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Altair Club Cars 2023 Hyundai Palisade SEL: Is This The Best Value In The Palisade Lineup?

2023 Hyundai Palisade SEL: Is This The Best Value In The Palisade Lineup?

Today I review a 2023 Hyundai Palisade SEL!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’re going over the all-new 2023 hyundai palisade now this one is in the sel package which i think is the best value in the palisade lineup before i get into the video though first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the murdock hyundai here in linden utah for me sometime with this palisade if you’re

Interested in ordering a new palisade uncle link to their inventory in the description down below where you can check them out and then on a side note if you save time money the next time purchase it purchase a car of course i can’t talk link to my carbon guide in the description down below let’s get into it under the hood we have a notch aspirated 3.8 liter v6 it

Goes for an 8-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 19 around town and then 25 on the highway with power outputs being 291 horsepower and then 262 pound-feet of torque and this is all-wheel drive now let’s go to the front end of the palisade sel so first off we have the palisades signature hood which is pretty much just flat there in the center and then kind

Of just goes off on other side which is simplistic and it looks fantastic now notice here with the daytime running lights with the headlights and the whole cluster how it’s kind of uniform of the body there’s not a huge uh difference it basically done that to make it so that it looks just a little bit sleeker and i think it definitely works notice with the hyundai

Logo how it’s all blacked out i think that looks fantastic and then it’s dark gray here at the bottom and overall i really like the looks of the new palisade and i’m going to take a really big step back so you guys can see what the palisade looks like with the new body style with you know some silver accenting instead of everything being dark i prefer this look but

I understand some people might prefer that look a little bit more anyways that’s the front end now for the turn wheel setup it’s 245 60 18 in the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see with the coloration on the wheel it’s kind of like a darker silver which matches some of the accent pieces on the front end and then notice here with the fender

Flare and then you guys can see here kind of matches the coloration on the wheel same thing with the door handles and then the trim around the windows as well and it’s kind of like your full side view here’s a limited so you guys can kind of see the difference with the wheels with the design and everything and then also kind of with some of the exterior elements

But there you go so here’s our key fob we have our lock function or unlock function the opening here for the hatch and then the remote start function if we just hold this down for a little bit it’ll pop right open and we’ve got the third row folded down here so first off we got this strap right here we can pick that up we’ve got the cargo cover underneath which

You guys can see the points for that nicely fits in now notice we have these controls right here to lower down the second row and then as for the third row we just have these straps that you can pull and that’s what will raise or lower it you kind of have to like let go so it’s kind of a weird system where if i have the strap pulled it’s just gonna do this but

Then i have to like let go at the right time so that it locks into place notice with the third row you’ve got some cup holders which is definitely nice amenity and then here’s what the storage space looks like with the third row folded up and then when you’re all done just press that button right there boom now finishing things up with the rest of the rear of

The palisade you can see here the tail lights again notice how it’s pretty flush with the bodywork palisade logo right there and then we have the parking sensors down below and then notice the two exhaust tips that poke out to the side h track badge now something that i find very interesting about the palisade is no palisade has an exterior badge that shows the

Package that it has let me just demonstrate here quickly so again this one is a limited so notice that the way we can tell it’s limited right the different wheels and it does have a slightly different interior when i have a chance to review limited i will but notice on the back just says h track and so you can see those two palisades over there same exact thing

So it doesn’t matter like what package you get on the palisade it’s just not never gonna have any badges also what package is this this has like these uh blacked out wheels interesting those might be like aftermarket or some i don’t know that looks interesting hopefully i made my point they don’t put badges on it they’re trying to make all the palisades the same

When they’re not four panel in the trim piece that goes to go across and then the down below and then i love the window control definitely has a nice finish to it the door handle too is kind of cool a couple cup holders and there’s tons of storage space in the door handle or the door panel rather overall and then here the seat switch look how nice these are look

At the design there and that’s perforated all down the center really cool looking seat and you got your adjustments here on the side and then popping in you pretty much just slide right across and then notice here at the storage pocket we do have our climate controls here for the rear passengers and then 12 volts there is ventilation here at the top and then notice

That the rear seats even have that cool design now for the rear seats headroom’s pretty decent legroom on the other hand a little bit cramped just like most other suvs in this segment but you can fit adults back there i just wouldn’t recommend doing it over a road trip again every yes you’re in the segment also look at this usbs inside of these little pockets on the

Seat anyways let’s head to the front here’s the front door panel you can see the trim piece that goes all the way across and then the padding down below we do have blind spot monitoring for the mirrors then here’s all of the window controls and then notice with the mirror adjustments i love the finish on all of the controls it looks very premium and then here’s the

