2023 lexus ux250h interior upgra
Altair Club Cars 2023 Lexus UX250h interior upgrades, 4k showdown

2023 Lexus UX250h interior upgrades, 4k showdown

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Hey guys it’s roman just doing a quick video here of the 2023 ux 250h we just received the first batch of the 2023 model year this is the elegance package with the smaller interior screen i’m just gonna do a quick uh overview of that and show you the differences now starting with the driver door nothing have been changed on the inside everything stayed the same

Same goes for the steering wheel the driver information and the seats them themselves the biggest change we have is up here in this area so we don’t have a touchpad anymore now the screen have been moved closer to the front uh passenger and the driver um also the screen itself has been redesigned now we have a nice uh big power button on there that’s your volume

Control so we don’t have these standards buttons on the armrest here like we did before so let’s fire it up and i’ll show you guys how it looks like and of course being a hybrid it’ll start up when it needs to be have the energy monitor right there and this is the new screen the screen itself has the programming from same as on the lexus nx and upcoming lexus

Rx so we’ll select that we’ll skip that for now so this is how the screen is look like sorry my camera keeps uh unfor losing the focus but i’ll try my best so eight inch screen pretty nice uh decent size i wouldn’t say it’s uh small by any means um of course we have the bigger one and a higher package which will go from like the edge from here and all the way

And the power button will also be relocated then of course we have the music controls here uh phone connectivity so we can connect the device via bluetooth and of course for 2023 the coolest thing is also we have the wireless apple carplay and android auto which is awesome to see so now you don’t have to mess with any cords and then we have a car section here

So we can select climate settings comfort settings uh trip information and such uh your energy flow for the hybrid system so right now we have the the gasoline engine running charging the battery and um the electric motor so then we have a vehicle alerts there’s no alerts at this time just perfect and then i have settings button of course right now we signed in

As guests and there’s a whole bunch of configurations you can do so you can have bluetooth and devices uh general information so you can remove the sound beep put it back on and then notifications wi-fi display settings for the brightness and contrast sound and media vehicle customers customization you can have a talk to your car of course from the voice but

Anyway this is all the main settings will be on the left there so now not having the touchpad definitely a big change but this screen is actually very nice it’s very fast uh there’s no hesitation at all on using it which is pretty cool um the volume knob we have it on the left here so we can change the volume and of course we still have one

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2023 Lexus UX250h interior upgrades, 4k showdown By Roman Shapovalov

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