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Altair Club Cars 2023 Mazda CX-50 | Crossover SUV | Features – Carspecs Tv

2023 Mazda CX-50 | Crossover SUV | Features – Carspecs Tv

The 2023 Mazda CX-50 crossover SUV features Mazda Intelligent Drive Select (Mi-Drive), which combines different drive modes with Mazda’s i-Activ AWD and an available turbo engine to match the type of driving you’re doing with the terrain you’re on, reinvigorating your desire to go further, more often into the outdoors.

The mazda cx-50 crossover suv features mazda intelligent drive select which combines different drive modes with mazda’s eye active all-wheel drive and an available turbo engine to match the type of driving you’re doing with the terrain you’re on reinvigorating your desire to go further more often into the outdoors plaza intelligent drive select technology

Optimizes traction and responsiveness through various drive modes allowing you to maintain a natural and intuitive connection to the road in a variety of driving situations normal mode the perfect balance between performance and fuel economy sport mode prioritizes responsiveness for a more dynamic driving experience off-road mode coordination of brakes

And engine torque to maximize traction available towing mode compensates for additional weight for intuitive handling powerful low-end torque for towing up to 3 500 pounds only compatible with the genuine mazda accessories trailer hitch and harness active all-wheel drive is engineered to help maximize performance on nearly all road conditions not just

In inclement weather and off-road driving you’ll get an unparalleled level of response that will make your entire drive more enjoyable it is in our nature to explore without boundaries with an available turbocharged engine delivering up to 256 horsepower and 320 pounds foot of torque for wherever your search takes you the cx-50 rewards this impulse and

Heightens your senses every feature of mazda’s driving technology has been designed to work in tandem with you g vectoring control plus adjust engine torque and braking in response to steering inputs the system works in conjunction with our drive modes in all-wheel drive to improve stability for a smoother ride on pavements when towing or on off-road

Terrain vastness designers spent two years meticulously handcrafting an exterior for the cx-50 that is sensitive to its surroundings every design decision for the cx-50 stemmed from a deep respect for the natural world the new exterior color zircon sand metallic evokes images of hiking along rustic primitive trails terra cotta leather a color inspired

By the hue of earthen clay is available for the vehicle’s refined interior the muscular composure of the cx-50 greets you with a sense of resilience for on and off-road driving thanks to its intentionally wide stance low roof line and high ground clearance your moments in nature can last longer thanks to the cx-50s available panoramic blue roof whether

It’s cascading moonlight or the green dapple canvas of a forest ceiling the cx-50s interior was designed to be both a luxurious haven and a tough base camp it’s a cabin built to be worthy of the grandeur that surrounds it the ideal place to take in nature’s profound artistry the driver’s seat is symmetrically balanced with the steering wheel and pedals

Allowing for a comfortable and relaxed posture so you can stay focused on the road ahead every control is within reach and the instrument panel is intuitively designed around your line of sight the rich hues of soil inspired our terracotta leather trim which is now available the earthen tones are warm and inviting and they provide a constant connection

To the natural world that surrounds you the tough materials used on various trims were inspired by technical outdoor gear the cx-50 seat fabric was inspired by the tough nylon used in climbing backpacks the pattern of cx-50 seat stitching is inspired by hiking boot laces the textures on cx-50 center consoles were influenced by the grip of a telephoto

Lens the available heated front and rear seats as well as the available front ventilated seats are a cozy reminder that every season is lovely the cx-50s versatile comfort is found in the details with the thoughtfully crafted available heated steering wheel you can easily navigate through icy climates the roof rails are built to support you and your

Gear including kayaks bikes and even a pop-up tent the lower roof line also makes it easier to get to your gear or climb into your tent the programmable rear power liftgate on the cx-50 makes it simple to open and close the lift gate customize the height in which the liftgate rises for easier access and to ensure that it is always within reach the cargo

Floor of the cx-50 is designed to fit coolers packs and gear lengthwise because it is deeper than it is wide because the liftgate is flush with the floor you can easily slide heavy items in and out without having to lift them from below the cx-50 cargo accessories which include cargo blocks liners and mats make storage even easier with onboard wi-fi you

Can share your adventures with friends and family check weather forecasts and stream your favorite content accidents can happen despite your best intentions in the event of an accident your cx-50 cuv will automatically dial 911 on your paired phone to summon assistance and notify authorities of your location your cx-50s equipped roadside assistance can tow

You to a nearby mechanic if you ever find yourself on the side of the road with a flat tire or in need of assistance before you even get in start your cx-50s engine and return to the previously set interior temperature its convenience and comfort right at your fingertips you’ll always be able to return without having to retrace your steps the my mazda app

Pinpoints your vehicle’s location on a map displays its exact location and activates the hazard lights and horn to make it easier to locate when something needs your attention the my mazda app can alert you before you get on the road find out when your oil light or tire pressure should be checked or when it’s time for service with wireless apple carplay

Integration for your iphone you’ll never miss a beat siri allows you to use your voice to access maps playlists contacts and compatible apps the mazda connect infotainment system is responsible for all of this and more all of your options are displayed on the vibrant 8.8 inches or 10.25 inch center mounted display which can be controlled with the multifunction

Commander control or voice prompts combine natural sounds with your favorite music on the available 12 speaker bose sound system you can hear whatever music you choose to accompany the views exactly as the artist intended it’s a seamless addition to any adventure custom engineered for the cx-50 keep yourself charged no matter how far you go keeping your

Compatible smartphone charged has never been easier with cx50 wireless charging pad place it on the charging pad until the indicator light turns green then continue on your way with cx50 available adaptive front lighting system which is designed to help you see around corners at night you can drive confidently through dark winding country roads the

Lid headlights pivot in the direction of the turn improving visibility and assisting you in spotting potential hazards ahead with the available 360 degrees view monitor you’ll have more awareness in every direction small cameras are integrated throughout the vehicle to provide a more comprehensive view of your surroundings via the available 10.25 inches

Mazda connect screen mounted on the dashboard thank you for watching and please do not forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you will be notified on my upcoming videos

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