2023 mercedes amg c63 s new 680h
Altair Club Cars 2023 Mercedes AMG C63 S – NEW 680HP Sedan Review Sound Interior Exterior Infotainment

2023 Mercedes AMG C63 S – NEW 680HP Sedan Review Sound Interior Exterior Infotainment

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Foreign in front of me we have the all-new mercedes amg c63s and in today’s video i will show you the full exterior interviewer all the new gadgets and of course we will listen to the sound but first of all let’s admire the exterior because it is in a beautiful high-tech silver exterior color and you can see that the c-class amg this c63s has increasing wheelbase

Almost 10 millimeters which is one centimeter and in the front it increased 50 millimeters but apart from the side a huge difference is definitely noticeable from that perspective because the real arches are also wider especially with this aerodynamic package extra blacked out aerodynamic lines and if you have a close look at the front you can notice a new power

Bonnet with a gt3 style front lid which is actually functional and from the headlights you can see it has the all-new digital light system with very mean looking dot on both sides and this one dot assembles the c-glass family furthermore you really are curious about the amg characteristics but i will show you that in this full video in the front you can see the

Panamericana grill and yes it has in night package darkened chrome with an amg lettering and furthermore it has here on the side the turbo e performance and that means it is only available as a c63s so you can’t have it without the s if i stand up you can clearly see the knight 2 package and that means blacked out parts in the front on the side skirts even the

Side mirrors are in full carbon fiber glossy and the darkened contours around the window but let’s move over more to the side and the wear because here you can see that it just looks like a very thick c-class especially due to the wider wheel arches in the front and the most beautiful with the lines on the side into the wear so guys before i show you more of this

Full interior make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content special for you about all new mercedes-benz vehicles and the most exclusive ones like this mercedes amg c63s but now we will move over into the rear and that’s where you can notice that these very wide package really emphasizes the wear with extra wide and huge

Spoiler and this is only for the aerodynamic package you can see the new tail light design and yes the quattro still exhaust pipes especially for the 63s models and in a minute we will especially listen to the sound but first of all check out all the carbon fiber parts in glossy carbon fiber and because the c63s now has an extra electric motor of course the trunk

Area has changed a little bit so when you open it you can see that the floor actually increased to the end and this is what amt does very smart it actually has a special protection system over there with a crossbar so let me close the trunk and there you can see the c63s lettering mercedes star in darkened chrome and the amg lettering so now it is time to check

Out the interior with all the new gadgets so let’s go inside wow beautiful invitation screen of the mercedes amg c63s i will just hit the button for the electronics to work and hit the home button and here it says 55 years of amg i will hit the button again and there you have a beautiful cockpit and yes this is a full black interior of the c63s you do have yellow

Contrast stitching all over with beautiful glossy carbon fiber at the dash the seats are in full napa leather and of course you can also go for different trims and colors i really like the urban style over here and one amazing feature because we all missed the iwc shoaf housing clock is that you go to the home button and here you have an iwc watch for yourself

So you have different driving characteristics in total seven different functions so you can go all the way to the left to slippery which is for wet conditions on the road in a vegetable so that you can control and set the settings the way you like hold battery mode full electric mode comfort sports support plus and an erase mode and within race modes you can even

Go to different modes like boost with this button over here the satellite if you hit that an icon will appear you can activate it by clicking the button what that will do we have to see later when driving it so furthermore in front of you you can change the gauges on the screen you can go to all the way to the left to track pace there’s also a super sport one

In red and then the center console also changes and the classic one which is actually my favorite and yes this is the only portrait style screen which is six degrees towards the driver so more driving experience and this full touchscreen with high resolution you can hit the amg button and change the individual settings such as drive suspension and dynamics so

You can put it all into comfort except for the engine and still be in race mode amazing furthermore two cup holders here in the center console wireless charging pad for your phone huge dorbin also some storage space over here with of course the key which has the amg lettering and amg batch on the back from storage space with perfume setting and of course the

All-new elephant system with ambient lighting inside so let’s go to the back seats and i will show you the practicality so we’ll close the door and yes there is enough of space the leg space is very decent given that this is my driving position and headspace is also decent i’m just slightly touching the roof given that it has a panoramic roof it should be a

Little bit lower and this cover of the seats are also very new we have already seen it in the c43 with the gaps here the seat position these are the amd sport cup seats but they sit very comfortable compared to the predecessor very soft leather napa leather and over here cup holders and the thermometic air vent system as you can see a beautiful interior from

This perspective it has the seat heating option with beautiful burn muscles surround sound system on the side thanks guys for watching merzman’s king i hope you liked the video and i hope to see you guys next time bye-bye

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2023 Mercedes AMG C63 S – NEW 680HP Sedan Review Sound Interior Exterior Infotainment By MercBenzKing

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