2023 kia niro sx hybrid affordab
Altair Club Cars 2023 Kia Niro SX Hybrid – Affordable & Efficient

2023 Kia Niro SX Hybrid – Affordable & Efficient

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Welcome back to my youtube channel if you guys are new to the channel be sure to click that subscribe button also turn on post notifications i would like to give a special thanks to south day kia for giving me time with the 2023 kia niro sx here if you guys are on the market for ikea be sure to check out south day kid extra cello he will get you into a new or

Pre-owned vehicle but let’s talk about pricing here for the kia niro starting price is 32 490 this one stickers for 34 450 let’s talk about this all new kia niro sx here looking at the exterior styling here for the 2023 kia niro sx trim here as you guys can see i like the white exterior color with the gloss black trim let me know in the comment section what you

Guys think about the all new generation of nero i think it looks very futuristic it reminds me of the kia ev6 which you know that vehicle looks futuristic as well as you guys can see here looking at the new kia logo on top of the hood which is a nice finish i like the aluminum like trim there there’s also aluminum trim through the front fascia here as you guys

Can see this is functional to keep the engine cool and whatnot there’s also led phallets here at the low part of the bumper there’s also from parking sensors down here is for the driver’s assistance tech and whatnot looking at these tail lights here they are a halogen projector headlight sadly if you guys want four leds you have to go for a different trim level but

It’s nice that kia does give you led turn signals in daytime or light that’s an automatic one high beam function let me know in the comment section what you guys think about this all new generation of nero looking at the side profile here this has a 106.1 inch wheelbase with an overall length of 174 inches so it’s a good proportions here in this segment looking at

These tires and wheels here actually like this rim design here with a black pocket finish also with a chrome finish these are a 205 60 tire they’re wrapped in this 16 inch rim design as you guys can see more of that gloss back trim on the side panels looking at the mirror cap here this has this led side marker with this body color mirror here there’s also these

Aerodynamic roof rows with this standard size so i’m not sure if you guys can get a full a full panoramic sunroof i’m not sure if kia offers that here on the neuro sit on the neuro but as you guys can see as well this is right here this area right right here is functional so the air can kind of shoot around the vehicle and come out of this um area right here as you

Guys can see i love the tail lights here they’re a full led combination which this brake light here is going to be an led down here is going to be the turn signal in reverse lights which are incandescent bulb there’s also where parking sensors that’s the hev bass to signify that this is the hybrid model this the kia there’s the kia name which is spelled out here

Which has this nice finish to it there’s the neural name which is spelled out and looking down here more aluminum painted trim on the rear bumper open up the cargo back here this does have a power opening tailgate once it opens up it reveals 22.8 cubic feet of space looking underneath the load floor here kia does give you a fix-a-flat kit instead of a temporary

Spare tire and to let down the receipts here unfortunately there’s no latch you just have to reach over once you guys let down the rear seats here that expands the cargo to 55.9 cubic feet of space sitting in the all-new 2023 kia niro sx as you guys can see this cabin does not disappoint kia is doing a fantastic job with their newest vehicles in their lineup this

Is a 10.25 inch display screen here it does support apple carplay and android auto via the wire cable there’s no wireless function as of this filming but reach over here to shut the door of the nero and to start up the vehicle the push button start is right next to the shifter once you guys do that like i mentioned my model is the hybrid model so it just kind

Of rolls to life and it does tell you that it’s ready to drive looking at the materials here on the door panel is going to be a soft touch ejection with the plastic two-person receipt there’s your window and lock controls here sadly i cannot let i cannot let down the windows because they’re they just recently tint this vehicle and the materials here are going to

Be nice and pat it’s kind of like this cloth like material there’s a good amount of storage and a couple of space from the door pocket this also has the harmony card and sound system there’s the hood latch down there illumination switches here trunk release there’s your 12 volt battery reset and your traction control is there this is a manual tilt and telescoping

Well it does offer a good amount of range and adjustability the headlight and turn signal stock is there when wiper stock is right there very thick rim this is the same steering wheel that’s off the kia ev6 your dry mode selector is down here which shows your sport and eco so there’s only two different drive modes here your driver’s assistance tech is here this is

