2023 lexus rx review the class l
Altair Club Cars 2023 Lexus RX Review | The Class-leader Gets a Revamp

2023 Lexus RX Review | The Class-leader Gets a Revamp

A (slightly) new-look Lexus RX arrives just in time.

Segment way back in 1998 and now it’s back with an   folks i’m dave undercover editor-in-chief of   autolist.com a sister company to cargurus the rx  is the most popular vehicle lexus makes by a wide   margin and it’s the most popular luxury crossover  in its segment it’s been completely redesigned   for this model year with

New engines available new  features inside and as you can see some new colors   so is it up to the challenge of staying ahead of  the pack or are the rivals closing in let’s go   find out but before we go any further like and  subscribe to this channel so you can get alerts   on all of our future updates now because the rx 

Is the most popular thing that lexus sells they   wanted to be careful not to alienate new buyers  and existing buyers with this redesign so let’s   go over some of the highlights the spindle grill  carries over although now they’re calling it   spindle body it’s a little more integrated into  the vehicle itself this one what

We’re testing   here is the f-sport so that means that this lower  fascia is is going to be a little more aggressive   than it will be just on the base model the hood  has been pushed a little bit lower and then these   a-pillars have been pushed further back to give  the vehicle a little more of a sporty appearance  

Now in terms of dimensions this new rx does look  a little smaller than the previous generation but   lexus says it’s not overall the wheelbase itself  has been stretched 2.4 inches to give it better   handling but the length is exactly the same as the  outgoing generation this new version is also an   inch wider and about half an

Inch shorter moving  closer to the back you still have the floating   generation and these wheels are 21 inch alloy   wheels because this is the f-sport model base  versions will get a 19 inch wheel and then at   the rear you’re seeing some design elements that  lexus is incorporating across its lineup today   namely you

Have this horizontal light bar you also  have the lexus badging this is sort of new badging   and then if you’re curious about this color lexus  is calling it grecian water it’s a cool color not   sure about that name all right so let’s talk about  powertrains the version we’re spending most of our   so previously it used to have

A v6 now that   has been thrown out and you get an all-new 2.4  liter turbocharged four-cylinder this one makes   275 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque if you  compare that to the previous generation v6 you’re   down on horsepower a little bit but you are up on  torque all rx 350s will have an 8-speed automatic  

Transmission and your choice of either front-wheel  drive or optional all-wheel drive the switch from   the old v6 to this new turbocharged 4 means that  both the all-wheel drive and the front wheel drive   models get a gain of about two miles per gallon  in city highway and freeway driving since this is   an all-wheel drive model

That we’re testing it  gets 21 miles per gallon in the city 28 in the   highway and 24 combined lexus is also launching  this new rx with your choice of one of two new   hybrid powertrains the lexus 350h will have 246  total horsepower while the performance oriented   500h will have 366 total horsepower and both of  those

Hybrid models are all-wheel drive only and   then sometime in 2023 lexus is going to launch  the rx 450h and that will be a plug-in hybrid   version of this crossover in terms of sales lexus  says that this gas version the non-hybrid 350 will   make up about 70 percent of all of its total rx  sales but what do you guys think to

Us that seems   a little high we would expect more people to opt  for the hybrids at least let us know your thoughts   in the comments below so the interior of this rx  has been completely overhauled and generally we   really like it some of the highlights include this  screen this is a new 14 inch color touch screen  

Apple carplay wireless android auto this is a   system that lexus has been introducing into more  of its recent models and it’s really nicely laid   out and executed the screen is really bright and  crisp it’s also very responsive to your commands   that’s a nice touch another thing that i like is  that lexus kept physical buttons

For some of the   climate control you can control the temperature  here for the passenger and the driver and you’ve   got some of your defrost buttons down here you  also have a physical volume knob that’s a nice   touch i feel like too many automakers these days  are going to all touch screen so it’s good to see  

