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Altair Club Cars 2023 Lexus RX F Sport – FULL CHARACTERISTICS And NEW FEATURES Explained


The new 2023 lexus RX comes with a line-up of three different electrified powertrains in Europe. At the core of the brand’s offering in Western Europe, the RX 450h+ is the first RX to adopt Lexus‘ plug-in hybrid technology. The RX 350h hybrid electric is positioned as an efficient alternative to lower displacement diesel and petrol powertrains. And for customers seeking more exhilarating performance, Lexus is introducing its first performance-focused turbocharged hybrid, the RX 500h, which comes with DIRECT4 drive force control.

Welcome to pebble beach home of a stunning golf course spectacular views and this the famed 17-mile drive it’s here that’ll give you a closer look at the fifth generation rx it’s been completely redesigned from the ground up and offers our latest technologies focused on giving you the driver the full lexus driving signature experience so let’s have a look

Let’s begin our review of this lexus next chapter design from the front with the rx we see the iconic lexus spindle grille has evolved into a powerful spindle body the body color extends to the lexus emblem yielding a seamless fusion between body and grill while expressing strength and a low center of gravity in the side view the designers have pushed back

The a-pillar to emphasize the longer hood and bolt stance and the shape of the rear flare invokes the power of the rear motor with the new platform 8-inch wide wheels in 19 or 21 inch diameter move more to the corners providing a longer wheelbase and a wider track stepping to the rear is another athletic look designers chopped overhang and lowered the belt

Line making the rear proportions even sportier the rear hatch inherits the signature l-shaped led light bar with lenses that wrap around to emphasize a wider more powerful silhouette rx aerodynamics are also improved airflow around the front is optimized to lower the coefficient of drag and provide excellent brake cooling performance underneath the dimpled

Engine cover enhances the sense of ground contact and improves high speed stability on the side belt line moldings sit flush with the body panels to better manage airflow thus improving handling and performance sculpted side fins and rear lamps are designed with optimal airflow in mind in the rear there’s a new portal-shaped spoiler to suppress turbulence up

Top and airflow regulating fins on the lower bumper both cutting drag and improving stability better aerodynamics means better handling control as part of the lexus driving signature experience while we’re back here let’s pop the hatch the lower loading height improves usability and provides a cargo capacity that can easily hold four suitcases because i have a

Digital key on my phone i can open and start the vehicle with just this no need to carry a key fob pretty cool right you can share your digital key with up to seven additional users now let’s head inside rx’s cabin isn’t just a place to sit and drive it’s an environment designed for a lexus driving signature experience to achieve this designers use the dazuna

Concept as their foundation tazuna is japanese for horse rings so everything within this space is focused on a meaningful connection between human and machine this is key to the lexus driving signature which blends human input with direct mechanical reaction in all driving scenarios you may first notice this massive 14 inch touchscreen in front of me it’s easy

To reach and lets me adjust the mark levinson premium surround sound navigation safety systems and climate control looking forward i have a clear field of vision and can refer to the information offered by the large colored head-up display doors and seats have an l pattern embossing which is all new to lexus and gives the space a three-dimensional look in the

Rear available power folding seats can be controlled from the seat switch a button in the cargo area or from the multimedia screen and a first for the rx is ventilated rear seats to keep passengers comfortable on a warm day the available panoramic roof brightens up the cabin during the day and allows stargazing at night speaking of nighttime the space really

Comes to life by selecting one of 14 colored illumination themes to match your mood if you’re looking for more convenience and less hassle when using your mobile device the rx can be equipped with wireless apple carplay and android auto these wireless versions are just as responsive and intuitive as its wired counterpart two usb type-c ports are located below

The vent area with one usb type-c one type a and an optional wireless charging dock located in the storage box below there are two usb ports and rear passenger climate controls on the rear of the center console as well with thoughtful interior space using the highest quality materials rx provides an open and captivating atmosphere inside and out with intuitive

Technology and refinement rx brings new life to the driving experience and continues to redefine the standard for luxury crossovers the new rx owes much of its dynamic personality to its new powertrain lineup it offers a diverse lineup of powertrains to meet the needs of diversifying customers and its carbon neutrality goals four powertrains are available

Around the world depending on market specifications and three of the four are members of the lexus electrified portfolio at the top end rx is powered by a newly developed 2.4 liter turbocharged hev direct4 with lexus’s new electrification technology the hybrid matches the 2.4 liter turbo with a front unit housing a 6-speed automatic transmission power control

Unit and motor and at the rear is an e-axle the direct-force system precisely controls the driving force of all four wheels at all times maximizing traction regardless of road surface or driving conditions making the driving experience even more visceral the rx actively manages cabin sounds with asc to maximize pleasure new to the rx family is the plug-in hybrid

Powertrain it combines a naturally aspirated 2.5 liter four-cylinder with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack placed below the floor the battery utilizes a new cooling system to improve performance the motor-driven e4 all-wheel drive system precisely controls torque to offer linear and powerful acceleration drivers keying on ev mode operation will appreciate

The driving performance and a longer drive distance offered by the battery’s increased capacity the rx’s hybrid powertrain is redesigned and pairs a highly efficient 2.5 liter 4-cylinder with a high output front motor the 4-cylinder improves rx’s fuel economy compared to the previous v6 front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive with e4 are available depending on

The market as with each of the hybrid models the engine and motor work together to provide a smooth and direct acceleration consistent cruising vehicle speeds and predictable deceleration the final member of the rx lineup is a 2.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder delivering high torque and dynamic driving experience it melts superior fuel economy with low

Emissions thanks to its efficient center injection system available front wheel drive or all-wheel drive enables highly predictable driving and par for the course is the lexus quiet cabin thanks to its extensive tuning and active noise control systems rx’s lineup of available powertrains is as diverse as a guest they’ll serve around the world no matter the means

Of motivation the new rx ensures that even in a sea of crossovers luxury dynamic performance and the sheer joy of driving will never be lost this year the f sport range increases with an all-new f-sport performance now this performance model redefines meaning of f-sport with its all-new powertrain featuring a 2.4 liter turbocharged hev direct4 system it also

Has an all new dynamic rear steering that steers the rear wheels up to 4 degrees enhancing stability and maneuverability and at low speeds like in a parking lot the rear wheels will turn in the opposite direction of the front the f-sport performance has a rear-mounted high-output e-axle motor precise direct floor control maximizes the grip of all four wheels

While also providing posture control to achieve a direct torque filled and sportier drive this rx f sport performance with lexus driving signature is hands down the best performing rx ever it’s easy to spot the f-sport performance at a glance it has body colored front and rear lower bumpers moldings under the door to give it that low center of gravity black

Stainless steel moldings enhance the window design and the exterior badging and mirrors receives a darker finish the f-sport performance offers an exclusive 21 inch wheel wrapped in a dedicated tire it really gives this car a sophisticated and sporty look i promise you that the f sport performance is an exciting experience and will bring enjoyment to all its drivers

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