2023 jeep gladiator mojave
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2023 Jeep Gladiator Mojave

Check out this 2023 Jeep Gladiator Mojave!

Hello everybody today i’m at the north american international auto show taking a look at this 2023 jeep gladiator mojave this is actually my favorite trim level for the gladiator uh starting off up front it does have the halogen and incandescent headlights standard front bumper with incandescent fog lights but it does have the mojave orange color scheme package

For the toe recovery hooks coming around to the wheel and tire setup i think we have a 17 inch gray in machined wheel on some falcon wild peak ats i believe that’s a 17 inch tire let me see if i can get get a reading real quick yep r17 fox shocks paint matched wheel wells the gray mojave mojave gray and orange i really like how jeep has these themes for each

One of their little trim levels like the four by e is the gray and blue the mojave is the gray and orange black mirror caps with blind spot monitoring this has the passive entry so as long as you have the key fob on you you can lock and unlock the vehicle from the driver or passenger door paint matched hard top blind spot monitor is located right here we do have

An led tail light tail light package i should say not just one mojave orange toe recovery hooks four pin and seven pin connector backup camera is going to be right here you have your mojave jeep logo third brake light is going to be right there as well coming around to the side we have your capless fuel fill port and then some massive tuned fox shocks beautiful

Beautiful looking truck there’s your desert rated badge and then again your jeep gladiator badge this thing looks absolutely sweet let’s take a closer look at the interior so on the door there’s not really much on these jeeps you have your lock and unlock button as well as your mirror controls right here we have the rotary dial selector for the exterior lighting

Of the vehicle as well as the dimmer switch for the ambient lighting and the instrument cluster coming up top to the dash we have this really nice um kind of shallow storage tray right here really nice mojave orange stitching and then orange accents throughout working our way to the instrument cluster we have your tachometer on the left speedometer on the right

And a beautiful lcd screen in the middle coming back to the steering wheel itself really nice leather wrapped steering wheel with again mild bolsters at 10 and 2 and then you have that mojave orange stitching throughout this control pad right here controls the center lcd display you have your steering wheel mounted call buttons right here we have your adaptive

Cruise control gap adjustment buttons as well as your regular cruise control buttons that brings us to the touchscreen display i believe this is about an 8.4 inch touchscreen display it’s got pretty much everything you want apple carplay android auto navigation you can control the heated seats and steering wheel through here as well as your climate control being a

Jeep it should have the off-road pages if i can find them i don’t know where they would be they should be in the apps unless this is a demo vehicle maybe it’s one of these that hasn’t loaded but you do have jeep off-road pages which typically tells you the pitch and roll of the vehicle as well as your gauges you should be monitoring while you’re off-roading push

Button starts going to be right here physical buttons for the radio and the climate control including your heated seats and steering wheel mute button automatic start stop off it is on by default traction control off hazard light button parking sensors off trail control which is essentially cruise control at slow speeds then your screen off button for the touch

Screen under that we’ve got your buttons for the windows 12 volt outlet media hub with auxiliary jack usb and usb type c rear locking diff we have your axle locker and then your rear locker only off-road plus button and then over there we have six or four auxiliary upfitter switches manual transfer case right here shifter with manual plus minus gladiator is on

Top of the shift knob right there for the focus two cup holders cut out for the uh key fob parking brake tiered storage compartment that doubles as an arm rest you have your usb right there in the back right with cutouts for cord management mojave is stitched into the seat backs on the driver and passenger seats again that orange stitching continues throughout

Really nice grab handle to hold on to when you’re off-roading deep glove box vanity up top is led for the passenger as well as your driver vanity has a three-door universal garage remote you have your sos and assist buttons up top and then your auto dimming rear view mirror so overall just like the previous uh model year jeep gladiator i really do really do like

These jeep gladiators they’re pretty sweet let’s take a look at the back and see how much leg room we have so i don’t have a whole bunch of legroom back here maybe three or four inches three inches maybe but i do have storage in the form of pouches behind both driver and passenger seats as well as this molly webbing air conditioning vents window controls i got

A media hub with two usbs two usb type c’s as well as 115 volt 150 watt power outlet two cup holders right here in the floor if that’ll come through for you on camera the lighting in this area of the show is absolutely terrible sorry about that thank you the center seat does have a fold down armrest cup holder you have your manual sliding window at the b-pillar

We have speaker grilles and then all of your led dome map lights let’s take a quick look at the bed so to open the tailgate on this vehicle it’s just like the old school trucks where it’s actually a handle and you pull it down it is assisted which is nice and we do have a spray in bed liner we have a tie down point in each of the four corners it’s pretty cool led

Bed lighting is included if you look closely too you have dirt bike tracks up front and that’s actually where you can put two standard sized dirt bikes or one standard size quad now a lot of people complain that this bed isn’t long enough to haul uh drywall or plywood what they do is you put the drywall and plywood up on the wheel wells you you lift the tailgate

Slightly and put the straps around these little stoppers right here and then what happens is it creates a level surface so that way you can fit standard sheets of drywall and plywood in the bed of your jeep gladiator now if you know what heart 419 is put it in the comment section below that is another little easter egg this tailgate is not easy up but i can one

Hand close it just like that let’s take a quick look at the window sticker so here’s the window sticker for this vehicle again it’s a 2023 jeep gladiator starting at 49 320. most of the suspension frame axles and exterior interior off-road technology is all right here i’ll zoom in for you guys and i’ll hold off or you can just pause the video to read it okay

Let’s check and see if this vehicle has any towing or payload stickers on it all right i think i found one if you see one on your lot that is similar to this um it may be because of different packages optioned or it could even be because the microchip shortages affecting certain packages so vehicles aren’t shipping with certain equipment on them which can slightly

Impact the total payload and towing information so there it is 2023 jeep gladiator mojave if you enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share and if you want to keep up to date on more auto show content please consider subscribing to the channel and be sure to check out all the affiliate links in the description below like always thanks for watching and have a great day

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