2023 lexus ux250h walkaround
Altair Club Cars 2023 Lexus UX250h Walkaround

2023 Lexus UX250h Walkaround

Check out the 2023 Lexus UX250h and all the features this car comes equipped with. Connect with me on social media

Welcome to north park lexus at dominion my name is kenny vasig and today i’ll be doing a walk around on the 2023 lexus ux250h and the eminent white pearl exterior anna burke’s new lux interior the 2023 lexus ux250h features a 2-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine a cvt transmission a total of 181 horsepower and in all world rise to some on this model we have our

Standard 18 inch high spoke alley wheels which are gray machine finish on the front of the vehicle we have our traditional lex spindle grill and our standard led headlights this vehicle is equipped with keyless entry with our key fob on us we can go ahead and unlock the vehicle this the birch new lux interior on the u-wax with black accents stitching on our

Seats our lexus looney it’s got plates and auto maglock’s windows let’s go ahead and start the vehicle on the side of the vehicle we have our brightness setting our domino trip switch below that we have our gas release switch are your tailgate switch our hood release switch our automatic high beam switch and traction control this is our telescopic steering

Wall with our bluetooth and audio control switches along with our radar cruise control and lane departure warning systems with the arrows on our steering wall we can view vehicle information on our display as i scroll down we can see empower such as range energy monitor tire pressure compass audio radar cruise control lane departure warning messages and settings

These are all the safety systems equipped on the ux we have lane center with curse speed reduction pre-eclusion system blind spot monitor firmware parking sensors and parking support break on the side of the vehicle we have our standard eight inch display housing our new lexus interface is control via the touchscreen we have our subscription-based navigation system

With wireless apple carplay and android auto projection audio with streaming apple music and amazon music bluetooth vehicle info climate settings and our heated and ventilated seats for our driver and passenger and heated steering wheel we have settings and our wi-fi hotspot below that we have ac controls with two usbc charging ports our wireless charging pad

When the light illumates green your device is ready to be charged simply place your device on a charging pad and the light illuminate orange we have our parking brake with automatic windshield wipers two cup holders heat and ventilate seats for a driver and passenger with heated steering wheel ev mode a break hold feature insider center console we have one usb-a

Charging port out of that we have our homelink system up here to three different garage doors our lexus safety connects and our sunroof we can tilt or slide the roof foreign er back at cameron the ux with white screen camera and custom parking lines here we have our dial for dry mount select with this style we can customize our dry mode setting we can drive the

Vehicle in either eco sport or for sound for normal on the exterior of the ux we have our standard led headlights with automatic hiding function daytime running lights and turn signals we have integrated turn signals in our mirrors foreign s on the rear of the vehicle inside the cargo air of the ux we have our carpet floor mats with all weather mats folding

Receipts and per se kit thank you this vehicle is equipped with a hands-free kick sensor with our foot just slightly on the rear bumper we can open and close the tailgate of the vehicle the back seats of the ux with weird i see events and two usbc charging ports so until this vehicle has five usb charging ports insider center armrests we have two cup holders

Foreign on the 2023 lexus ux250h and the amnet white pearl exterior anna burke’s new lux interior the msrp price of this vehicle is 41 000. if you thought this video was helpful please go ahead and like and subscribe if you have any suggestions for other videos please let me know in the comments below thanks for watching

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2023 Lexus UX250h Walkaround By Kenny Vacek

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