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Altair Club Cars 2023 Mercedes A-Class Hatch, Sedan, AMG A35 and A45 S Revealed At Once

2023 Mercedes A-Class Hatch, Sedan, AMG A35 and A45 S Revealed At Once

Mercedes just unveiled the A-Class facelift. Seen here in both hatchback and sedan body styles with AMG flavors as well!

Foreign guys welcome back to ron’s rides news welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where we get the debut of the 2023 mercedes a-class hatch and sedan revealed with amg 833 and a45s countless months of spy photos are coming to an end as mercedes is unveiling the a-class facelift seen here in both hatchback and sedan body styles and the

Compact luxury car plays a game of spotting the difference with its mid-cycle revision mild rework headlights and optional leds flank a redesigned grille with tiny three-pointed stars at the back the german premium brand has installed a new diffuser and standard led tail lights and four new wheel options have been added and these go up to 19 inches including an

Amg line set with a glossy black multi-spoke design the mercedes is also offering a variety of fancy paint jobs from the manufacturer catalog with matte and metallic finishes and inside the updated steering wheel comes wrapped in napa leather as standard while the center console gets to minor revisions now the latest mbux continues to work with a 7 inch driver

Display that can be upgraded to a 10.25 inch diagonal to match the touchscreen and as far as the oily bits are concerned the gasoline engines have received the mild hybrid treatment and work with 7 or 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmissions as standard of the 48 volt tech provides an extra 13 horsepower 10 kilowatts of power at the start and for the plug-in

Hybrid the electric motor now delivers an extra 7 horsepower 5 kilowatts for a grand total of 107 horsepower 80 kilowatts now owners can juice up the battery with alternating current at up to 11 kilowatts or direct current at 22 kilowatts in which case it takes 25 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent now mercedes is also unveiling the amg versions with the a35

Available in hash pack and sedan formats while the a45s remains a five-door only affair now the lesser of the two spicy models from a falter bike receive styling changes that bring it closer to the range chopper the amg a35 gets a mild hybrid system and transitions to an hb dct replacing the previously used 7-speed transmissions now output remains unchanged at 302

Horsepower 225 kilowatts and 400 new meters 295 pound-feet of torque and the 2023 amg 45s receives a street style edition with an assortment of visual enhancements now the limited run version is painted in mountain gray magno and gets an aero kit as well as new 19-inch matte black wheels with red brake calipers now you’ll notice that the retro flavor body decals

Along with the bright orange accents on the inside where there are aluminum trim elements and a hot hatch soldiers on with the 416 horsepower 310 kilowatt 500 meter 369 pound feet but it’s no longer the most powerful four-cylinder engine installed in a production car mounted longitudinally in the new amg c63 the very same n139 generates a whopping 470 horsepower 350

Kilowatts and 545 newton meters 402 pound feet the lesser version of the four pot helps the amg a45s hit 62 miles per hour or 100 kilometers in 3.9 seconds and maxed out at 168 miles per hour 270 kilometers so with that said what are you guys thinking about the new a-class hatch and amg 35 and 45s let me know down in the comments below and if you guys did enjoy the

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2023 Mercedes A-Class Hatch, Sedan, AMG A35 and A45 S Revealed At Once By RonsRides News

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