is going to be a little trickier to do one-handed but essentially you put it in and it’s just telescopic so you push and you can slide it in and it extends so very very easy to use has everything from the top of the seats down i know that wasn’t the best demonstration of it but third seat belt right there it goes through there and clips in everyone ends up

With a three-point harness in the second row much safer than just a lap belt you got the halogen cargo light in addition to the led cargo light that that’s an outdoor exclusive we have grocery bag hooks that also tie in a cargo tray if that’s one of the accessories you get big hard physical tie downs in the front corners easy to secure stuff and if you need more

Room you lift up on that little toggle there or there and push the seat forward actually here we’ll take a look at that easy virtually flat there’s a little bit of an angle here of course no power lift gates on any of the crosstrek i don’t think anything in the crosstrek category actually has a power lift gate that’s probably why in the second row tons of room

Great head room great leg room taller people fit with no issue the way you can tell that’s locked or not red means unlocked that’s locked so you get the startex or as they call it in canada here the soft touch all-weather upholstery the gray and black with the gold yellow contrast stitching now it’s 20 recycled plastic the rest is synthetic the idea is you can

Go out and get it dirty wipe it down really easy to maintain that yellow stitching is on the door that gray black two-tone continues throughout the cab along with that faux carbon fiber that’s kind of the black now if there’s only one or two passengers we do get the fold down armrest with the two cup holders and on the back of the passenger seat we have a map

Back pocket they come with the high wall rubber floor mats from factory in the outdoor with it being a proximity key to lock it so long as the key is about three three and a half feet you just touch the lines and it locks wait a second put your hand back in unlocks up front power windows locked mirrors as you would expect window lock more carbon fiber bottle

Holder and on the front seats you get crosstrek and that goldy yellow stitching that’s the nice contrast everything else is on the seat itself is manual adjustment you just pump it up to raise it push down to lower it and it is a manual bar at the front for forward and aft so you have to go to the sport or the limited to get the power driver’s seat up front by

The driver’s left knee we have the scroll wheel for the brightness of the gauges traction control the auto start stop you can turn that off and you have your blind spot detection there if you ever wanted to turn that off so key can be anywhere i’m just going to leave it in the cup holder for now foots on the break light goes green green means go and you can see

The orange light that was there that’s what it looks like when someone’s in your blind spot on the corresponding side it’s a nice aid it doesn’t get rid of shoulder checking but it’s a nice aid it helps a lot now steering wheel is tilt and telescopic so tilt as you would expect you can actually pull it out towards you or push it away depending how you like to

Sit fits a variety of leg and arm lengths that’s always on the outdoor that gold stitching left-hand side of the stream we have our bluetooth and audio controls making take calls control the volume of the calls and the musics switch from am to fm to cd to satellite switch presets song you’re on your cd info will change the small screen up there i’ll show you that

In a minute these arrows right here will change our small center display gives you a bunch of different information fuel economy time running distance traveled i find that most people like the digital speedometer you also get those yellow circles in the outdoor gauges that’s that’s an exclusive for that now no other crosstreks get that right hand side we have

Our adaptive cruise control and our lane centering so those are both driving aids and they both use the two color stereo eyesight camera super safety system that they’ve smartly put behind the windshield to protect so with the cruise when you turn it on that screen always pops up and you’ll get an image of the crosstrack there you’ll notice there’s four bars ahead

Of it all the way down to one the bars indicate the distance behind the vehicle ahead of you that you’ll follow at if you catch up while using cruise great for longer trips turn on the lane centering and you can see that those little gray lines illuminate if above 60 kilometers an hour the cameras can see the road lines it’ll illuminate whichever side it can see

Whether that’s one or both and it’ll give you gentle steering input to kind of keep you centered again great for the second half of a long day of driving i don’t recommend it recommend it around town but it helps when you’re fatigued after a long day of driving below that we have our sport and intelligent drive modes so it defaults to intelligent you can see on the

Bottom left there it says p for park just to the right there it says eye for intelligent press the sport button and the yellow line gets a little bit more aggressive and the eye changes to s you’ll go faster sooner pretty much your rpms sit higher it’s for more spirited driving great for passing you can do it on the fly you don’t have to be stopped nothing like

That the view button turns on the front camera i was showing you earlier and it displays up top it’s almost 180 degrees great for parking lots you’re pulling up between two large vehicles and you can’t quite see if the nose of the vehicle is even with those two vehicle front ends or rear ends whichever you can alm you can see what’s coming it’s a very very nice

