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Altair Club Cars 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz SE AWD | The Entry Level Pickup?

2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz SE AWD | The Entry Level Pickup?

In this video I show you the 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz SE AWD. The Santa Cruz SE is just about as cheap as the Santa Cruz comes although FWD production is slated for this model year in the SE and SEL trims. For the 2023MY, the Santa Cruz SE gets a few more standard safety tech features but remains mostly unchanged. The competitor to the Santa Cruz, the Ford Maverick offers a more pickup like style with a hybrid powertrain. Let me know what you think of the Santa Cruz in the comments below!

Hey guys welcome back to another video today i have yet another flipkey hyundai vehicle and this time it’s the santa cruz so recently we have gotten several models in the base sc trim level so i’m excited to be able to make these videos for you guys because it shows what you get in the very bare bones trim level of each model so the vehicle next to me is a 2023 santa

Cruz sc all-wheel drive and yes this one is actually a 2023 model year now this is actually my first time hands-on with the base model sc santa cruz so it will be interesting to check out what you get for just under 29 000 including all-wheel drive and since these santa cruz was just released last year for the 2022 modio there aren’t going to be too many changes

Here for 2023 but if you do want to know everything that did change for each trim level i have a separate video which i’ll go ahead and throw a card up in the corner so make sure to check that video out if you’re interested in that but overall as far as the se trim level goes there’s just three things that change and it’s more standard safety equipment so in the

Se trim level in specific hyundai added the blind spot collision avoidance assist the rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist and safe exit warning as standard equipment on all santa cruz so as far as changes goes that is all that changed here on the base sc and it did receive a small price increase well i shouldn’t say small because it is fairly sizable

But for 2023 the santa cruz sc went up one thousand and ten dollars so again that is a pretty sizable increase considering just those three changes but i have a feeling that this is more to do with supply chain issues than just the overall market conditions rather than the equipment that they actually added so with that price increase in mind the santa cruz sc

All-wheel drive now starts at twenty eight thousand two hundred and forty five dollars including destination so with all this information in mind let’s not waste any more time take a look at what the 2023 santa cruz sc all-wheel drive has to offer for just under 29 000 so the santa cruz in front of us is fishing hampton gray with the black cloth interior this is

A very popular gray on many hyundai models you can see it has a fair amount of metallic flake in the paint i like to call this color a concrete shade of gray because that’s kind of what it reminds me of but up front of the santa cruz sc you’re going to find the same front end on the scl premium as well i do believe you still have the led daytime ring lights on

The sides of the grille halogen projector headlights incandescent turn signals with some chrome accents in the bezel and the grill kind of has a satin finish to it so it’s not full on chrome like the hyundai emblem there but does have a fairly premium front end for a entry-level pickup if you would like to call it that black cladding on the lower sections of the

Vehicle very popular with today’s suvs coming over to the wheels and tires these are going to be your 18 inch machine slash black accent wheels these are the same ones found on the sel premium trim as well they are 245 60 18 inch kumo crugeon hp 71 all-season tires you can see they do have interesting sidewall design there all santa cruz are going to have these

Easter eggs kind of stamped into the moldings on the side of the vehicle body color mirror caps which is nice but you do have black door handles some people might like all the black accents but personally i am more of a fan of body color door handles and stuff like that coming to the back you’re going to find the open air experience of the bed once again like all

Santa cruises partial led tail lights with incandescent turn signals and brake lights the reverse lights are going to be found lower on the bumper with of course your step to get in and out of the bed and the black rear bumper santa cruz is stamped into the tailgate itself you have your hyundai emblem here molded into the plastic backup camera and the tailgate is

Still in a lot electronic release which again is nice for the base model ace track badge because this one is all-wheel drive however the sc and sel will start to become available in front wheel drive so that is one of the things that for 2023 they’re making available i know they said at the launch of this vehicle that front wheel drive would come eventually and

