2023 land rover defender 110 rev
Altair Club Cars 2023 Land Rover Defender 110 Review

2023 Land Rover Defender 110 Review

This week i’m taking a look at the new 2023 land rover defender 110. it’s an iconic suv that’s been around since 1983 but was introduced to the u.s in 2019. outside the defender it’s square and boxy like the original but with beautiful 22 inch wheels a bulging hood with decorative grilles and quad exhaust the tall roof has safari windows at the top on the sides

There are plates on the rear side windows if you choose some of the optional side accessory packs they attach there there are many ways to configure a new defender my tester is the 110 which is the length in inches and it signifies that it’s a four-door there is a defender 90 which is a two-door version this defender 110 has the optional 5-liter v8 supercharged

Engine that’s putting out 518 horses and 461 pound-feet of torque it’s mated to an 8-speed automatic with paddle shifters as always rovers only come all-wheel drive and they have one of the best systems on the road moving to the interior it’s a very clean layout but it’s not the luxury interior i’ve come to know as a long time range rover owner myself the screws

That hold the door panels and the center console are exposed and i have to say it’s kind of cool everything inside looks nice and is soft to the touch center dash is an 11.4 inch touchscreen that operates the meridian sound system navigation bluetooth apple carplay android auto and alexa there is a page of apps with some pretty cool stuff including the dimensions

Of the defender a page to show you how much water you’re driving through and a trailer towing app the gear shift handle is just below the screen and to the right are all the air conditioning controls the heated and cooled seats height control and the button to turn off the start stop there are a couple of cupholders a wireless charger a couple of usbs and a power

Port there is a large area under the console for storage the gauge cluster is 12.3 inches and is configurable from the steering wheel you can change many of the vehicle settings there the back seat leg and headroom are spacious and passengers get rear heated and cooled seats a fold down armrest ac temperature controls air vents usbc ports and a power port the

Rear tailgate with matching wheel and tire mounted to it opens to the side the cargo area is large and particularly tall you can lower the defender from the cargo area and there is storage underneath my tester is well equipped with suede seating and a heated power adjusting steering wheel adaptive cruise control power seats on both sides panoramic moon roof

Keyless entry system a rear view mirror camera and a built-in refrigerator in the center console that really works on the safety front you get emergency braking 360 degree surround view camera blind spot monitoring lane keep assist rear cross traffic alert and a head up display with traffic sign recognition the defender drives fantastic acceleration with the

Big supercharged engine is strong and it feels substantial and heavy which it is the ride quality is great thanks to the terrific air suspension system that rovers are known for fuel economy is rated at 14 in town 19 on the highway and overall 16. msrp is this one is equipped it’s 111 000 and 20 which is a lot of money but this is an amazing off-roader as well

As fantastic on the pavement it will top out at 150 miles per hour and will tow 8 000 pounds thanks for riding along with us today for another car protest drive this week featuring the 2023 land rover defender 110. if you think this might be your dream suv go to carpro.com and click on find your car pro dealer to find the nearest land rover dealer to you

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2023 Land Rover Defender 110 Review By CarPro

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