2023 hyundai santa fe calligraph
Altair Club Cars 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy: Is This A Luxury Crossover?

2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy: Is This A Luxury Crossover?

Today I drive and review a 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy!

Oh yeah there is no comparison good gravy hey everyone it’s been hard here and today we’re going to be looking at a 2023 hyundai santa fe calligraphy first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the ken garf hyundai here in southtown utah four games sometime with this santa fe this one is available for the time being so if you’re interested in the link to their

Inventory in the description down below if you have any questions just ask for ryan and then on a side note if you’re gonna save time and money the next time purchase car link to my car buying guide in the description down below let’s get into it under the hood we have a turbocharged 2.5 liter force on the ghoster and 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission now

Fuel economy is 21 around town and then 28 on the highway with power outputs being a whopping 277 horsepower and then 311 pound-feet of torque let’s go over the front end of the santa fe calligraphy so first off you guys will notice we’ve got these distinctive lines here on the hood and then coming down below we’ve got our daytime running lights with our pretty

Bright headlights dang kind of getting blinded here but look at the grill here i love the pattern on it you got the hyundai logo with a camera there just down below the logo and notice the sensor here at the bottom and i love the coloration on this trim too obviously that’s part of the calligraphy package doing that coloration but yeah there’s the front coming

On the side here our tartan wheel setup is 255 45 20 in the front and in the rear as well and then you guys can see the design on the wheel overall you’ve got the silver on the top and then the metallic gray below that and yeah just like most calligraphy models it has pretty crazy looking wheels that is for sure let me know you guys think about that but anyways

Here’s a quick look at the front suspension notice the fender flare is actually body painted and then you can see with that silver trim on the side and then it’s also on top of the door handles and then the window trim as well and then we take a few steps back you can see all together it actually looks pretty dang good now here is our key fob for the santa fe you

Got the hyundai logo there on the back we have our lock function unlock the opening for the hatch and then this actually has the parking assist system so basically you just remote start it and then you just hold down the forward or backwards arrow and that’ll move the vehicle forward or backwards which is yeah pretty cool feature i’ve tested out quite a few times

And it’s always fun especially to show people it’s kind of like a little party trick anyways we have this massive box that apparently comes with the car but the important stuff is notice with the second row you can fold it down now you can’t automatically fold it back up it just pops down but it’s cool that you at least have those buttons and look at that harman

Kardon really good sound system but big benefit of the santa fe is there’s tons of storage space in the rear so it’s just really practical when you’re all done just press that boom now finishing things up with the rest of the rear we have these santa fe’s signature tail lights and it kind of goes into this like light bar type deal it’s kind of unique and then

Notice it just says santa fe there’s no calligraphy badge which i find interesting because i just reviewed an xrt and that has an xrt badge so yeah anyways we do have a 2.5 t badge to let people know this is the turbocharged version and we have a little exhaust tip underneath that and well trying to avoid this puddle i just stepped in it and yeah there’s the rear

Now here’s the door panel in the back so first off we actually have a sunshade which is pretty cool and then notice here with the leather trim on the side we also have heated seats for the back passengers look at the window control really nice with the fit and finish another santa fe logo and then here are the seats really cool with the stitching design they’re not

As perforated all down the center portion and then popping in you can see legroom yeah solid and then we’ve got some vents here we’ve got our outlets down below and then we have our cup holder armrest set up and let’s head to the front now here is the front door panel you guys can see with the leather trim and then notice the trim there at the top and we’ve

Got our memory seats here and then also blind spot monitoring for the mirrors and then notice with all of our window controls a lot shows like a little person for the child lock and then notice with the adjustments for the mirrors they do power fold in and then we got our santa fe logo and then here are the front seats so you guys can see that cool design there

Perforated all down the center and we have our power adjustments on the side and here’s the pedal layout parking brake just up above and then we got our lane departure that’s for the hatch and then stability control steering wheel is manually adjustable let’s pop in so here is the steering wheel for the calligraphy so notice we got really nice leather trim all

Around perforated here on the sides you can get a slightly better grip we do have paddle shifters there on the back for the eight speed automatic and then notice we got like our voice command volume controls and then we do have our controls like the pages this does have a data for cruise control and steering assist and then our turn signal light stock windshield

Wiper stock and there’s the steering wheel here’s the center gauge cluster it’s a full digital gauge cluster now we do have some different pages we can scroll through to see different bits of vehicle information pretty standard stuff we do have some different drive modes as well we have a smart comfort sport and then a snow mode as well that we can go between

