2023 jeep grand cherokee l
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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

🎥 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland 🚨

Hey guys welcome back to the greatest channel ever today i’m showing you guys a brand new 2023 jeep grand cherokee l overland 4×4 and like we always do we’ll cover the outside of the vehicle and the inside of the vehicle and i’ll talk different features and options kind of go from there so figure let’s just start with the up front so on the overland you got a

Beautiful looking front end on this vehicle you’ve got some leds up here we’ve got these tow hooks we have our fog lights and we have some sensors as well and a great looking grill love the way that the grill looks and then we even have this pad here which is like your pedestrian your pedestrian alert forward collision warning things like that lights are leds and

Yeah just a beautiful looking front end on this vehicle we sell a ton of these these are very very popular and this being an l this is available in a six or seven passenger this one’s a six passenger we’ll cover that on the inside let’s check out the wheels we got some nice looking 20-inch wheels and it looks like we have some bridgestone tires on there and you

Guys will notice on these wheel wells these are painted a lot of the other models are going to just be black plastic so when you get in the oven you’re looking forward to uh body color match wheel wells too which is cool here’s a look at our mirror you guys can notice that we got some silver trim here and a supplemental signal right there and let’s check out the

Mirror itself you guys notice there’s our blind spot monitoring um indicator right there so that’ll light up when a car is in your blind spot let’s get a look at this beauty here’s a look at it from the side beautiful looking jeep thanks everyone at stalantis for making such a great vehicle let’s cruise around to the back you guys can even tell look at the light

Assembly very nice looking you can see we’ve got the dual exhaust and on all the overlands uh there is a hitch standard the hitch is hidden um here’s the cut up for that and underneath i’ll show you there’s a couple little wing nuts that you’ll turn these and this cover will pop right off you guys also notice this one has a spare on it too and let’s get back

Up and check out this back end really nice looking back end the styling is phenomenal on these jeeps does have a backup camera and backup sensors let’s pop the trunk see what we got so all the seats are up these seats can fold down which is nice we’ve got a little bit of storage here so storage here there’s our drop point for the tire so we can access our tire

And drop it right there we’ve got a sub in the back here’s our um button to close the trunk and then you guys will notice that this has um power options for the second row and the third row to to fold these down so if i said let’s press this uh 3r and see what it does just goes ahead and power folds it down which is pretty cool makes life a little bit easier

And it brings it back up if you press it again sweet there’s that and that’s about as exciting as we get there plenty of room for a small amount of luggage and then you can fold those seats down and you’ve got tons more room and let’s make our way to this side of the vehicle and we’ll get in and check out what we got but before we get in you guys will notice

Right here we’ve got this little three little three tab here uh if you press this this will uh lock the vehicle hand in the handle still locks it so they’ve just changed that and you guys will notice that that’s on the driver passenger and the other side as well for the lock and unlock feature let’s open it up and we’ll start with the door you guys will notice

That the trim on the door is beautiful we’ve got this nice wood grain look on it and then we have this nice soft touch points here we’ve got the nice stitching we’ve got stitching down here and then we’ve got this nice looking speaker and you guys will notice this one has the macintosh sound package which is great you guys will also notice up here these are our

Memory settings we can do one and two settings and then we have our mirrors adjustments power windows power locks and whatnot let’s check out the seats nice looking seats it says overland right there and these are leather perforated seats because it does have a heating and cooling mechanism full power on the driver and passenger and uh just a quick look from this

Angle really nice looking interior this is definitely one of the nicest interiors i’ve been with chrysler for about 15 years too so there’s our sunroof it’s closed right now we’ll open it up in a second let’s get in and take a look at some of the options that we have here so i’m just going to back it up a little bit so we can get a little bit easier of a look

But really great looking steering wheel great looking 10.1 touchscreen radio the dash and everything looks phenomenal very high end very upscale in my opinion um we got this nice stitching here we’ve got this nice wood grain trim that is here and here so they’ve done a lot of matching and whatnot and then we have our driver’s information center which is back here

So i’ll run through this really quickly this is all controlled with these buttons here so uh we’re at the speedometer right now so if i press the down arrow it’s going to cycle us through to vehicle information which will tell you psi in the tires start stop not ready cabin cooling or heating so it’ll tell you about the start stop uh average fuel economy and then

A few different gauges oil life and then it’ll take you down through trip information off-road information audio information messages and then all the way back to our usual screen which is going to be um driver’s information and then you have adaptive crews and active lane management that’s off right now obviously we’re parked but um really really nice looking

Display very easy to use very easy to understand and then over here we have our controls for our regular crews and then our adaptive crews and on the back of the steering wheel up top you guys notice we have paddle shifters but also back here there are controls for the audio controls too so you can keep your eyes on the road and make your audio adjustments right

Here now let’s get over to this part of the car and uh we’ve got a push button starter system here and then this 10.1 touchscreen radio is very easy to use so home button is going to usually take you right to like a split screen between nav and radio then you go to your media which you can make your adjustments to the fm sirius if you’re playing something through

