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Altair Club Cars 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4XE: Is The New 4XE Worth It?

2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4XE: Is The New 4XE Worth It?

Today I drive and review a 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4XE!

But anyways let’s see how this whoa hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s going to be reviewing a 2023 jeep wrangler rubicon 4xe first and foremost though a huge shout out thank you to the large miller jeep chrysler here in sandy utah for me sometime with this wrangler i’m going to cool link to their inventory in the description down below so you can

Check out what they have currently if you have any questions just ask for nick or eric and then as always if you want to save time money the next time i purchase car link to my carbon guide in the description down below let’s get into it foreign we have a turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder that’s paired to a hybrid system and 8-speed automatic transmission

Total system output is 375 horsepower and then 470 pound-feet of torque now you can get an mpg equivalent of 49 and then in terms of the range is 22 miles now let’s go to the front end of the four by e and yes this thing is just super bright so we have the normal rubicon hood with the venting on either side and then notice we have this gigantic 4xe decal here in

The center which yeah i think looks pretty cool and then we’ve got our led headlamps with the daytime ring lights that are wrapped around it and then also daytime running light here off to the side and then you guys can see here with the blue tow hooks to signify this as a four but you also blue on the rubicon logo as well and this also has the steel bumper group

Fog lights down below and yeah there’s the front end come around the side here turn wheel setup is 285 70 17 in the front and in the rear as well and you guys can see here with the wheels themselves you got that aggressive off-roader type appearance with the silver there kind of all around and then you’ve got the matte black in the center which looks really cool

And then you guys can see here with the all-terrain tires now just like every wrangler you’ve got a solid front axle and then the rubicon is lifted slightly compared to regular wrangler it’s about two inches notice more blue on the jeep and the wrangler badge and then this is our charging port so just click this in and he can charge this up being the four by e and

Then trail rated badge also blue and this one is a hard top man this color is bright this is this is definitely my kind of color so here is our key fob for this 4×8 we’ve got our unlock function lock function and then remote start and then you got a little flip out key as well and it’s popping inside here still have the normal little jl decal and then lifting up

The window you guys can see here with the storage space in the back really practical actually it’s one of the big benefits of the wrangler and again that crazy color on the roll cage is just fun this one has the alpine sound system and then underneath you guys can see here with little air you can put bolts and everything for the top and then when you’re done just

Put down the window and then this second boom and well of course the light shuts off as soon as we are going to go over led light here in the back notice our four by e badge and then you can see the blue recovery hook and then even little jeep here on the wheels is also blue which is fun got the camera there in the center of the tire carrier and well i guess we’re

Gonna have to traverse there we go now you guys can see the rest of the rear now here’s the door panel in the back you guys can see here with the padding and look at the seats notice with the blue stitching and again and then we’ve got our holders here with our cargo netting a couple of vents down below and then our window controls and then outlets as well and

Well before you go now here’s the front door panel you guys can see again with the padding here we’ve got our mirror adjustment door lock and unlock just a quick look at the mirrors themselves and then i got the front seats cloth rubicon logo and then you’ve got the blue stitching manual adjustments even blue on that that’s pretty cool you’ve got our pedals down

Below and then we have our e-save mode our full electric mode and our hybrid mode depending on what you want to do and let’s just open up the gas cap and then you’ve got your controls for the lights steering wheel is manually adjustable let’s pop in now here is the steering wheel for the 4×8 we’ve got really nice a lot of trim all around and then you guys can see

The blue stitching here on the center portion and then we’ve got our cruise control on one side with radio controls there on the back voice command controls and then controls for the center stack turn signal stock windshield wiper stock and there’s a steering wheel now here is the gauge cluster for the 4x so we got rpms on one side which is pretty normal but on

The other side it lets you know if you’re charging or if you are using the power and then here in the center notice that it lets us know that we have three miles because we’re at five percent charge and it lets you know like your total range and then just your gas range as well which is pretty cool and you guys can see that it has an average of 18 miles per gallon

But again it’s not um well it’s brand new so it hasn’t been driven so like not accurate um but anyways there’s that part of the gauge cluster and then the cool thing is we still have the off-road statuses with this as well and there you go now here is the center infotainment screen so first off if we pop into reverse you guys can see i’ve got the backup camera

