2023 nissan ariya 100 electric
Altair Club Cars 2023 Nissan Ariya _ 100% Electric Vehicle

2023 Nissan Ariya _ 100% Electric Vehicle

2023 Nissan Ariya 100% Electric Vehicle

Let’s talk about the res eyes nissan says it’s a compact suv but running the bands on the sides and thighs reveals a different story at 4595 millimeters long 1850 millimeters wide by 1660 millimeters high the aria is only slightly smaller than the poster child of the midsize suv segment toyota’s rav4 by 20 millimeters 15 millimeters and 30 millimeters

Respectively it is by almost every measure a midsize suv it definitely stands out on the road especially in our test car’s two-tone akatsuki copper paint one of two colors exclusive to the aria the other is arguably the prettier aurora green the design of the aria reflects nissan’s japanese futurism philosophy sleek smooth and confident that’s a lot of

Marketing talk but there’s no denying that the arya looks like an suv from the not too distant future design is of course subjective but to this reviewer’s eye and of course in metal the arya looks sleek modern and a bit special while remaining in nissan as competition for electric vehicles intensifies in an ever-evolving market the new nissan aria is

Hitting its mark in many ways nissan really doesn’t get enough credit for its pioneering spirit in the electric car world the nissan leaf when launched in 2010 was one of the first mass-produced electric cars from a major manufacturer about six hundred thousand global sales later and the leaf which remained the world’s best selling ev until 2020 when it

Ceded its top spot to the tesla model 3 now has an older brother the nissan aria pronounced arya like opera is the latest electric car from the japanese brand and arguably one of the most important getting into the very hot small to mid-size suv segment nissan unsurprisingly prioritizes markets where ev take-up is high and that means europe japan and the

Us are at the top while australia remains a low priority a reflection of the slow use of electric cars two front-wheel drive and one all-wheel drive model comprise the aria lineup the entry-level front-wheel drive model is equipped with a 63 kilowatt-hour battery and one electric motor on the front wheels the motor is good for 160 kilowatts and 300 newton

Meters helping propel the aria from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour the 63 kilowatt hour battery offers a driving range of up to 403 kilometers based on a more realistic wltp test cycle that’s probably a little less than we’d like to see on the entry level model but it’s also probably more than adequate

For the needs of most buyers a slightly more powerful 178 kilowatts for 300 newton meters motor drives the front wheels in the mid-spec aria which thanks to a larger 87 kilowatt hour battery offers a driving range of up to 530 kilometers although the electric motor is more powerful it is actually slower at up to 100 kilometers per hour taking 7.6 seconds to

Reach the benchmark that’s because the battery is bigger more battery equals more weight equals slower acceleration the supreme all-wheel drive aria e4 wars ridiculous name e-force get it is equipped with two electric motors one on each axle producing a combined 225 kilowatts and 600 newton meters the zero to 100 kilometers per hour dash delivers a claimed

5.7 seconds while its 87 kilowatt hour battery provides 500 kilometers of range charging time is an important feature of the ev the nissan aria doesn’t disappoint our test car at launch the entry-level 63 kilowatt hours was rechargeable from 20 to 80 battery or a range of 267 kilometers capacity in just 28 minutes with a dc charger charging capacity is

Limited to 130 kilowatts a powerful home mounted wall box with three phase power in 22 kilowatts capacity will recharge a 63 kilowatt hour battery from 10 to 100 percent in about 3.5 hours while the more common single phase 7.4 kilowatt housing box offers 10 hours of charge to get from 10 100 percent of course battery capacity and charge time are only two

Parts of the three-part ed equation the other is how much energy is actually consumed in real world driving conditions nissan says the 63 kilowatt hours two-wheel drive variant we drove at launch will consume 17.6 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers our day behind the wheel through many and varied conditions in and around stockholm returned the indicated 17.0

Kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers better than nissan claims most importantly after traveling 97.3 kilometers through city roads country back roads in stockholm’s complicated motorway system arya’s drive computer showed we had covered 79 kilometers that’s a decent return on energy investment the investment is obtained through the e-pedal aria regenerative braking system you

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2023 Nissan Ariya _ 100% Electric Vehicle By GN ARVID

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