2023 new mercedes glc amg night
Altair Club Cars 2023 NEW Mercedes GLC AMG – Night Full Drive Review SUV Interior Exterior

2023 NEW Mercedes GLC AMG – Night Full Drive Review SUV Interior Exterior

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Foreign just like a camera and in this way people will definitely get out of the way the running board has been cut off in the front hello guys welcome to merch band’s king this is the only mercedes glc and in today’s video we will take it forward drive near barcelona in dark this dlc has the amg line exterior package including the night package so that means

Blacked out contours around the window but now also the first time for the tlc we have a changed wear with not chrome parts for the trunk but now for the first time a dark chrome and just check out the beautiful design with a very wide real archers and for the first time for the glc we have wheel archers in the body color amazing so here near barcelona the glc

Looks beautiful especially from the rear side i already mentioned it has increased six centimeters in length only one and a half centimeters in the wheelbase and that means a lot of centimeters in the trunk area and this is also where mercedes focused because the trunk capacity has increased to 600 liters even if you go without the night package you will have the

Blacked out part over here the dark chrome mercedes used to have it in full silver chrome even with a nice package so that changed let’s go to the interviewer and of course it has the keyless entry there you can see the mercedes store on the ground so let’s go inside and it has easy entrance in the sense that the running board has been cut off in the front goes

Wider in the rear and even here to go to the rear seats you have a cut off side and before we actually take it for our drive make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content special for you about all new mercedes-benz vehicles and the most exclusive ones so now from this beautiful front we will move over into the side and take

It for a drive of course it has the all-new digital lights that will show you them in action in the night beautiful all-new interior mercedes-benz invitation screen and this is a black red combination interior let me just press the button for the electronics to work including the ambient lighting that you can already see a fool red interior color that you

Can of course change it and just take a look at these new headrests just write in the comments down below what do you think of them also from the real perspective so let’s check out the rear door beautiful with the ambient lighting enough of space over here and can of course also order it with the panoramic growth no soft closing doors and here you have and

Total 600 liters so it increased around 60 liters entering capacity so let me close the trunk and we’ll take it for a drive in the night here in barcelona let’s go amazing feeling sitting here inside i will just close the center console and there you can see the all-new portrait still screen foreign tically turn off but you can enjoy the interior over here so

I will just press the button for the electronics to work and there you can see the beautiful invitation let’s press it again for this new engine to start this is the glc 220d which is actually not new but now it has the eq boost over here so i will put it into drive with the gear selecting behind the steering wheel and let’s go here you can see that it has the

Multi-beam extremely false flash you also have beautiful ambient lighting in the interior currently in a red color because the seats are half black and red so the navigation is currently set augmented reality is turned on and here it says i have to turn left in the end of the street the sound of the diesel glc 220d is present and yes it sounds very supportive

So right now we are driving on our way to the hotel and this is getting very dark so i will activate the digital light it is now on full automatic so that means if there is a car approaching it will turn off like that so right now it is having a black box directly at rather car was positioned amazing technology but let’s turn it off because as you stare the

Light will also move in the same direction the flashes just like a camera and in this way people will definitely get out of the way so let’s change the interior lighting hey mercedes how can i help change the ambient lighting color to blue okay i’m changing the color amazing especially that the air vents are also lit up in the ambient lighting color so let’s

Change the gauges in front of us i will change it to classic because this is one of my favorites with the rpm on the right side kilometers are nowhere on the left which can also change it to support like we had before understated which is very low on information and of course the navigation view then this way you have a full a fool and in this way you have a full

Map in front of you around 12.3 inches let’s get back to classic and we will change the driving characteristics to support it goes into lower gears the sound also changes i guess with sound generators in front of us is also noticeable the speed limit over here it detects it with the cameras but as you can see in night it doesn’t do that great of a job because it

Is definitely 80 over here on this road i especially love this new technology that the portrait style screen the picture is very crisp and clear actually if you drive slower you can activate the parking camera and over here you can see the car in 360 degrees in night of course pitch black further away here from the front you can notice it is the amg line exterior

Package they especially love the rear part although tail lights connect so if we start driving you can see that the lights move with the camera furthermore you can press the home button go to off-road and this will show you more about the angle tire pressure and of course the air suspension and on the top left we have some information about the car itself you

Can enter your destination and the car will search for gas stations parking spaces all by itself so guys thanks for watching merge bands king i hope you liked the video with the all-new glc in a night drive and i hope to see you guys next time bye

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2023 NEW Mercedes GLC AMG – Night Full Drive Review SUV Interior Exterior By MercBenzKing

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