2023 kia telluride redesign and
Altair Club Cars 2023 Kia Telluride Redesign and New Interior Revealed

2023 Kia Telluride Redesign and New Interior Revealed

Here is your first look a the 2023 Kia Telluride redesign that was revealed today at the 2022 New York Auto Show. The Kia Telluride 2023 gets a sharp new exterior that gives it a bold look. The Kia Telluride X Line also joins the trim along with the Kia Telluride X Pro. You have an updated front-end design with a new look for the headlamps and a more 3D look to the grille.

It’s been three years since the kia telluride came onto the scene and quickly became one of the most popular three-row suvs ever last year 93 705 people purchased a kia telluride kia is now hoping to pass the 100 000 mark with the refresh version making its debut at the new york auto show my name is omar and this is the 2023 kia telluride all right so one of

The biggest highlights for the new telly ride for 2023 is the addition of the x-line and x-pro trim levels now we’ve already seen x-line and x-pro trims on the new sorento and the new sportage but it’s now making its way to the new telly ride for a more rugged personality but first let’s talk about the 2023 model year changes on the outside kia has gotten rid of

The orange daytime running lights which i’m not sure was a great decision since it was one of the most popular and defining exterior characteristics of the teleride you now have a revised vertical headlamp designed with standard leds and optional fog lights and then the front is finished off with a more aggressive looking grille it looks more 3d than the outgoing

One the other one was more just flush with the front but this one is a more three dimensional look to it on the back give a slight change to the taillights but it’s barely noticeable kia says that there have been slight changes made to the rear design but i don’t really notice it at all what i do notice is that the telluride badge on the back has shrunk but just

A little bit from the side you have some touch ups to the lower door trims and side sills and you get new wheel designs for every trim for 2023 and then you also have three new colors to pick from including midnight lake blue which i think looks awesome dawning red and jungle wood green jungle wood green is a very interesting name for a color but yeah beyond that

There aren’t any major changes to the already successful design of the teleride but yeah i’m just kind of upset that those daytime running lights have now disappeared i really really like those now if you go for the new x-line tell your ride you’ll get a sharper looking grille design bridge type roof rails body color door handles exclusive 20-inch wheels that look

Really dope and of course you have some x-line badges the x-line trim also increases your ground clearance by 0.4 inches and you get better departure and approach angles but keep in mind that’s for light off-roading don’t try to go all wrangler up in here the x-line will also give you a tow mode with shift logic and sway control in case you want to tow anything and

You get an upgraded traction control system now if you go for the x-pro you’ll get 18-inch black wheels with 18-inch all-terrain continental tires you’ll also get some x-pro badging and the towing limit is increased from 5 000 pounds to 5 500 pounds an extra 500 pounds makes you a pro oh and then both of the x trims also give you downhill brake control hop inside

The 2023 kia telly right and the biggest highlight here is the new curve design for the 12.3 inch displays one for the gauge cluster one for the infotainment it’s very similar to what you saw on the kia carnival of course you’ll have apple carplay and android auto connectivity as standard keep in mind though like other kias you can only get wireless apple carplay

And wireless android auto on the regular infotainment if you upgrade to the larger displays you can only use wired smartphone connectivity which i really don’t understand the digital gauge cluster display is optional on the higher trims of the tele ride you still don’t have a full screen map view but it will do some cool animations as you circle through the drive

Modes and it is very informative the center 12.3 inch display which is larger than the outgoing 10.3 inches is pretty sharp if you’re familiar with kia’s infotainment system then you will have no problem navigating around this at all speaking of navigating navigation is optional of course you still have sounds of nature like other kia hyundai and genesis products

You still have quiet mode and you still have passenger talk in case you want to yell at the passengers sitting in the third row since they’re so far away and can’t hear you that you need to yell at them through a microphone system and the speakers i just find that very odd still now other than that kia had to redesign the air vents in the center here to make way

For this giant curved display so they have gotten a little bit smaller but yeah the interior is pretty much the same for 2023 you have a new steering wheel design along with some new interior color options by the way a wireless charger is still optional i don’t know why we can’t just get wireless charging as standard why is that such a big deal of course if you

Go for the x-line at x-pro trims that will give you some nice seat designs and exclusive color packages and x-line and x-pro logos embossed on the front seats and if you want to be a little bit more pro than the other telly rides the x-pro trim will also give you a 110 volt inverter outlet in the cargo area so that’s pretty nice so now you can camp out in your

Teleride x-pro but yeah the interior of the teleride is still very spacious and a very nice place to be for 2023 it just gets a little bit better you still have 42.4 inches of legroom in the second row making this one of the more spacious second rows in this segment and the best part is that you still have a very usable and very comfortable third row with a total

Of 31.4 inches of legroom unlike the new 2023 palisade the kia telluride doesn’t get heated seats in the third row which i don’t know why cargo capacity wise for 2023 you continue on with a total of 21 cubic feet behind the second row 46 cubic feet with a second or folded and 87 cubic feet with all the rows folded down so it’s still very spacious now what about

Performance any updates there nope you’re still working with a very capable 3.8 liter v6 that makes a total of 291 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque you still have an 8-speed automatic transmission which means this should still be able to go from 0-60 in seven seconds flat i really didn’t expect kia to make any changes to the powertrain but to be honest

Although i am surprised that they didn’t offer a four-cylinder turbo engine but hey who am i kidding for an suv that weighs over 4 300 pounds you need that v6 fuel economy should still come in at 19 miles per gallon city 24 miles per gallon highway although i am looking forward to a future where the teleride becomes an electric suv and kia if you do have plans on

Making an electric telluride please have a base range of at least 350 miles to get around town because not only will it be heavier but you’ll have your family in here so you want a range that is at least acceptable as for availability and pricing the new telluride should be arriving in dealerships later this year you should still be looking at a starting price tag

Of around 33 000 with the top of the line sx trim starting around 43 000 so yeah i’m happy with the slight updates made to the 2023 telluride i still expect this to be one of the most popular options in this segment it is still definitely one of my favorite options when it comes to three row suvs and i have no doubt in my mind that kill will pass the 100 000 sale

Mark within the next year or so they actually sell more kia tellurides than do the hyundai palisade let me know what you think about the 2023 telly ride in the comments below are you happy with the updates or did you want more thanks for watching make sure you stay tuned for some more new york auto show coverage make sure you hit like make sure you hit subscribe

Help me get to that 100 000 subscriber mark i’d really appreciate it i’ll catch you guys in the next one take care peace 75 percent of telluride buyers are new to kia they’re amongst the youngest in the segment and they’re willing to pay as much as three thousand dollars more for telluride than they would for a typical mid-size suv so we’re expanding production

Of telluride by 20 percent to build up to 120 000 units a year and we’re not stopping there we’re already making the best even better earlier than usual in a vehicle’s product cycle ladies and gentlemen the new 2023 kia telluride foreign

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