Where it’s a new kia logo on the airbag cover your volume controls are here paddle shifters for the six-speed dual clutch and you can customize this display to show your your engine temperature your driver’s assistance tech your idling mode and whatnot or your battery stay there the materials on the dashboard can be the soft touch material just like on the armrest

The visibility out of this vehicle is really good you also have this little dash looking at the apple carplay like i mentioned is a 10.25 inch display it does take up the entire screen here it looks very weird because of this large bezel piece here which key would probably made it just a little bit bigger but it’s just a small nitpick for me there’s your air vents

Here your hazard button and you can also control the climate just like on the ev6 you press this button right here now you can mess with the infotainment system you press this button here you can manipulate the dual climate control and whatnot this also has three level heated and cooled seats the cool seats blow very cold air putting the vehicle into reverse it

Does reveal a backup camera of course there’s trajectory with distance markers and there’s front and rear parking sensors if you guys can hear really closely let me open up the door here it does have that uh futuristic sound to let pedestrians know that you’re that you’re in reverse because it is a hybrid putting it down here over to the left there’s a sport mode

In the transmission this does house the six-speed dual clutch which is kind of you know unique in the sense that kia offers a six-speed dual clutch for a hybrid system some other competitors offer a cvt there’s a heated steering wheel function also an auto hole electronic parking brake you can access the camera via this button here there’s a lot of gloss black trim

Throughout this vehicle so if you guys have ocd like myself you will be constantly wiping down a lot of things in this vehicle and there’s our parking sensor there press this button here it does reveal the pop-up the pop-out cup holders and you can also retract them back into place this is the new key fob here or current key fob from kia there’s a lock unlock a

Trunk release a panic button remote start mode and this where’s the new kia logo at the bottom of the key fob does feel nice to hold in my hands a lot of storage in here because there’s very small storage in the center armrest but this area right here is going to be slightly padded with some nice stitching nice leather that kia uses here on the center armrest the

Seats are supportive and comfortable the headrest looks very futuristic these look like the same seats that’s out of the ev6 nice leather that they use or faux like leather and above me there is a standard size some i’m not sure if kia uses a panoramic sunroof for the nero’s lineup as you guys can see also there’s led lights throughout the cabin that’s an sos button

There’s your kia connect button here also you can open up the sunroof here and there’s this like led script here looking at the glove compartment it does offer a good amount of storage in there overall the interior of the new narrow here does not disappoint and this interior does look very futuristic opening up the back door of the nero here as you guys can see

The door opens very wide and it does reveal some good space here in the back seat of this compact suv looking at the door panel materials really quickly here it does have this hard touch material with this gloss back trim also with this aluminum painted door handle here the switch gear does feel a nice high quality there’s this softly padded area here and there’s

Some storage space and the actual door pocket but getting back here this vehicle does have a good step in height and kia says this has 37.4 inches of her legroom space which is really good numbers here and this segment that’s also two matte pockets back here for storage and this as you guys know is a kia genesis and hyundai features which is this usb ports and

The seat backs you get them on the driver and passenger it’s also where air vents here and as you guys can see here the floor back here is not flat but you can fit three people across in comfort the seats are very supportive and comfortable but they do have this upright position here and sadly you cannot recline the seat but you guys can’t fold the seats down to

Have a nice uh cargo space if you guys need the actual room and above me there’s a standard size some i’m not sure if you can get a panoramic song over here on the neuro and there’s also led lights back here and there’s this grab handle here overall the back seat of the nero does not feel cramped it does offer some really nice features back here let’s talk about

The power train specs here for the kia nero open up the hood this is kia’s corporate 1.6 liter four-cylinder this is also paired up with their hybrid system here this powertrain makes 139 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque it is paired with a six-speed dual clutch transmission which is very odd to hear that kia offers a dual clutch for a hybrid because some

Other competitors offer a cvt but making our way over to the fuel door here the kia niro open up the fuel door this vehicle does get very impressive fuel economy here as you guys can see kids says this gets 53 in the city 54 on the highway and 53 combined in this vehicle on a full tank of gas kia says this will get 588 miles of all range so starting off in the 2023

