2023 lexus rz electric suv revea
Altair Club Cars 2023 Lexus RZ Electric SUV Revealed, Australian Launch Under Evaluation | TOP CAR NEWS

2023 Lexus RZ Electric SUV Revealed, Australian Launch Under Evaluation | TOP CAR NEWS


Another new electric suv has entered the fray with today’s official reveal of the 2023 lexus rz-450e electric suv the new model’s exterior design was first revealed in december but this unveiling brings confirmation of key technical details one critical figure confirmed today although only as an estimate is driving range 400 kilometers not industry best figures

But at least in the neighborhood of what buyers are likely to consider a bare minimum we can still only speculate on battery size motor power and performance but it’s likely the rz 450e will at least match or better the 160 kilowatts dual motor powertrain found in its platform mates the toyota bz 4x and subaru sultera twins indeed lexus confirms a dual motor

Design through the detailing of its direct four electric all-wheel drive system featuring drive motors at both ends at launch and in straight line acceleration direct 4 uses a front to rear drive force ratio between 60 to 40 and 40 to 60 to reduce vehicle pitch bias shifts to the front wheels at between 50 and 75 percent while corner exit moves bias to the rear

Wheels at between 50 to 80 percent as the likely more expensive offering in a range that could eventually open with a 300 or 350 model lexus could also give the rz 450e an extra hit with the option to use the lfc concepts dual 150 kilowatts motor setup for a combined 300 kilowatts and 600 newton meters the lfz revealed last year as a precursor to the rz we see

Today claimed to zero to 100 kilometers per hour time of just 3.0 seconds although it also promised a wltp certified driving range of 600 kilometers from a 90 kilowatt hours battery pack as with its cheaper toyota and subaru siblings the rz is built on the ev focused version of the group’s new model architecture in this case dubbed etnga lexus has yet to detail

Capacity for its battery pack but it has confirmed a brand first application of carbide elements in its inverters the company claims a battery capacity retention rate of at least 90 percent after 10 years although what that converts to in distance traveled is unclear the average australian motorist travels 14 000 kilometers per year which comes to one hundred

And forty thousand kilometers over ten years by comparison tesla claims its battery pack should still have ninety percent capacity retention after three hundred and twenty thousand kilometers of usage on the styling front the rz features lexus’s prominent spindle grille design but in an inverted form with most of the photos in this story showing the familiar

Shape in a body colored sands louvers grill flanked by black panels where outboard intakes are often found on conventional cars some images in the gallery however shows the grille panel in black forming part of a two-tone design that sends the black look over the bonnet and roof along the side there’s gray wool cladding a charging port ahead of the front door

And a blacked out c-pillar for the impression of a floating roof the led tail light strip extending across the tailgate of the lfc concept carries over to the production car and is joined by lexus badging and a closed-off lower bumper inside the rz gets a familiar design with a look related to the only recently launched new generation nx suv with one standout

Difference the option the optional availability of an f1 style steering yoke in place of the conventional will design this is a concept brought to production cars most recently by tesla in its updated model s sedan and model x suv but toyota has been quick to adopt the idea in the bz4 x and now here in the lexus rz lexus says the compact yoke-like steering wheel

Greatly reduces the driver’s workload eliminating the need for hand over hand operation such as for intersections u-turns parking and winding roads it also enabled designers to lower placement of the instrument gauges the design has been met by tesla buyers and road testers with a mix of positive and negative takes the latter mostly when it comes to multi-step

Manuevering and unexpected moments that can lead to panic and confusion thankfully for some the company has confirmed it will offer a more conventional will as an option to those not drawn to the yolk style dimensionally the rz measures 4 805 millimeters long 1895 millimeters tall and 1635 millimeters wide and rides on a 2850 millimeters wheelbase by comparison

The current fourth generation lexus rx is four thousand eight hundred and ninety millimeters long in standard form and five thousand millimeters long in stretch form with both measuring eighteen ninety five millimeters wide one thousand seven hundred and twenty millimeters tall and riding on a 2790 millimeters wheelbase

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