Sure enough it is starting to become available here on the santa cruz so that is nice to see if you want a slightly less expensive santa cruz but still want to haul stuff in the bed so take a look at the window sticker very briefly like i said this is a 2023 santa cruz all-wheel drive it has the cargo package carpeted floor mats and mud guards for a total price

Of 28 795 dollars including destination so hopefully you guys can see that there so stepping inside the vehicle you can find the black interior with the cloth accents here on the door panel it’s going to be fairly hard touch up top gloss black accent similar to that of the tucson you do have a padded armrest here which is nice again for the base entry level trim

Power windows mirrors locks silver accent and door handle pull good amount of storage lower in the door six-way manual driver seat so you do have height adjustment you have an interesting pattern in the middle of the cloth seats kind of these lines that kind of go back and forth it almost reminds me of like a heating element that would be inside the seat so stepping

Inside the step in height is going to be very easy on santa cruises and starting it up this one does have a flip key like i mentioned so there’s no push button start here on the base santa cruz here’s your key fob you do have a remote unlock lock as well as your tailgate release so again that is nice to have at least so immediately you greeted to the base analog

Gauge cluster with a 4.2 inch display in the center this is going to be very similar to the one found in the lower trims of the tucson you have your speedometer on the left along with your coolant temp the display in the middle on your right you have your fuel gauge and tachometer and that center display is going to display some of your safety systems the outside

Temperature your odometer trip information all the usual stuff you’ll find in the gauge cluster you can also set up some of the vehicle settings through there in your digital readout that’s controlled right here on the right side of the steering wheel urethane steering wheel audio controls on the left side along with your bluetooth stuff on the right you’re going

To have your hyundai safety systems including lane following assist this has standard cruise control so no adaptive cruise and the design is going to be very similar to that of the tucson as well which is the platform mate of this vehicle so some silver accents automatic headlights with auto high beam assist regular wipers gauge illumination bed lighting traction

Control off moving on to the infotainment system this is the base eight inch system which means it has wireless android auto and wireless apple carplay you also gain the kind of halfway physical knobs that are kind of scroll wheels for the radio and tune this does not have sirius xm unfortunately but like i said you do have the wireless streaming of apple carplay

And android auto which means you can use your phone for a bunch of different functions overall i think some people do definitely prefer this eight inch for the wireless functionality if you move up to the sel premium however for 2023 you will gain the 10.25 inch navigation screen which loses the wireless functionality so keep that in mind single zone manual climate

Control but you do have buttons and knobs which is nice versus the touch buttons on the higher trims usb-a ports for charging and data 12 volt outlet and a little bit of extra storage down here you have your differentiated center console versus that of the tucson like i explained in my side by side comparison video so you get an actual physical shifter here instead

Of the push buttons like the tucson two cup holders gloss black accents continue down here drive mode selection you do have snow smart sport and normal all-wheel drive center differential lock which means it’ll split power 50 50 front and rear hill descent control you have your parking camera button so you can view the rear view camera auto hold electronic parking

Brake this is normally where you’d find your heated and cooled and heated steering wheel buttons but there’s nothing here on the base level so it’s just a gloss black trim center console has a good amount of room is padded with some accent stitching here up top you will find a lighter black headliner i’m not sure if that makes sense but it’s not too dark definitely

Looks a little bit lighter than some of the other headliners i’ve seen you do have a vanity mirror but no illumination incandescent illumination for the rest of the vehicle passenger airbag indicator up there manual dimming rear view mirror but overall pretty basic stuff here in the santa cruz se go ahead and hop in the back seat see what you get you’re going to

Find a mainly hard touch door panel actually all hard touch so the front materials do not fall through to the back cup holder inside the door here you can see some of the accessories with this particular vehicle but overall the seats are going to be the same as well you still you still do get the storage underneath which is nice again for an entry-level vehicle

To still have that dual map pockets on the backs of the front seats but as you can see no rear ac vents or no usb charge ports anything like that no sliding rear window either so it’s just heated glass in the back so you do lose that which is kind of a bummer it is very easy to get in the back of these santa cruz so it’s definitely not a useless back seat even

