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2023 Lamborghini Hurac

Starting price: $239,000

All right guys today we’re driving the 2023 lamborghini huracan technica very similar powertrain to the sto which is behind us and in front of us we’re going to be doing a lead follow session here at thermal raceway so this technica it’s kind of an sto in sheep’s clothing 631 horsepower 417 pound-feet of torque we have an amazing chassis lots of aggressive track

Tuning three drive modes strata sport and corsa we’re going to start off in coarsely because that’s mostly what i’ve been driving in today got the most comfort level with this we have full manual control exhaust that really wakes up over 4000 rpm this new technica is tuned to be very street friendly but also track capable foreign ceramic breaks give us tons of bite

Consistently all day long and the seven speed dual clutch shifts like a maniac especially in corsa mode which is its most aggressive shift programming of course it dials back the rear wheels steer just a little bit and we also get a fixed ratio steering rack in this technica just a little bit more of a pure driving experience no variable ratio here corsa mode is

Very consistent feel the ldvi the lamb lambert maximizing your speed out of corner corner minimizing oversteer let’s switch into sport mode we’ll get a little bit more slip angle on this mode i can immediately feel turn in it’s a bit sharper that rear wheel steer engages to give us just a little bit more rotation on corner entry transmission will auto up shift

At redline in sport mode but if you’re a manual you’ll be doing the downshifts yourself lamborghini has specifically instructed us not to turn off esc today so we’re going to respect that it’s my first lamborghini we can play by the rules performance in a straight line i do like the precision and consistency of corso mode but sport does ramp up the fun factor

Just a little bit more giving mutation and ability to oversteer not having to worry about manually shifting your gears helps you treated driving shift speed isn’t as aggressive in sport mode a couple of you on the car letting you slide it around just a little bit more the brakes here are just incredible they’ve been flogging these cars around track all day long

And they’ve just held up beautifully mid-engine car this is such an approachable and easy driving experience the layout puts puts her down beautifully this is rear wheel drive after all it’s wonderfully balanced and that noise it’s got to be one of the best engine sounds in the business right now what do you think this or the new c about z06 this lamborghini

V10 all right let’s go back in redo the ship a little bit more understeer in this mode i love these shift lights this blue shift light makes it really clear and nicely defined as to when you need to shift gear in manual mode all the way up to 8 500 rpm thank you nothing quite thrills like a lamborghini stl get a little sideways up there he’s pushing and one

Of the reasons that he is pushing is he’s on the sport tire and i’m on the race tire these bridgestone potenza race tires are very very quick grip thank you a very consistent tire too even after heating up considerably really nice to drive on all day i love how controllable this car is closer to the limit you could just dance with it off throttle it rotates

And turns in beautifully and onthrottle just rockets out of corners hahaha if i had one complaint the ldvi system is a little bit intrusive what you can always turn that off you’re feeling brave and it does make this a very approachable car to to drive if anything it kind of trains you not to push too much beyond the limits thank you in car smooth driving

Especially on track brake pedal is still really nice and consistent lovely bite from these carbon ceramics this thing is hanging with an sto that’s amazing hahaha no idea how fast we’re going on this straight since it’s in kilometers an hour 245 seems like a pretty big number a little bit of trail breaking in balance it out with a throttle this is where that

Sto’s aerodynamics really come into play the track here ah what a great session and it’s nice to be able to see this stl move around ahead of us you look carefully you can see the inside to the exhaust glowing red foreign er all right and that’s a session and it just told me my brakes are getting a little bit hot we were pushing though oh just incredible

So we haven’t driven a lamborghini huracan in quite a while it’s been since about 2015. since then we’ve driven a gt3 mclaren 720s have a germany ferraris but that is a thrilling experience the sound the feel the drama to it all is kind of unmatched and the card supercar world when everyone is going turbocharged having this naturally aspirated v10 is just a

Treat what a wonderful wonderful package big thanks to lamborghini for having me out today at thermal this was a uh pretty cool experience maybe at some point in their future we’ll get a chance to drive this technica on the street and the split personality of this car might actually lend itself really well as a dual purpose supercar we have lots of modern tech

In here apple carplay android auto fully digital gauge cluster lots of options and amenities here that you could spec specifically to your oricon technica carbon fiber door skins in some of these cars that are taken straight out of the sto again this kind of takes all the best bits from oricons right now and puts it all into one package i don’t think it says

Beautiful and good looking as the sto with all the aerodynamics and mad stuff that’s going on there but lamborghini has no shortage of amazing colors an sto for comparison we’ve got a lot of similarities on the interior here’s what the carbon door skins look like similar steering wheel interior trimming just not all this craziness oh wow technica also gets

Center lock wheels from the factory these are the potenza race tires you can see how much more aggressive they are than the sports that are on the sto over here more tread on the sports thanks for watching we’ll see in the next video take care

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2023 Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica – POV First Impressions By TheTopher

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