2023 nissan z apple carplay
Altair Club Cars 2023 Nissan Z – Apple CarPlay

2023 Nissan Z – Apple CarPlay

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Apple carplay is a feature that transfers the display and control of some of your iphone’s functions to the vehicle’s center display screen because it also handles hands-free phone and streaming functions apple carplay overrides the bluetooth system when connected and disables wi-fi functionality including wireless hotspot capabilities for a full list of available

Functions an iphone model compatibility visit www.apple.com ios slash carplay for best results update your device to the latest software version to use apple carplay ensure siri is enabled on your device touch settings sirian search then these icons to connect apple carplay wirelessly you must first connect your iphone to a wi-fi network as well as the

Vehicle’s bluetooth to connect to bluetooth press menu then touch connections devices and add new a message will appear on your vehicle screen directing you to perform the following procedure on your device touch settings bluetooth then the name of your vehicle ensure that the code on your vehicle’s screen matches the code displayed on your device then on your

Device touch pair allow then use carplay a notification will appear on your vehicle screen touch yes to use apple carplay if wireless connection is not available connect your iphone using the cable that came with your phone to one of these usb ports a message will appear on the display to confirm whether or not you want to use the apple carplay feature touch yes

You may change the settings so that apple carplay will not automatically connect every time your phone is plugged into your vehicle to adjust these settings push menu touch connections devices this icon next to your device’s name smartphone projection then startup options to set the feature to auto ask every time or never start from this menu you can also touch

Vehicles help for apple carplay for a list of helpful tips from the devices menu you can touch to switch to a different device after your iphone is recognized by the system the vehicle’s center display screen will change to a menu of available iphone functions touch an icon to access that function touch this icon to return to the apple carplay main menu to return

To normal vehicle functions press the menu button or touch this icon to return to the apple carplay screen touch the apple carplay icon on the launch bar to access siri while connected to apple carplay touch and hold this key on the apple carplay screen some siri functions are not available while driving for best results when using siri speak clearly and reduce

Background noise by closing the windows also direct the vents so that they are not pointing toward the vehicle microphone to exit siri operation touch this key on the apple carplay screen if apple carplay does not automatically connect check your device to make sure siri is enabled bluetooth is enabled and apple carplay is enabled please see your nissan connect

Owner’s manual for important safety information system limitations and additional operating and feature information

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