And then we do have a locker as well which you guys can see kind of pops up there in the far corner it’s just a center locker to make it so the power distribution front to rear is equal but overall cool looking gauge cluster here is the center infotainment screen first off if we pop it into reverse we do have a backup camera which trajectory lines it turn with the

Steering wheel but notice we have a bunch of different camera view points as well so full 360 camera system perfect and we also have a camera button that we can press it’ll pop on the camera as well yes i understand so yeah pretty cool that you can just access that whenever now is for the infotainment screen itself response time is fantastic as you guys can see

This does come with the passenger talk which is funny because this is a two row suv but you know what it works right and other than that there’s a screen now here is our analog radio control section and then you guys can see the analog climate control section down below now we have all of our buttons here for our transmission selector so you guys can see the park

Reverse neutral and drive and then we have our drive mode select with the center locker auto stops are inextra and the heated steering wheel button and then he’ll design control parking sensors and then that’s for the camera button and then notice heated and cooled seats here for the front passengers then we have our little storage thingy with the usb and then the

Cup holder and another cup holder well and then here is the center console setup and then you guys can see with the dash notice with the stitching that goes across really nice material use and you can see underneath as well and then here is well glove box so yeah really nice material use but last but not least we have a panoramic sunroof which is quite big in an

Suv of this size and then look at that we get the calligraphy headliner that’s very nice looking and soft and it’s on the pillars as well so it definitely brings up this interior so sorry about the lighting but anyways 2023 calligraphy and we got a five-year 60 000 mile basic warranty and then a 10-year hundred thousand mile on the powertrain pretty much everything

Is standard with the calligraphy base price is 43 750 there’s a couple options added to it like carpeted floor mats total msrp 45 740 dollars and let’s see how it drives well it’s like by visibility before we set off here in the calligraphy so you guys can see visibility of the hood and we also have the heads-up display both of them here just do a blind spot

Monitoring and then throughout the rest of the rear which uh can’t see much because the box but anyways let’s set off in the calligraphy and also there’s this like big storage area down here i just noticed it’s like it’s you know it’s just below eye level so you don’t really notice it but you know getting in i kind of saw it out of the corner of my eye and i was

Like that’s pretty cool but it’ll be interesting to see how this drives compared to the xrt that i just drove because this has the turbocharged engine and the xrt does not that has the nasty aspirated four-cylinder i can tell you right now right off the bat so much more torque like just boom it is it is punching a lot harder that is for sure yeah this is this

Is great um the dual clutch isn’t being awkward though either sometimes dual clutches are weird especially low speeds but this is this feels relatively normal like i don’t i don’t feel like anything weird is happening it’s got the turn signal camera too that’s a nice bit of safety technology and yeah i think that that’s so cool that um you know hyundai key and

Genesis have that in a lot of their cars now because i just it just makes it feel a little bit better are you turning are you not turning oh they are turning people like to use their turn signals at the last moment just uh you know it’s what you should do you don’t want to give people any indication what you’re doing you always got to keep everyone on your toes

On their toes rather yeah this is really quick definitely quicker than the eight speed that is in the regular uh santa fe well then not you aspirated to santa fe i should say and let’s see wow this punches oh yeah there is no comparison good gravy that is so much faster that’s not even funny wow that is such a huge difference i am at like 4500 feet elevation

So like turbochargers do feel a lot better this high elevation but that is my freaking uh my uh tripod’s going all over the place but yeah that feels so good so yeah summing things up um i think this looks great on the outside with the calligraphy package um interior is also top-notch as well so that’s a big positive and yeah just comfortable seat comfort’s

Great it drives amazingly well dual clutch doesn’t act weird at all so yeah i mean if you if you have the money the turbocharged engine’s worth it because this thing just drives so well it’s so much quicker compared to the naturally aspirated four cylinder like it’s just like there’s no comparison like this just feels so much better this is i feel like this is

How the santa fe should feel so yeah let me know what you guys think about the calligraphy package and if you think this is worth the extra dough that’s going something’s up for our video on this santa fe calligraphy and like i said again a huge shout out thank you to the ken garfunde here in southend utah for you sometime with this calligraphy check out the

Inventory in the description down below ask for ryan if you have any questions i’ll see you

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2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy: Is This A Luxury Crossover? By Ben Hardy

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