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Altair Club Cars 2023 Porsche 911 (992) GT3 RS | PH Review | PistonHeads

2023 Porsche 911 (992) GT3 RS | PH Review | PistonHeads

How to distinguish the new RS from an already formidable 992 GT3? With 525hp at 9,000rpm, a centrally-mounted radiator and three times the aerodynamic downforce.

If you want the fastest road going 911 well that’s simple buy the turbo s but if you want to be the fastest out on track you need this the 911 gt3 rs remember to head over to pistonheads.com after watching this video to research and buy your next car thanks as well i don’t know if you can hear that but he’s just sitting there saying the instructor

That it’s very slippery trying to get some temperature into the brakes and the tires because we’re at silverstone the full grand prix circuit which is very high speed and that’s the first little slide yes whoa that’s definitely needs some temperature two things to point out before we get stuck into this video the gt3 rs the first is while some of the footage

You’ll see was shot in the dry every time i drove the gt3 rs on track it rained of course it did it’s silverstone in late september and the michelin cup 2 tires just wouldn’t grip on the shiny silverstone tarmac which meant that on the few laps we were out there it was mainly about concentrating on not crashing so if i’m a little bit less chatty than usual well

That’s why the second thing to note from a continuity point of view is you’ll see the color of the cars changing all the time now this isn’t us messing with your mind it’s simply that the timings were tight we just had to make use of whichever car was available at the time right so with that housekeeping dealt with let’s crack on okay we’re gonna have a quick

Walk around the car but i’m not going to go into every single element in superb detail but i’m going to just run through the the key bits of it because it’s so much about this car and it looks so naughty and the reason why it looks so naughty is because it’s all about generating downforce the gt3 rs produces 860 kilograms of downforce at 180 miles an hour which

Is three times more than the sound of 992 gt3 and twice as much as the previous 991 generation of the car so one of the first things to start off with centrally mounted radiator porsche’s philosophy is race to road and this is the first time it’s ever been here on a series production 911 but the point of it is normally you’d have radiators in the side here and

Also a little one there but now we’ve just got this central radiator and that leaves the side parts here open for aerodynamic use so now we’ve got aerodynamic devices that sit behind there and are moving flaps that are moving to guide the air here and this is really important because the weight or the the aerodynamic loadings on a 911 need to be 70 at the rear

30 at the front and by being able to create more downforce at the front means you can have a bigger rear wing because you can have more downforce at the rear so the whole thing works in unison it’s why we’ve got such a massive rear wing and also that peak level of downforce the splitter is pretty much the same as the standard gt3 a few little tweaks on there

But they’re moving around the side of the car we’ve now got the air blades here which are guiding here around the wheels to stop drag and obviously being a gt3 rs we’ve got the vents at the top of the wings to remove air pressure from around the wheel and then here this crucial bit here this is venting now we talked about the aerodynamic devices at the front so

Air is coming in there the wishbones themselves like on a formula car an open wheel formula car a teardrop shaped so the wishbones are now aerodynamic devices in their own right and those are producing up to 40 kilograms of downfalls just from the wishbones just from the wishbones and all that air is venting down here and then guided down the side of the car but

Hang on we go back a little bit so that radiator so that’s the hot cooling air coming out of there from obviously the engine and that is going up and over here now normally it would go to the back of the car to the air intake for the engine now you don’t want that because hot air isn’t very dense hasn’t got much oxygen in it you want this cooler air as possible

So all that air that’s all the hot air from there has been guided by the veins on the nostrils way down the side of the car and then these aerodynamic devices here stop the air going back towards the center of the car which is what it naturally wants to do so all the hot air is going down the side of the car leaving cool air feeding into the engine intakes to

Give it maximum power and they say that can be worth up to 15 horsepower next so these aren’t intakes of the engine and they’re not cooling ducts these are purely aerodynamic devices but not to produce downforce what they do is reduce drag because the air in there is accelerated through and then comes out behind the wheel here again more cutouts at the back

And that’s just purely there to take drag away from the car because obviously with all these aerodynamic devices it’s going to be quite a draggy thing then the rear wing the massive rear wing look at it like that’s my arm and i’ve got long arms that’s my the length of my arms the span of my arms and it’s a two plane rear wing with a drs system so again it’s an

Active device and there’s these beautiful little details here you can see the little hydraulic actuators and then the hydraulic pipes go through the the struts here which are made of carbon reinforced plastic so the flap can open to reduce drag it’s got its normal setting and then there’s an air brake setting so that under extreme braking that it pops up and