Front seats also that headrest is like fully extended but yeah look at the cool design there the piping on the sides perforated as well your power adjustments right there pedal layout down below and then notice here with the parking brake and then you guys can see there with that for the hatch and then notice it does have a tow haul mode or sorry just a tow mode i

Don’t know why i said hull but anyways stability control and then the vent that goes across steering wheel is manually adjustable let’s pop in so here’s the steering wheel for the palisade you’ve got really nice trim all around and then notice here with the stitching then the center and then look at the trim all around the string again looks very high quality we’ve

Got controls for like the voice command controls volume controls phone controls this does have adaptive cruise control with steering assistance and then look how nice these paddle shifters are as well and then we have our turn signal slash light stock windshield wiper stock as well and well that’s the steering wheel full digital gauge cluster here in the center

If i press the pages button i can go through some different bits of info on the palisade and some of the screens let you go up and down as well as you guys can see so for example i can see the all-wheel drive split now i do have some different drive modes right now we’re in comfort we can switch over to sport notes it gets red and aggressive and they’re smart

And then on the other side we have eco and then we have snow so kind of changes things up depending on what drive mode you go into and there is also a center locker notice that i’ll pop up right there basically if you don’t have a center locker on it’ll send most of the power to the front and a little bit to the rear if you’re the center locker on it’ll be more

Even front to rear in terms of the power split first off sorry about the glare on the screen but secondly let’s pop in reverse we do have a backup camera with trajectory lines that turn with steering wheel notice we have the parking sensors there for the rear resolution on the camera solid now as for the rest of the infotainment system first off response time is

Fantastic and sorry about my reflection in the screen so you can see just super quick with the response this does have passenger talk which will allow you to talk to your rear passengers through the sound system so you don’t have to strain your voice if you’re a parent you understand that you can also do the rear climate and you even have a quiet mode as you can

See which is definitely cool for having if you have kids yet again and i love how this is like connected to the gauge cluster is pretty interesting i just want to take a moment to look at the trim here on the dash it just all looks very high quality i love the mega vent right because it just goes all the way across analog controls for the radio setup a level of

The hazard light button when you have it on it blinks like that and then you guys can see here we’ve got our dual zone climb controls here for the front again you do have a rear climate you just press this button and that lets you adjust the rear climate so for example i can just put on the fan speed on that if i want a pretty easy system to use overall and i like

The physical buttons we have our gear selector right here so we got our park reverse neutral and drive pretty simple you just press the buttons auto hold the drive mode select and then also the locker select i showed you guys earlier this has held sign control as well parking sensors that’s for the camera to pop that on so you can see the camera’s on now auto stop

Start we do have heated seats for the front and then we have kind of like our start of the center console so you press this and goes back and then we have the over engineered cup holders so if we push these back in you push buttons and they pop out i think it’s pretty genius because this doubles as just like flat storage space but then also a cup holder wireless

Phone charging pad usb and then we have more center console space this is one of the best center consoles out there just lots of storage space and then glove box and notice the trim on the outside of that and then we have our mirror here at the top and then lighter colored headliner nothing too crazy happening up there and that’s all so sorry about how the window

Sticker is angled it looks like this window sticker is uh seen a finger too in its day anyways 2023 palisade sel and first off notice the warranty five year 60 000 mile new vehicle warranty 10-year 100 000 mile on the powertrain warranty and then here is the rest of the standard equipment on this particular one feel free to freeze frame if you want to read everything

Went over pretty much all of it in the video anyways you guys can probably see there if the camera will focus 30 okay i’ll just say it 38 and 39 850 is the base msrp and then this does have a few options like floor mats which is always interesting that hyundai does that anyways total msrp for this all-wheel drive model 41 895 dollars and well i’ll sum things up

Now hopefully after that walk around you guys can see why the sel is such a good value you get a really nice interior with this it looks well just like pretty much every other palisade yes it doesn’t have the fancy wheels of the calligraphy or of the limited but it still looks really good overall and from a feature perspective it has a lot of the stuff that those

Packages have the only thing that this really doesn’t have is the cool like screen climate control adjustment thing but like who cares right that’s not a necessity does not have air conditioned seats doesn’t have a sunroof and it also doesn’t have massaging seats as well but it pretty much has everything else and especially from features that you’d actually use

It has everything that you need nothing you don’t need really and it’s like what twelve thousand dollars less than the calligraphy so i want you guys let me know if the sel is the package you’d go for i need to review the limit because i think the limited would is probably going to end up being like the true sweet spot but as of right now with the palisades that

I have reviewed i think that the sel is well the sweet spot because it’s affordable and it has a nice interior and has a bunch of nice features as well huge shout out thank you to the hyundai here in lynn well the murdochonda here in london before give me some time with this palisade check out the info in the description down below i’ll see ya

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2023 Hyundai Palisade SEL: Is This The Best Value In The Palisade Lineup? By Ben Hardy

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