Your phone right there and um you don’t see am on here obviously you just press sources and then you can select from any of these sources very very very easy to use comfort let’s go ahead and click over that you guys will notice that we have the front and rear settings for that and then again very easy to use we just press where we want these you know where

We want the fan power to go you know to defrost or to face or to legs etc uh fan power we can adjust here we can also adjust it here and you guys will notice it it’ll indicate here as well as here so very easy to use you’ve got front and rear for that and then our nav is powered by tom tom i think tomtom is actually a big improvement over garmin uh personally you

Know some people might love garmin i think i prefer tom tom but i actually use apple carplay uh over both of them and then for our phone we can pair our phones like we’ve always done again what i’m finding most customers doing is most customers are actually using the apple carplay android auto and then vehicle is going to simply be mirror dimmer third row headrest

Fold and then rear view camera we can just turn our rear view camera on and see what’s going on behind us so if you had a tailgate or something and want to see where mom ran off to boom just press that button apps is going to be a launch page where you can actually select from a bunch of different things alexa off-road pages device manager android auto recent

Categories all so you can kind of sift through a little bit of everything right here and see um you know what you want to make adjustments to macintosh just press that and it takes you to this and shows you just various different things of you know the radio and what’s going on which is pretty cool so they’ve added a lot of cool features when they relaunched the

Grand cherokee and uh it’s fantastic all the feedback i’m getting from customers is really really great up top we also have another switchbank up here start stop control we can turn that off we have our lane management system right here we can turn that off we have our electronic stability control system if you want to do donuts just turn that off uh hazards park

Sense we can turn off our backup backup beepers if we’re backing into a trailer or something it’s just continuously beeping you can turn that off you know go right ahead and then moving down just the next level you have your heated and cooled seat options you have your heated steering wheel right there we have a temperature setting so we can adjust the temperature

Right here we can adjust the fan power right here and then we can even adjust the zones of where it’s going turn it into auto if we wanted to which is pretty cool and then we can adjust our volume and tuner right here down here we have a compartment where we can store things then we can charge things so very easy i like how it has the door on it because it can

Close it make the vehicle look a little bit more sleek then we have our adjustment for the vehicle the select terrain so we can adjust if we’re in rock or sand or mud or snow or auto and sport most customers are leaving an auto here’s our gear selector and then over here we have our adjustment for the quadralift suspension so this vehicle has air suspension it

Can raise up and down and it has five different settings for that we do have four low and then we also do have a hill descent control feature that we can turn on if we’re doing some substantial off-roading and then a neutral switch as well moving one more back to compress this and open this up here’s our cup holders this is also a spot where you can hold your

Key comes out here’s what the key looks like lock unlock remote start power trunk and uh just slides right in there and it can kind of be in a place that’s more convenient than what we’ve seen on a lot of vehicles and uh there’s what our armrest looks like and yeah i mean i’m i’m really impressed by this vehicle you know all the little things that they do the

Macintosh branding that’s going on you know the how nice that the dash actually is how nice that the vents are um it’s it’s a big step forward i believe for you know where jeep has been and where it’s currently at uh i’ll go ahead and open up the the shade on this so press this that’s what this actual switchbank is for it’s for the uh for the power panoramic

Sunroof so you have that assist is our call center um that can help you with various questions on the vehicle sos is going to route you to a center that will properly dispatch emergency services and whatnot the lights we can turn those we can adjust those here and then power trunk right here a couple different lights up there too all right press this let’s go

Check out the back seat guys pop out open this up all right so here’s our back seat we’ve got uh two buckets in the middle and then we have our third row which we can easily access right here also there’s our third row and those headrests are down right now you can see we’ve got a couple charging ports back there there’s a tie down also but very easy to get in

And out of this vehicle and you’ll notice that these are lined up a little bit differently this one’s back a little bit further than this one so underneath is a lever these seats in the second row are adjustable too which is pretty nice and while we’re back here let’s look there’s our dual pane sunroof very nice vehicle i actually have a friend who i’ve helped

For many many years picking one of these up today or tomorrow actually just figuring out the final details here’s our rear hvac we can make adjustments back here then you guys will also notice that it has heated seats in that second row too which is cool a couple different vents and then while we’re on the subject of vents there’s our power station too of course

While we’re on the subject events you guys will notice that there’s vents built into the pillars in the second and the third row so let’s look and see if i can see them yep there’s that the third row so they’ve moved the heating and cooling from the ceiling to more direct to the uh you know occupants of the seats which is pretty sweet um guys at this point that’s

Pretty much all i have if i missed something or you have specific questions you certainly can reach out i’ll show just real quick what this window sticker actually looks like so the jeep base price is uh 59 0910 and then here’s all the features that are actually on it and i’ll put a link to the actual sticker in the description of the video the only option that

We optioned for on this was the 19 speaker high performance audio and the paint charge is 3.95 for black but really a very incredible vehicle so we’ll leave it at that i don’t think i missed very much this one didn’t mention was a v6 it’s available in a 5.7 hemi two but great looking vehicle i’ve got great feedback from all my you know customers who are driving

These and i look forward to doing a lot more videos so definitely subscribe to the channel and i hope to see you guys soon thanks

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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L By Jeremy’s Cars

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