Gives you more stability at the rear so what else can i tell you about this astonishing machine then well the rear diffuser is basically the same as the gt3s but because the underbody is completely flat it’s more efficient and now adds 10 of the car’s overall downforce and on that point the gt3 rs produces way more downforce than a 911 cup racer to the point

That it’s actually near enough matching the downforce of a 911 gte lemong car which is quite frankly ridiculous for a car with number lights to go with the increased aero it has wider tires for more mechanical grip wider tracks bigger brakes and redesigned front suspension to reduce dive under braking and the springs are 50 stiffer all round then there’s the

Engine now compared with the regular gt3 the rs’s ma1 flat 6 has higher lift cams greater valve overlap and different fuel and ignition maps it actually has slightly less torque than the gt3 but more power of 525 horsepower and the power curve is peakier between 6000 and 9000 rpm so it revs even harder at the top end and finally pretty much all of the body bar

The rear wings is carbon fiber reinforced plastic and that’s including the doors so despite all those extra bits it gets it ends up at 1450 kilograms which is just 15 kilograms heavier than the regular gt3 as a result it’s quicker it will hit naught to 62 in just 3.2 seconds boring in a gt3 oh and the gearbox is so on the button understeer again that it’s really

Understate and then a bit of snap oversteer that’s not really the car as such that’s that’s just the tires ear changes and beckett’s oh just feel the back rotating there or there we go on the way into the pool oh there we go so twitchy every time you listen to that engine it’s just absolutely panic and the brakes off the wonderful car you really feel the

Car rotating there’s so many setups on this and i want to be able to do more to play with i haven’t got enough laps to be honest there’s so much in the setup of the car i could not just change the diff setting on the way into the corner i can change it under power separately to that i get all rotation in the car on the way in as i want it and then more locking

Or less locking on the way out of the corner but i can also change the suspension settings for the rebound and the compression front and rear and i can do all that from the steering wheel which i know i really want to be able to do but to be honest to do that to talk to you and not stuff this car on a greasy wet track i’m not gonna i just there’s there’s points

Where you just sit there and go do what you can do on the breaking oh there we go that’s it oh there we go once again i’ve outbreak myself twice into the love field complex what i really like about this car and i’ve talked to andreas about this is the fact that feels like the steering has even more feel than a regular gt3 but it’s not a racing car as such but

You do feel every little movement of the car just as the car goes into understand you can just sense the car scrubbing across the tarmac of the front tires comes through the steering wheel so you’re not caught out it’s nothing visual about driving this car it’s all through the seat of your pants there you go a little bit of understeer there put that a little

Bit oversteer there what an experience to drive a gt2 even if it is in damp slightly tricky mildly terrifying conditions absolute pleasure i was going to let you uh hear the full gravity and the majesty of that sumptuous four liters flat six but yeah that’s it that’s our laps over unfortunately it’s an impressive thing but also i just feel like i’d be lovely

To have some time in the car to really get to know it have a bit more grip because i just think the tires aren’t really quite working there or it’s cup twos not cup two r’s but they’re still even there just really struggling to get the kind of feeling of what the temperature into the tires but then they the guys at porsche have been saying silverstone indeed is

Slippery or these slightly wet conditions it’s more slippery than a lot of the circuits they use that for whatever reason the tarmac is just not giving up the grip it should but uh we made it we didn’t crash that’s a good thing to prove it wasn’t just me finding things a bit twitchy out there but really just to show you what the gt3 rs can do in the hands of a

True expert here are some hot laps with porsche’s brand ambassador and gt racing legend york burgmeister now york is genuinely one of the nicest guys you could meet but also immensely talented but don’t just take my word for it feast your eyes on this yeah it’s definitely not the perfect baseball foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign

Oh foreign to get across just how much faster the gt3 rs is in the regular gt3 while i was out on track i was following a porsche pro drive and he was getting all crossed up the car was snapping sideways in a big way and he was having to make more than a few massive saves i was having moments too but nothing like as much and through the high speed stuff

I was following really quite easily well that had me thinking my talent behind the wheel was finally proven but this was a short-lived burst of hubris it was only when we got back to the pits it dawned on me that the car i was following was a gt3 not a gt3 rs an already brilliant car driven by a professional racing driver and yet the rs in my hands was simply in

A different league york bergmeister summed it up best after our hot laps i said to him jesus york you’re really sweating i am he said but because i’m really working so hard out there but also i’m having a lot of fun and that’s the gt3 rs in a nutshell it makes you work hard for it but my god it’s properly good fun

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