Which trajectory lines that turn with the steering wheel and resolutions actually really solid now moving from that to the rest of the screen no stool zone climate controls and then you have heated seats and heated steering wheel as well which is pretty cool and then navigation built in which is fun so you can see that hole setup right there got the off-road pages

And there you go we’ve got analog controls here for the radio and then also for the climate system as well dual zone climate system heated seats for the front and notice with their off-road cruise control and then this is for the regen so you’ve turned this off and it’s not going to do as much regen so basically it’ll use the braking system to help charge up the

Battery when you’re driving which is pretty cool window control is down below that and then we got our little media area which has the charging ports and then auxiliary switches still rubicon so you got your sway bar disconnect we have our lockers and that just unlocks everything and then with our driveline stuck that says two wheel high four wheel auto four wheel

High part time neutral and then four wheel low and then shifter here for the eight speed automatic and it’s got the blue stitching on it more cup holders and then here’s the center console got the jeep grab handle notice this is gray instead of red like on a normal rubicon and then the glove box and hard top so you got little latches and then for the back you

Got to use tools you got speakers for the sound system up top too so here’s a window sticker on this rubicon base price 58 595 and then you guys can see this has a couple options added to it total msrp in this particular one is 66 780 and then you guys can see with the warranty five year 60 000 mile on the powertrain and then notice with the hybrid components and

The battery and everything you have the eight year hundred thousand mile warranties in the 300 36 000 mile on the basic warranty so yeah lots of different warranties for different components that’s not gonna be confusing at all anyways let’s drive it thank you let’s talk about visibility before we set off here’s your visibility over the hood both of the mirrors

And throw the rest of the rear and set off so setting off here on the floor by eating right now we are in the electric mode so guys can’t hear any engine which is a cool thing with the four bye and it’s it’s pretty quick honestly with just doing the electric mode it like you can do normal driving like this is gonna be kind of a rough for me to say a little bit i

Gotta move this back oh kind of rough for me to say but this feels like kind of better than a v6 wrangler frankly it’s because it’s just like instant in terms of the torque right because it’s electric and just moves it’s interesting how quiet it is or actually it’s not dark enough for us to really need our lights we’re going to turn that off so that you guys can

Actually see the gauge cluster and what’s happening there now we’re going to pop from that to hybrid it you know it tries to keep it in the electric mode for as long as possible frankly handling is really good with this yeah i love how this drives overall and that regen like it’s it slows it down quite substantially now the engine is running oh cool we can

Actually get up and move here but yeah that regen slows it down quite a bit oh there you go there’s the engine it punches that’s for sure yeah like i said it tries to keep it off for as long as possible now we’re like i just used up all of our range just going around the block huh interesting i guess i have too much of a lead foot but anyways let’s see how this

Whoa yeah this thing’s quick forgot how quick the four by e is this thing is just this thing’s fun again big turbocharged helps out with elevation and then with electric uh powertrains you don’t lose any power at higher elevation so this has like double whammy turbocharged and you got the electric side so like it really punches at a high elevation so much more

Than a v6 wow well the wrangler v6 to be more specific but yeah summing things up with the 4xe and i want to talk about the ecodiesel um a little bit is this thing just drives so well like super smooth i love the fact you can plug this in and you can get more charge that way like there’s just so much utility to this and it’s fast the ecodiesel gets good fuel

Economy and the ecodiesel is pretty peppy but not nearly as quick as this the one thing i will say is that is a little bit less complex right it’s just a diesel with a turbo this turbocharged engine plus the you know you know hybrid side of things so like a little bit more going on so i’m guessing reliability with that’s probably a little bit better long term

Versus this that being said though this powertrain like if if it were me out of those two probably um probably would pick the four by e over the ecodiesel just because like i would just charge it and you know do you know shorter commutes just using uh you know electric power and then longer commutes i can still have the gas engine and i’ve taken one of these

Off-road and it does really well off-road and i was able to average like well over 20 miles per gallon with this when i had one of these um for a week so yeah let me know what you guys think that’s because something’s up for a video here on the 4×8 rubicon again a huge shot and thank you to the large miller jeep chrysler here in sandy utah for me sometime with

This wrangler check out the internet description down below if you have any questions just ask for nick or eric i’ll see you

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2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4XE: Is The New 4XE Worth It? By Ben Hardy

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