2023 lexus rz 450e interior reve
Altair Club Cars 2023 Lexus RZ 450e Interior Revealed With Yoke Style Steering Wheel

2023 Lexus RZ 450e Interior Revealed With Yoke Style Steering Wheel

Our first look at the interior of the Lexus brands first fully electric vehicle and it shows off a Tesla Style Yoke steering wheel along with new design cues!

What’s good guys welcome back to ron’s rise news welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video where we get a sneak peek at the new 2023 lexus rz 450 and the new interior shot shows off a yoke style steering wheel now it’s been a long wait for lexus for his first ever dedicated electric model now lexus also dropped the first image of the electric

Crossover’s cabin revealing a tesla yoke or knight rider if you prefer style steering wheel now the rz450e was previewed in december of 2021 as the forerunner of lexus’s electric range with more pictures of the production-ready exterior following in february 2022 however this is the first time we get to see the cabin which looks like an evolution of the lfz

Electrified concept car now no doubt the highlight is the yolk style steering wheel with the drive by wire system and you also notice that a rather compact digital instrument cluster and a large infotainment screen is on the center console and is inclined towards the driver you can also see the high mounted center console and premium looking materials now the

Exterior is toned down compared to the concept although it retains an aerodynamic silhouette now the face is characterized by a fully covered spindle grille and the familiar lexus headlights now the profile is intensely sculpted while the rear end comes with a heavily raked rear windshield and an integrated spoiler with full width led tail lamps now the rz450e

Will be lexus’s first model to be based on the new toyota groups ev dedicated etnga platform shared with the toyota’s own bz4x and its subaru twin the soltera now following lexus’s more premium approach the model will be positioned up market compared to his siblings in terms of design tech features and performance in order to compete with the likes of the tesla

Model y the ford mustang mac e the audi q4 e-tron sportback and the genesis gv60 and the powertrain will consist of dual electric motors offering in combination with lexus’s new direct-force system with a focus on performance and driving dynamics now the concept featured a 90 kilowatt lithium ion battery offering 600 kilometers 373 miles therefore you can expect

Similar specs for the production model mind you the mechanically related toyota bz4x comes with a 516 kilometer 321 mile wltp range but we’ll learn more about the lexus rz450e on its digital debut scheduled for wednesday april 20th at 6 a.m eastern through his dedicated website but with that said what do you guys think about the look of the interior of the new

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2023 Lexus RZ 450e Interior Revealed With Yoke Style Steering Wheel By RonsRides News

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