That it’s worth noting that this 14 inch screen  is optional in most trims base models will get   a 9.8 inch screen but the functionality and the  look is largely the same all models of rx will   get a digital seven inch display in the instrument  panel and this is customizable and can show you a   variety of different readouts lexus

Is also built  in quite a bit of utility in this cabin that’s   really nice you’ve got cup holders here there’s  a nice little feature is the actually the base   of this cup holder you can push down if for some  reason whatever you’re putting there is deeper so   that’s a nice little feature so your cup doesn’t  tip over you’ve

Got wireless smartphone charging   down here and then extra cubbies and then you  have a smattering of usba and usbc chargers for   your smartphones there’s also a number of tech  goodies you can get on the rx the one we’re in   right now has a color heads up display that’s  a nice feature some trims do offer a digital  

Camera based rear view mirror and although our  tester doesn’t have it it just has a standard   moon roof you can get a panoramic moonroof on  some trim levels so there’s really a lot to   like in this new cabin of the rx there are a few  things that i don’t love they’re little nitpicks   though for one there seem to be buttons

Just sort  of spread out throughout the entire cabin and if   you’ve seen our video on the lx you’ll notice  that was also a thing that bothered us in that   model so you’ve got buttons for the seat controls  and odometer settings over here you’ve got camera   buttons here down here i have a certain mode for  an ev driving

Which this is the hybrid so it has   that option but what’s frustrating is that while  there’s an ev button there aren’t physical buttons   you need to go through several different menus   does allow you to program some of the buttons   on the steering wheel so you can do functions with  just one touch this includes adjusting

The climate   control temperature adjusting the fan speed and  as i mentioned you can program this to adjust to   a preset drive mode finally you may have noticed  this mounted on top of the steering wheel this is   an infrared camera and it’s a driver monitoring  system and it works in two different situations   one is

Just when you’re normally driving down the  freeway if you are distracted if you look away it   will just ping an alert to say hey get your eyes  back on the road it will also work when you’re   using the rx’s traffic jam assist now that’s a  system that you’ll use in traffic to allow you to   do hands-free driving at relatively

Low speeds but  you still need to be paying attention and that’s   what this driver monitoring system is looking out  for now before i go to the rear seats and show you   the space back there as i go to get out i want to  show you one more feature that this new rx has now   this is basically an electronic door lexus calls 

It digital latch we first saw it on the smaller   nx by lexus basically it just means that rather  than pulling a handle to get out of the car i just   push this button and it lets me out now there is  a safety feature built in if for some reason the   car were to lose power you can pull the same lever  twice and the door will open

Now this electronic   latch is actually part of a larger safety system  in this rx that uses the vehicle’s sensors as   you’ve parked it to look for oncoming traffic or  maybe pedestrians or cyclists so you don’t open   your door into them as they’re passing by now in  terms of rear seat space you’ve got a lot to work  

With i’m 6’1 i’ve got the driver’s seat adjusted  to where i would keep it so basically i’m sitting   behind myself and as you can see plenty of leg  room room for my knees and room for my head lexis   hasn’t released figures for the interior space  but they do say it should be a little bit bigger   than the outgoing generation one

Thing to note is  that this generation of rx currently doesn’t offer   did it was the rxl and gave you a little more   functionality in the back not so this time around  you’ve also got some other nice features back here   the particular trim we’re in now offers heated  and cooled rear seats that’s a first for the rs  

X you also have some usb charging ports down here  nice little cup holders in the center armrest and   a little extra storage space here now in terms  of cargo area lexus says that there’s a little   bit more back here than there was in the previous  generation of rx and as you can see you’ve got a   lot of very useful space and

That’s really nice  although i will point out that the height is eaten   into a little bit by the profile of this car just  something to consider and if you need more cargo   space the rear seats are split 60 40 so you can  fold those down just with the touch of a button   that i really like for one look how high it  

