2023 lexus rz 450e officially re
Altair Club Cars 2023 Lexus RZ 450e Officially Revealed And Detailed

2023 Lexus RZ 450e Officially Revealed And Detailed

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Hello guys how are you now we are going to talk about 2023 lexus rz 450e officially revealed and detailed but before i have to ask you to subscribe and leave your like let’s go to the video lexus had more or less fully revealed the all-new 2023 rz-450e a few months ago giving us a great look at the manufacturer’s first electric vehicle built on a bespoke ev

Platform it is mechanically related to the toyota bz-4x and the subaru soltera but it is more powerful than either of the two both of which have just 215 horsepower from their two electric motors the lexus rz 450e makes around 308 horsepower almost 100 more than the toyota and subaru models lexus did not mention torque but since power has increased it’s safe to

Assume twist was increased too in the bz-4x and soltera combined peak torque is rated at 336 newton meters the battery pack that powers the rz 450e is identical to the one in the other two models and it has a usable capacity of 71.4 kilowatt hours lexus expects the cv to be able to drive up to 362 kilometers on one charge which is more or less the same as the other

Two the toyota has a claimed range of 367 kilometers while the subaru gets 357 kilometers putting the lexus in between it also doesn’t look a whole lot like either of the other models its exterior is closer to that of current lexus models although the overall shape is still pretty similar among all three for the rz’s front end lexus opted not to give it a huge fake

Grille opting instead to just paint that part of the fascia black and have the black extend onto the hood this gives the rz a very unique look inside while the lexus may look like it’s very different to the toyota and subaru all the major points are exactly in the same place and the steering wheel at least the yolk-like one in cars with the optional steer by wire

It also looks like its digital gauge cluster is in the same place which means it will cause problems for some drivers if you’re driven a new peugeot with its small wheel and high set dials you will know what we’re talking about other features unique to the rz are radiant infrared heaters positioned at knee level in the front a dimmable panoramic roof which you can

Turn opaque in an instant and direct for which is an intelligent traction system exclusive to the lexus model thanks to the use of the brand’s proprietary e-axles for propulsion this is the reason why it’s more powerful than the toyota and subaru the 2023 lexus rz 450e will hit american showrooms in q4 of 2022 and it will probably be more expensive than the bz4x

Or the soltera the former starts at forty two thousand eighty dollars it could therefore cost from around fifty thousand dollars but we will have to wait a few months for the official pricing information to be revealed so that’s it guys comment what you think of this article and don’t forget to click like and subscribe to the channel thank you so much for watching

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2023 Lexus RZ 450e Officially Revealed And Detailed By Canal do Eduardo

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