2023 mercedes benz eqe full deta
Altair Club Cars 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE | Full details

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE | Full details

Think of the all-electric 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan as a smaller, albeit similarly distinctive, version of the Mercedes EQS. Both models basically represent electrified alternatives to the brand’s conventional E-class and S-class models. The EQE’s slippery bodywork and spacious cabin share styling cues with the larger EQS, and it’s available with equally impressive features, including a screen that extends across the full width of the instrument panel called the Hyperscreen. The EQE fills the space between Tesla’s compact Model 3 and mid-size Model S. The electric Mercedes is expected to have a driving range of over 300 miles as well as fast-charging capabilities that allow it to charge its battery from 10 to 80 percent in about 30 minutes. The single-motor, rear-drive EQE350+ debuts first with 288 horsepower, but the 402-hp EQE500, with dual motors and all-wheel drive, will follow.

Mercedes have been producing premium business saloons for decades and now they’ve taken this winning formula and brought it into the modern era with the eqe and a pure electric drivetrain now we all know the benefits of driving electric but the first thing you notice when you do is just how quiet it is it’s so smooth and luxurious and it definitely helps take

The stress out of everyday life the eqe 350 plus offers up to 215 kilowatts of power and like every car in the mercedes eq range a truly thrilling driving experience just like a number of other mercedes cars the eqe comes with the dynamic select menu now this allows you to change between four different driving modes between sport and comfort and changes the

Car’s performance and handling characteristics to make sure that you always get the best quality ride what impresses me is the engineers have really focused on the cars driving acoustics and suspension the car feels incredibly maneuverable and as well as the quietness that we’ve mentioned before it’s pretty much free of vibration too whilst all this technology

Is truly remarkable what’s even more impressive is that this eqe has a range of up to 654 kilometers on a single charge and that is incredible a key factor behind this kind of range is the efficient drive system with recuperation here the battery is charged by converting the rotary motion into electrical energy during braking the driver can select the level

Of deceleration in three stages via shift paddles behind the steering wheel i’ve chosen d auto the most convenient which automatically adjusts the recuperation level to the current driving situation whilst the eqe’s performance is addictive the airmatic air suspension means that the ride is always comfortable and composed whatever the conditions may be like

Its larger sibling the eqs the eqe is built on a new architecture developed specifically for electric vehicles at the front there is this distinctive mercedes eq face defined by the black panel grille with the mercedes-benz pattern and when it comes to the shape the eqe benefits from what mercedes call the one bow design this coupe like silhouette that flows

Smoothly from the front to the rear this results in a car that looks sleek and remarkably sporty and of course very futuristic as well at the back there’s this light band it’s another feature that clearly marks this as a mercedes eq car and i love this curved three-dimensional helix design in the rear lights it’s another really sophisticated touch these amg line

Details like the front splitter and the rear apron just add to the car’s sporty demeanor combined with the night package the eqe really does have a bold and striking appearance the eqe also comes with these 21-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels they really fill the wheel arch and they give the car purpose and stance on the road the new mercedes eqe clearly bears

All the hallmarks of the mercedes eq family focusing on digital luxury intelligence and ultimately ease of use the mercedes-benz user experience infotainment system or mbux for short is in my eyes the best operating system that you can find in a car so let’s get into the details the hyper screens three displays which are bonded together under a single piece

Of safety glass seemingly merge into each other to give the appearance of one huge single screen it really does look like something out of a spaceship first there’s the instrument cluster then there’s the central display and finally a passenger display over there this striking mbux hyper screen that stretches from pillar to pillar is the focal point of the

Eqe’s brand new cockpit mercedes calls the latest evolution of mbux the zero layer and it uses artificial intelligence to proactively display the right function at the right time for the user now this is pretty amazing essentially the system learns your habits and brings up required information before you even ask for it it feels like the car can almost read

Your mind so now i don’t have to scroll through sub menus to find the key applications that i’m looking for now that’s really useful there’s also a head-up display which means that i can see essential information like current speed directions and other important information right in front of me another amazing feature in the eqe is navigation with electric

Intelligence this can plan the fastest and most convenient route to your destination while at the same time calculating necessary charging stops along the way the system even considers various factors including the performance and availability of charging stations the weather the local topography and even your driving style to plan your route as accurately

As possible and not only that the vehicle uses this information to perfectly prepare for the charging process by bringing your battery to the optimum temperature for fast charging and thanks to the mbux voice assistant i can find out vital information without having to take my hands off the wheel or my eyes off the road hey mercedes how may i help you do

I have sufficient charge to get to girona your battery is currently charged sufficiently to reach girona you will arrive with a battery level of approximately 67 percent please play the top news here’s your news from bbc minutes at 2 28 p.m today hey mercedes how can i help start the ejector seat okay i will start the ejection seating nine stop eight no i’m

Just joking okay so i just had to give that a go but the eqe prefers having a driver so i’ve got something else i want to show you with mbux entertainment i can stream my favorite tunes from amazon music apple music spotify or tidal at the moment mercedes is the only car brand to offer this and with spotify i can even continue playing a song in the car that

I was previously listening to on my smartphone outside of the car so so you

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