Opens as i mentioned i’m six foot one a lot of  suvs or crossovers like this i’m always bumping   my head this opens up nice and high that’s a nice  touch also and this is a feature i love this lock   and walk button will delay the closing of the  door for up to 90 seconds so what that means   90 seconds to grab everything that

You need   out of here with your hand and then walk away the  all right now some driving impressions as i  mentioned the model that we grabbed has the   base engine so that’s the 2.4 liter turbocharged  four-cylinder engine that makes 275 horsepower   difference while you’re driving it there’s a   you’re not going to

Find on any naturally   aspirated v6 so i do miss that but otherwise it  does feel like it has a healthy amount of power   i also really love this transmission this is an  eight-speed automatic really fast shifts really   nicely timed i’m definitely impressed by that so  that’s great so as you saw earlier this is the  

F-sport version so in addition to some exterior  upgrades and the different wheels this also has   a suspension that’s an adaptive suspension so  when you go into the different drive modes and   adjust between eco or comfort or sport it’s also  going to tune the suspension accordingly and no   matter what setting you have it in

The suspension  is actually really comfortable it’s compliant and   also gives you just a nice edge of sportiness too  another thing i’m really enjoying about this rx   is how well it keeps out the road and the wind  noise and you would expect that right this is a   luxury crossover so you would hope that would be  the case

But yeah it absolutely delivers on that   front really enjoying cruising down the freeway at  80 miles an hour and you would never even know it   great bolstering on the side they’re well   again you would expect that in a luxury suv   in terms of competitive set lexus says that this  new rx will go up against the acura mdx

The bmw   x5 the mercedes-benz gle and the volvo xc90 so how  does it compare to those well for one it’s going   to feel smaller than pretty much any of those but  particularly the acura mdx that’s a big crossover   it’s got three rows of seats so if you need space  the rx may not be the way to go compared to the   bmw

Or the mercedes this rx is going to feel a  little less luxurious it just doesn’t have the   posh the build quality the materials as those  german brands so that’s something to consider   but the flip side is this rx is also cheaper than  either of those models when it comes to the volvo   xc90 that model does have a third row

Of seating  so if that’s important keep that in mind otherwise   i think we would choose the rx over the volvo this  is just a newer experience it handles better it’s   got a little more modern styling and amenities  inside so the lrx gets our knot in that case   in terms of safety features all new rx models  come standard

With lexus safety system 3.0   that includes features like automatic emergency  braking road sign assists lane departure alerts   with steering assist lane tracing assist automatic  high beams an adaptive cruise control with curve   management which will effectively slow the vehicle  down as you go around tighter curves other

Safety   features include advanced park assist the digital  latch doors that we showed you earlier and traffic   and the 350h will have the standard base model   then a premium premium plus and a luxury version  the rx 350 the non-hybrid version also gets the   f-sport which we were testing today finally the rx  500h

Is one package only the f-sport performance   all-wheel drive in terms of pricing lexus hasn’t  yet announced what the new rx will actually cost   but we expect it to start around fifty thousand  dollars all right folks there you have it our   review of the all-new 2023 lexus rx pros well we  really like that there’s a variety

Of powertrains   available either a base turbocharged 4 you can  get a hybrid a performance hybrid and a little   bit later there’ll be the plug-in hybrid we also  like the redesign infotainment system it looks   good it works well that’s been great and of course  inside you get the quiet comfortable ride that you  

Would expect from a lexus cons well it’s smaller  than many of its rivals and there’s no third row   version available so that’s a little bit of a miss  especially for a lot of families that are looking   for that optional third row sometimes we also  didn’t love that the driver monitoring system   was super active although you

Can defeat it and  finally this new turbocharged 4 in the base model   does give up a little bit of horsepower to the  v6 that it replaces so for reviews or listings   of this new rx or anything else you’re shopping  for be sure to check out cargurus.com and if you   have a car to sell check out cargurus instant  max cash

Offer which will give you top dollar   you to pick it up and before you go like and   subscribe to this channel so you can get alerts on  all of our future updates we’ll see you out there

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