Feature heated steering wheel does not heat between the seam but heats kind of where you’re supposed to keep your hands there’s a dead spot right here too but best thing ever negative 25 degrees negative 30 degrees celsius is the best thing i can actually only handle it for about five minutes because it gets up to 40 degrees celsius it’s pretty darn warm now this

Little screen up here i’m gonna press the info button on the steering wheel and each time i press it it’s going to give you a different piece of information changes fuel economy date time change settings what safety tech is on all of the good stuff i like the water temp oil temp myself i may have overheated several vehicles in my past you can also see that the

Climate control displays up there 18 is on the low side and it goes all the way up to 32. freezing to tropical depending how you and your pasture like it i’m putting it back cold because even in the shade it’s 25 degrees out so i actually think it’s a little bit warmer fan strength displays up there and it shows you where your airflow is being directed really

Easy to use eight inch radio display it’s all touch but we do also have physical buttons below want to go to radio don’t have to hit the tile just do it there still have dial dial knobs for tuning and for volume i’ve got access to the my subaru app of course it’s not registered yet so you don’t have access settings apps you’ll have apple carplay and android

Auto those plugins for the usb because it’s not wireless are in there ahead of the shifter this is also a backup camera put it in reverse backup camera pops up shows you the top of the bumper so you have something to relate to put it in drive after being in reverse and the front camera comes on show you that no one has fallen in front of you no pets no animals

No obstacles no children have gone there that is a very cool safety feature below that we have our climate controls temperature fan strength and when you twist that change where the airflow is being directed so we have both ac and max ac ac can come on no matter what so even in the winter pouring rain if ac comes on it’s because there’s a lot of moisture and it

Needs to move it around max ac is the cold stuff as i was saying down here two usbs an aux cord input and a 12 volt this is rubberized designed to be device storage so it stops it from sliding around hopefully the shifter of course it’s an automatic we have drive and manual modes when you’re in manual mode you have the access to the paddles downshift and up shift

You can select your own gears great for gearing down going down hills save your brakes heated seats high and low for both the driver and passenger and these seats they’re not as hot or as cold as leather but they seem to heat up pretty quickly with it now in the outdoor we do get the dual function x mode so that’s exclusive to the outdoor every other crosstrek

Automatic has x mode the manuals don’t this gets a special dual function so you press it x mode screen comes up x mode screen comes up you can see the downhill assist and the rough terrain mode i press it a second time and traction control comes off and it’s deep snow and mud mode get the same thing up there so in deep snow and mud mode it allows for excess wheel

Spin to chew you out but essentially what x mode does it locks your all-wheel drive power 50 50 only works up to 40 kilometers an hour after that it kicks out and goes back to regular all-wheel drive which is very very efficient most people are never going to need to use x mode but it’s a nice aid up top here we have lane sway assist and automatic emergency braking

This automatic emergency braking both of these systems use the two color cameras the isight system but automatic emergency braking actually saves you 10 on your basic insurance here in bc we’ve got sos and roadside assistance that’s part of the three-year trial of the connected services you get with most new subarus you’ve got your map lights you turn them on or

You have the door switch so whenever a door is opened the lights come on or you can have that turned off if you don’t like it totally up to you on the backs of the mirrors you do have a mirror on the back of the visor you have a mirror and then we do have an extender here so if you pull this out any there you go and a card holder right there card holder slot uh

You can fit quite a few cards or other things i’ve got lots of people who put their garage door opener on that as well i’m gonna show you guys something i don’t normally show on the videos not a lot of people are overly interested in this but under the hood pretty much everything the average customer is gonna touch is in yellow you’ve got oil dipstick coolant

Oil beside that you’ve got your oil filtered as a top mounted oil filter as are most subarus washer fluid and your brake fluid so color coded for the majority of people access to the air filter is really easy it you can actually see the engine there’s not a whole bunch of plastic covering it you can see the serpentine belt it’s a very cool feature i like to drop

These i don’t like to put them down and push on them because they’re aluminum and i’ve seen larger people dent them when they put a whole bunch of force in it but yeah that’s a quick look at the 2023 subaru crosstrek outdoor i’m tyson the super specialist from subaru prince if you guys have any questions about this car any of the cars in our lineup any of the tech

Any of the features please put them in the comments below i do try to get back to all of the comments and questions that are asked but yeah if there’s anything you guys want to see in a future video please let me know i’d be more than happy to make it to you we’ll talk to you guys soon

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2023 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor 2.5L 22CT6639 By Tyson Remmelg

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