Though it is smaller than the tucson so coming to the bed space of the santa cruz sc you’re going to notice that you do not have the built-in tonneau cover as that is standard on sel activity packaging up so some might say this is actually a little bit more usable than that of the ones with the built-in tonneau cover and i would have to agree to a certain extent

You definitely gain you know about a foot of space up here where that tonneau cover kind of takes up so you’re kind of height limited in the back as well as length limited but as you can see the bed is kind of sculpted into the back area so again you do get the full four foot bed without that tonneau cover in place of course all santa cruises are going to have

The same trunk here unfortunately the mat is tied down so it’s not letting me lift it up but you guys have seen my other santa cruz video so that’s going to be the same overall storage on the left and right side this one’s not going to have the power outlet on the right side you have to get an upper trim level for that but it is still a storage cubby no lighting

Back here either except for the light up above the third brake light there but you still still get the easy lift and lower tailgate with the electronic release so wrapping it up here on the passenger front materials are going to be the same as the driver’s side four-way manual passenger seat so no height adjustment dashboard is going to be mainly hard touch

Glove box is damped no illumination though but yeah overall that is the inside and exterior of the santa cruz sc so let’s go ahead and take a look under the hood and then we’ll go ahead and wrap up this video so under the hood of the santa cruz sc and many of the other trim levels with the naturally aspirated 2.5 liter four-cylinder this puts out 191 horsepower

And 181 pound-feet of torque through either front wheel drive or all-wheel drive again just depending on how the santa cruz’s option this is the same powertrain that’s going to be found in the tucson as well as the entry level santa fe so overall it’s a very popular powertrain used in many different hyundai vehicles and again this is based on the tucson’s platform

So that’s going to wrap up this video on the 2023 hyundai santa cruz se as you can see it’s going to be a very basic vehicle overall but i think for the money again this is under 29 000 including destination and all-wheel drive i think it gives you quite a few features and obviously some versatility with the extra bed space in the back and if you follow me here on

The channel then you know i recently posted a video of the kona sc all-wheel drive and that particular vehicle is just over twenty five thousand dollars including destination so considering you get a santa cruz sc all-wheel drive for about 3 500 to 4 000 more depending on the accessories and how the vehicle is equipped to me it might be something to consider if

You need a little bit of extra space inside especially need the bed versatility and overall i think this might be uh you know a solid option and really it’s not that big of a price difference but yes i know the kona and santa cruz don’t obviously compete in the same segment of vehicle and they’re far from it but again the price points aren’t too far off for being

Entry level trims both have all-wheel drive i think this one might just be a little bit more versatile overall and like i mentioned briefly in the intro of this video i have a model year changes video on the santa cruz so i go over everything that changed for the 2023 model year i also have walk rounds on the limited as well as the sel premium trim in person so if

You guys are curious about what you get on the upper trim levels of the santa cruz make sure to check those videos out and in addition to that i also have a side-by-side comparison between the hyundai tucson as well santa cruz just to show you the interior volume differences between the two as well as the cargo space so make sure to check that video out because i

Think it’s a solid comparison because i think the tucson and santa cruz are definitely cross-shopped in some instances so let me know down in the comment section below what you think of the santa cruz sc is it a good value for the money and also let me know if you happen to own a santa cruz how your ownership experience has been i’m always interested in how these

Vehicles are treating customers that have driven them on a daily basis i think the santa cruz definitely has a niche following and i think the people that buy it actually really do like it so let me know down in the comment section below and if you guys enjoyed watching or found this video helpful make sure to hit that like button it really helps out these videos

In the channel and speaking of helping out make sure to hit that subscribe button make sure to turn on the bell notifications so you guys are notified whenever a new video is posted most days i do post a video every day other than sunday so keep an eye out every day about 10 a.m a video will go live on the channel so once again hopefully you guys enjoyed this

Video and as always hope to see you guys in the next one foreign

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