Kia niro sx here i think this is my first time ever driving the neuro here on the channel this vehicle has around 6.3 inches of ground clearance you guys can hear that 1.6 liter direct injection four-cylinder is on right now and it will switch between electric uh mode and whatnot so you guys can kind of like coast around like right now i’m coasting around in the

Parking lot and the engine is shut off and it does display ev ready so now i can just basically cruise along and all electric ranger which is just super smooth and very impressive you can get the plug-in variant a fully electric model if i’m not mistaken or you guys can get this hev which is the hybrid model as well if you guys don’t want to you know be plugging

In or you guys don’t want full electric right now as you guys can hear the cabin is quiet but if i give it just a little bit of acceleration the gas engine kicks right on this has a six-speed dual clutch as a transmission some other competitors do offer a cvt so it’s kind of you know different for a kia to offer um the six-speed dual clutch but this vehicle does

Have a really good ride quality i like the way the narrow drives really good dry quality the dash here is very low i like this nice integrated display very mercedes-like in this interior the materials are pretty decent materials in this car you can change the function down here from climate control to the infotainment system here just like on the kia ev6 so if you

Guys have the ev6 and you you know want to get your daughter or your uh your son a car and whatnot the neural is not going to disappoint because it is just a smaller version but you still have the option for gas if you guys don’t want to go fully electric for your kids at the moment or you can do a plug-in of variant as well if i’m not mistaken it’s also wireless

Phone charger here for my iphone 14 pro max which fits and it is charging it display this orange indicator here once the phone is charging there’s three level heating and cool seats in this vehicle which is really nice that kia does equip this uh very well and here man we don’t have the best roads but this vehicle does a good job of soaking up some of the bumps and

Whatnot and right now the vehicle the engine is shut off it’s right now and it’s in electric mode so once again this vehicle is going to be a good car commuting around parking lots or through your neighborhood and the gas engine kit right back on again but if i so accelerate here uh me personally i think the dual clutch is paired really good with this 1.6 liter

Uh turbocharged engine here this engine makes 139 horsepower and 195 pound-feed torque so it does offer adequate power it’s not a speed demon but it will get you from point a to point b and kia says on a full tank of gas this vehicle will get around 500 between 510 to 500 and 88 miles of all range which is impressive it beats the kia ev6 especially with fill up

Times and whatnot so if you guys are not committed to fully electric just yet i think the nero is a really good sized vehicle for your family especially if you’re a first time parent i think it’s a good vehicle does offer a good cubic feet of space in the trunk area good legroom space the materials back there are pretty decent as well this vehicle drives really good

And you can feel what the front tires are doing the steering field does speak to you and whatnot put it in a vehicle into a sport mode here foot to the floor now i can kind of feel the six speed getting a little bit getting a little bit confused uh here it kind of took a second to downshift um maybe because i was in a higher gear and whatnot but but the vehicle in

The sport mode here let’s do some paddles here it’s a force and i’ll just keep that in mind it had a nice pull there but it is a dual clutch like i mentioned it’s very odd for kia to offer a dual clutch for a hybrid but it works if it works don’t try to fix it that’s what i’ll that’s what i always say um with that being said like i mentioned other competitors

Do offer cvt cvts are known for being very fuel efficient good power trains and whatnot but us journalists don’t like cbt’s uh personally speaking but the dual clutch is paired good with this powertrain it kind of did feel a little bit lethargic in a sense to downshift uh back there but the seat comfort in here is pretty decent i like the futuristic styling seats

The tech is good you also have good drivers assistance which includes blind spot monitoring lane keeping assist a foreclosure warning with adaptive cruise control it does do a really good job of keeping you in the lane but if you guys don’t want to commit to fully electric just yet i think the hybrid model of the neuro is a good pick after spending time with the

2023 kia niro sx here this vehicle does have a very smooth ride quality it’s very fuel efficient and it’s very affordable with that being said hope you guys have enjoyed this review here on the 2023 kia niro sx here be sure to follow me on instagram at driveone reviews hit that subscribe button and turn on post notifications and i will see you all in the next review

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