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Altair Club Cars 2023 Mazda CX-50 Family Review with Child Seat Installation

2023 Mazda CX-50 Family Review with Child Seat Installation

We have tested many small crossovers for our family here on the channel, and none have been quite so fun as this new 2023 Mazda CX-50.

Hey gearheads and welcome to garage talk i’m corey i’m holly back there is tucker or maybe chris kratt i’m not quite sure and we are in the future of the mazda brand this is the 2023 mazda cx50 compact crossover and in this video we’re going to tell you what it’s like for our family of three all right holly so here we are in the 2023 mazda cx50 and the first

Thing i have to ask you about this one what do you think of the color oh of course i lose my jeep which is almost the same color as our interior walls which is almost the same color almost exactly as the inside of tucker’s closet that we thought was a totally different color yeah yeah so you really like the outside of this one of course okay i really like it i’m

Gonna pull up the window sticker here and see uh exactly the color it is yes poly metal gray metallic yeah yeah i like it the inside what do you think of the terracotta seats i do like the terracotta seats yeah being a an a m fan they are a little closer yeah they’re a little close to some other school but uh other than that they they very much look upscale which

Is the plan of this vehicle is to be more upscale we’ve got leather here on the dash with this cross stitching that matches the terracotta seats but that’s where it loses me a little i don’t yeah the cross stitching really okay and i don’t like it orange it kind of reminds me of halloween of course we’re going into halloween seasons yes we still but i don’t like

That not a big fan of the cross stitch we even have it here on the center of the seats running down the spine of the seats all the way down well we’ll start outside and move our way in thoughts on the exterior styling of this how pretty so it’s interesting but they’re very sharp yes which is not usually how automakers make the suvs these days so this is ushering

In a new design chapter for the mazda brand this actually rides on the same platform as the last mazda we tested in the electric crossover with the rear hinge doors but this is built off of the cx-30 platform but it’s called the cx50 and is a wider lower longer version of that basically it’s very deceptive in its size because i’ve even tested this one before not

Just previously this week on the channel but months ago back in april and getting this next to your jeep cherokee which is in the same general class i was surprised at how petite this one felt i i expected it to be a little bit bigger so is the space on the inside is it bigger but it’s it’s bigger it’s comparable to your jeep because your jeep was built more with

Off-road intentions in mind so the packaging inside uh made some sacrifices whereas you and i just put some stuff back in the back the hatch is rather large back then in the back and and we’ve tested its capability garage selling capabilities yes so um a plus plus yes very interesting very low wide more masculine look than the cx-30 which definitely has a cute

Look but i’ll put a link to my cx-30 test up in the corner on this one moving inside you already said you don’t really care for the cross stitch especially in the terracotta but other than that i really like it um i’m surprised what i thought you were going to ask me at first was about the steering oh yeah it is very mercedes-esque style huh i like that um interior

Bits to it not big chunky and so i will say um being a mazda everything feels very familiar in here it’s the same gauges as the last two monsters we’ve tested the cx-9 the mx-30 the infotainment is essentially the same the climate controls are essentially the same the uh auxiliary and everything controls down here are essentially the same so if you’ve driven

The monster lately really just the packaging that’s different on this one right yeah i like the um i like that the infotainment center is what you need help with well we’ll do that later buddy but we can’t do it while we’re buckled up okay but thank you for asking well we’re about to get out yeah when we get out we can we can do it okay i like the infotainment

Center is very simple you know i like simple everything’s easy to find and one thing that cars have started doing that i do like that some people don’t as the little um knob i’m the at your fingertips at your fingertips um that does take in just a minute to get used to but once you are used to it i really like its convenience for me and i really like that the

Volume is down here versus having to reach up here so anything to do with infotainment can be handled right here without even lifting the hand you know there’s a heads up display so i think a lot of features of the inside of the car lend itself to safety like the heads-up feature like the knob at your fingertips so you’re not having to stretch or look away too

Long while you’re trying to drive speaking of the head up display it even gives you a notification up there if someone is in your blind spot which i wish more manufacturers did yeah so i really like that it also uses traffic sign recognition so it’ll put the posted speed limit and if you’re approaching a stop sign open a little stop sign indicator up there as

Well as in the dash i like that big panoramic roof very easy to control that the climate controls fairly simple though i will say the automatic ac on this is very aggressive if you put it in auto it’s going to make sure you cool down you know me i don’t like technology control my life so i rarely use auto so yeah but see let’s see here so we’ve got it set at

68. it’s 95 degrees outside oh my gosh it will be 68 now yes yes instantaneous so this is one vehicle where i’ve not used auto the few times that i have i have noticed that that auto also controls the heated steering wheel which has not come on but the ventilated and heated seats so while these seats do not remember that you had the ventilation turned on every time

