2023 kia niro ex touring first l
Altair Club Cars 2023 Kia Niro EX Touring – First Look

2023 Kia Niro EX Touring – First Look

Frank Sandoval

Good morning guys frank here at bill dodge kia in saco maine today i have our very first 23 kia niro this is a hybrid of the ex touring trim i’m gonna do a quick walk around obviously this is a all new redesign for de niro everything has changed from the ground up now i absolutely love the new redesign of the nero just looks better driving right on the road inside

Is a lot more comfortable i find these headlights just look phenomenal the led daytime running lights obviously you go around here and you do get halogen projector high um running light this is of the snow white pearl now i’m sure you people have seen that you can change the color options for your c-pillar now this is just a body color match with your gloss black

Running along your side skirts right around the back so because of this is the ex touring you do get these awesome 18 inch alloy wheels wrapped in continental pro contact of the back on the nero you do get reverse cameras obviously pretty standard and rear parking sensors and on the new redesign so you can see you get these active air vents for airflow this is

Powered by a 1.6 liter uh turbocharged engine which gets a combined mpg of 48 miles a gallon go ahead and open up your trunk space now for de niro it looks obviously it grew in size to be very honest this looks a pretty comparable to the 22 nero but you’re still getting a little more space all together underneath here you do get your tire inflation kit and your

Seats would fold down 60 40 as they did in the outgoing one now one thing i did notice on the key fob obviously this being the ex tour and you get remote start i’m used to having the remote start on the side of the kia key it is now moved to um the columns as you see right here for your remote start it’s still wrapped as it just came off the truck just the other

Day by one of you guys to be the first check it out these seats are actually very comfortable i’m gonna hop in here so this driver’s seat is where i was driving comfortably as you can see i have an ample amount of leg room the seat matte back pockets are now of these plastics this pulled to open rear ac vents dome lighting and now the roof material it feels how

Do i describe it um it’s very hard to describe you would have to touch it yourself it’s of a of a hard texture obviously it’s made of recycled material i wouldn’t know how to describe it but these seats are very comfortable i actually have a good amount of thigh support back here over the outcome 22 nero so i’m extremely comfortable back here i do have a fold down

Armrest which is just covered up right now if i could sit back here for a while go check out the driver’s side now this may sound very silly but one of my favorite things on the new 23 nero is actually to redesign door panel it’s no longer flat it now comes up at a curve like this so i realize it’s a lot more comfortable when getting into the car just grabbing right

Here at like an angle and pulling the door inwards i just find that a lot more comfortable you do get this nice padded armrest nice texture design feels really comfortable on my arm driver’s side is power of two-way lumbar support passenger side is manual adjustment you do get your moon roof and the ex these seats are super plush super soft i said the same thing

Uh nice uh micro synthetic like i said see nice and comfortable to pull it in now you do get your two spokes steering wheel one thing they did change on the nero are they swapped over which side of the wheel these are on so your bluetooth is now on your right your cruise control is now on your left because this is a hybrid you don’t get the turn dial one thing

I really like this nice little texture design around your push button to start put on the brake push to start so right now a full tank of gas about half a battery we’re at 500 and 11 miles of range down by the shift knob you get your heated front seats electronic parking brake auto hold backup camera the view which you can see and your rear parking sensor is on

And off wireless phone charger up top with tethered apple carplay and android auto as well as a usb type-c for quick charging a really cool design on the new neuros gives it almost like a floating shelf right here you have a little cut out then go all the way back it just adds an extra depth on the dash you do have the same feeling plastic material as you’re on

The door panel it’s just not as soft because no one’s going to touch it so why bother center armrest extremely plush extremely padded a good amount of space back here obviously your cup holders would fold away if you need this all open and you can just push to get them out let’s look at the same roof material and then this is the same 10.25 inch touchscreen that

We become accustomed to in the updated kia trims it’s the same as in the sportage and on the tire ride now soon to be door panels see i can pull some of this plastic off for us a nice gloss black gives it an extremely great look obviously you still have the same kia drive-wise safety features yeah the key is on i mean he goes on you do get these nice let me turn

Them on actually so you can check them out put on the hazards so you do get your led turn signals in your mirrors as well as heated mirrors power folding blind spot monitoring is here as you’re normally accustomed to and now you can see your indicators which would be white in color for your daytime running lights i just want to give you guys a quick walk around

Of our 23 kia niro ex troy any questions on this or any coming in vehicles please use my information down below to contact me my name is frank caribou dodge kia and saco thank you for watching

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2023 Kia Niro EX Touring – First Look By Frank Sandoval @ Bill Dodge KIA in Saco

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