You turn the vehicle off and back on which you know is a feature i like if you have it in auto climate they will come on if necessary so that is nice let’s talk about these ventilated seats flats they are ventilated they work whereas other seats we sat in a kid i felt cool and i didn’t necessarily feel the breeze or i could tell that they were on they drafted in

Here draft just drafted so they absolutely which i don’t not like yes especially again 95 degrees outside so there you needed the draft yes yes um all right and these seats are comfortable yes um so we’ve we’ve ridden around in it um quite a few times now already our comfy seats oh you don’t i will say i have put over 400 miles on this i i did a dallas furniture

Run again testing out the cargo carrying capacity excellent got three dining room chairs back there after about 200 they got a little lackluster for me they can use yeah they could have used just a little more cushion both in the seat bottom and the seat back but do you feel like that’s because of the ventilated seeds i feel like that’s just more in line with

Its sporty nature versus its comfort nature because this does have two different drive modes outside of the normal that you’re currently driving in because we have sport normal and off-road so just kind of going to the intention of this vehicle this would be a great fun sporty commuter for someone who needs a little more room and space than a mx-5 convertible or

Maybe even the cx-30 on which this is based so all right gearheads what is it like putting a child seat in the back seat of the mazda cx-50 well it’s a crossover suv so you know getting that rear anchor point in is very easy and convenient and as with other mazdas for the lower latches mazda actually surrounds them in hard plastic and has these removable plastic

Covers that you need not lose to hide them when they’re not in use making it very easy to find locate and latch those lower latches simply throw the tether around back and then move to the back cargo compartment to tighten that up back there and you’re good to go because that seat back is carpeted and hard you aren’t squishing the leather or ruining the seat long

Term by really tightening that top tether down and it makes for a very snug fit here in the back of the cx50 i will say due to its compact dimensions tucker’s feet do hit the back of the seat rest and because they are leather instead of hard plastic it’s just something we had to consider when we had him riding back here try not to let him beat the back of these

Older seats up too much we’ll say this has won an iihs top safety pick plus award so this is a rather good family vehicle and safe all around and the steering wheel when i turn it feels a little tight is that the feature yes that is it’s sporty i know mazda doesn’t use this term anymore but it’s zoom zoom nature it’s the mx-5 coming out in it because this really

Is a sporty fun little crossover to drive i left you in sports so maybe when you get out here and go you can get a little okay stretch its legs a little i know you said you’re not a stretch its legs kind of girl i mean when in rome right well i am gonna have to get out get out get up and go out here on this road yeah you are clear on my side okay here we go here

We go tucker what do you think oh yeah and i will say at highway speeds you can hear the turbo blow off valve which i know you can hear nothing about but it made me feel a little special was that what we just heard uh no what we’ve just heard i believe was piped in on your noise through the speakers but at tucker chris back there so that brings us to mpg on the

Windows sticker before we get to the price on the window sticker so rated at 23 city 29 highway 25 combined and are over 400 miles in this let me uh hit the right button here i’m i’m hitting all the wrong buttons because i’m not driving and my 430 miles of this we’re averaging 22 6. so i’ve been driving with a little bit of a heavier foot because again very sporty

Nature um i will go back to it does have the 2.5 liter twin scroll turbocharged 227 horsepower 310 pound-feet of torque so let’s get some pep some get up and go all that wrapped into a package what do you think that package costs okay it’s not a hybrid not a hybrid 45. very close so i’m getting good at this as this one is specked 43 170. so again talking about your

Jeep it’s a 2014 year model it has everything on it same general price class it was 42 back in 2014. it says 43 it’s a little smaller which we’ve addressed but i feel that is a fair price it doesn’t have ventilated seats not not our jeep you can get them on that one though but uh i feel it’s worth it you got the bose speaker that’s nice the leather yeah yeah for

Sure yeah well there you have it for 43 a very nice a very upscale package and then compact crossover market it is very fun and sporty if you want to see my thoughts of how this handles for someone 35 years old uh check out my solo review here on the channel if you want to know more from holly on this vehicle and many other behind the scenes tidbits go find her

On instagram at female consumer you can find us and everything we’re driving before it is here on the channel at gt garage talk on facebook instagram and tick tock or just head over to gt garajetalk.com you’ll get links to everything including our award-winning podcast or you can just search for a gt garage shock on your favorite podcasting platform but uh as

For us we’re gonna enjoy this vehicle just a little bit more while we still have it until next time gearheads bye who’s back in the back seat chris kratt s oh attacker oh look they’re open they’re open okay no need oh we’ve got time do we i think we need to speed it up get this started go i’m already going you need to oh well bernie was behind us and i love

Him he’s doing the blow-off noise right there no but uh kind of accelerating the let off and listen here it goes comes from under the hood let’s do it again it’s when you let off it goes anyway i love a car that does that

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2023 Mazda CX-50 Family Review with Child Seat Installation By GT Garage Talk

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