2023 hyundai palisade calligraph
Altair Club Cars 2023 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy, Walk Around, First Impressions, Xpel Tint & Paint Protection Film

2023 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy, Walk Around, First Impressions, Xpel Tint & Paint Protection Film

First impressions and walk around with the 2023 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy.

Hey guys so this is my quick review of the 2023 hyundai palisades calligraphy picked this up three days ago and uh picked it up from kentucky and it was such a hard search to find the exact color combo that i wanted it well my wife and i we wanted the white exterior with the beige interior uh calligraphy either four wheel drive four or four wheel drive we

Don’t get that much snow here you know in tennessee so we figure forward wheel drive will be just fine but yeah we picked it up on tuesday drove it home the the ride was pretty smooth and great i love the uh assistant driving functionalities the highway drive to you or whatever they call it it was very helpful uh i got the first thing i do in every car that i

Get is the tent five percent ten ceramic tints all around it’s not legal in my state but here again didn’t really force that and fade you then i guess i just pay the ticket and take it off but uh they haven’t stopped me in all the cars that i’ve had so i’ll take my chances um but yeah here’s the 23 i think it looks so sexy with a tint on and i’ll show you in

A second how it looks inside i also got the 55 windshield ceramic tint in the front which has another layer of uv protection heat and kind of blocks the heat i have two little girls in i mean they love staying cool inside and i mean i love my privacy too also i did the uh paint petition film on this one from expel the ceramic tints are also also expelled i

Got it from this shop here in galton tennessee they did a great job so the guy told me that they could not add paint protection film on the grill given the fact that it’s not paint so this does not stick too well so uh what we ended up doing was just adding paint protection here on this side of the bumper the headlights this other little lights here and then

This tiny one here and up to here i didn’t want to do it the whole car just because i don’t know timing and money as well i did do the the murals as well the guy recommended me doing the murals and those are the high impact spots in the car so it’s painful somewhat uh pain protected in the in the front we have a lot of construction going on here so that’s

Kind of wanted to avoid having my brand new baby being chipper with rocks uh but yeah that’s kind of how it looks like this car did come with the with the racks in the top um yeah i think next month we’re gonna have a trip so i’m just gonna leave it there until we come back and then i’ll i’ll remove it because honestly it doesn’t look that sexy with the with

That rags on top so i’ll probably take that off for sure um but yeah this is how it looks like five percent uh five percent all around i think it looks so so good this way um but yeah let’s go let’s go inside all right so we’ve got the beige navy interior for those asking how navy it is it’s kind of that navy hopefully this video can catch it on on camera

Um but you can see it’s you can see it’s it’s very very dark blue navy uh the carpets are black so you have kind of like black mixed in with blue navy and then of course the beige interior so inside inside of the car i mean still feels very very nice the blue and the navy i mean the the blue navy in the beige goes in very well in my opinion in the ambient

Light and it goes across across the car hard let me open the door so you can see it there we go at night he really really comes up i have two little girls and they love playing with the with the colors changing the colors at night and um just little things like that make this car fun you know a good family car for the front the buns still kind of getting used

To the buttons and and everything else this right here it’s fine it doesn’t bother me at all i know some people have a they want to have the the stick to kind of do it but honestly it’s an automatic doesn’t even matter um this is the four wheel driving on the all-wheel drive we don’t get that much snow like i said here in tennessee so we’re kind of opted for

For this the steering wheel looks great uh what’s another thing oh this little clip i added from amazon we have a gate key for a home so it’s kind of handy to just and of course we i kind of realized we didn’t have a a glass holder i think that’s my wife’s glasses by the way um got it from amazon it’s very handy and of course the mirrors and sos button the

Whole shebang let’s see what else i can show you oh yeah i got this little arm pad from amazon as well does not match 100 with the color of the beige of the of the car but honestly it doesn’t look that bad you know i mean it is very comfortable i actually prefer to put my wrist on this than the actual the actual console here so we’re going to keep it for

Now and i’ll put our you know sweating whatever on top of that and then once we get like because this area always kind of tends to break with the ladder so we’ll take that off and switch it off later uh the cups here we have a bang you can fit a bank pretty pretty nicely actually um there goes the other one i did add so this car does have carplay but not

Wireless i ended up installing a adapter from amazon and i’ll put the link in the description but i kind of what i did let me see if i can get it on camera here there we go see if i can squeeze my phone in here so what i did i connected the adapter and then i just kind of taped the adapter to the top part of this little cup inside probably can see it right

There so uh now i have wireless carplay and looks somewhat someone hidden and slick and i have adapter just wobbling around so i think that’s pretty cool um let’s see what else i can show you from here what else i can share from here let’s see yeah it’s pretty much the inside how the inside looks at sunset we’re about to lose some light especially with these

Dark windows this is how it looks like five percent you can see outside just fine we have like 30 more minutes of sun till sunset and the windshield 55 i mean it makes a huge difference like that’s the first modification anyone should do in my opinion and with that 70 in the sunroof and 70 of ceramic tint in the moon roof as well now to show you the back let

Me go ahead and shut the door real quick there we go it sounds powerful heavy heavy door uh this is a second one right here that’s again the blue navy blue you can’t see it sometimes sometimes it looks like black something looks really really blue but anyways this is what uh what it looks like to have a car sitting in the backseat let’s put that back i mean

My little girl she’s three so she still has some legroom right there then when my wife drives she’s like put the the seat a little bit forward she has more space here in the back but even when i drive i mean she’s just a little fine because she put her feet on this plastic as you can see uh honey did a good job of putting plastic here not fabric or anything

Else like that i can just wipe it down and be good the back let’s see here’s the back man just got me a case of bang over here i probably stopped drinking it but hey it’s pretty good uh here’s the head rest from the captain’s chair that we took it off from that second road and a cargo cargo net over here you guys probably seen that before uh but yeah here

In the back i was surprised to see that is a navy as well i thought it would be black but it’s not let me see if i can put the seats down there we go so it’s still kind of blue little navy as well it’s not completely black and yeah i mean my wife and i would love this car the girls love it as well through i mean we have so many trips playing and we’re going

To enjoy pretty pretty good so one last thing uh it’s kind of for those who may be wondering how the wireless adapter works um i mean so far it’s worked very very well it connects i guess the first time you connect me with like 15 seconds or so and then after that i mean like 10 seconds and i’m up or running like once i turn the car on it just goes um i’m

Actually using this phone that i’m recording with is connected to the car play and uh let’s go check it out and and i should probably respond to my text messages and return my calls but that’s the story for a different day you can see it’s somewhat smooth i mean it’s not like butter smooth but to be wireless and i mean you’re not going to be scrolling the

Whole time and let’s see let’s look at ways i mean waste works pretty well as well it does look a little bit laggy right now i’m not sure it’s that’s because i’m recording at the same time that i’m projecting but it’s usually smoother than this should probably record it with a different phone and do a separate wireless wireless uh carplay review for that one

But yeah that’s kind of my current setup right now of course the bang one thing about the cup holders the left door cup holders it’s big enough for this size of a bottle anything bigger than this you won’t be able to fit it like that fits snug in there they should probably have added a little bit bigger maybe make this little area bigger like i don’t think

It would have been a bigger issue but i guess they’re promoting no big drinks in the car which i do promote that as well because i don’t want kids to be spilling stuff all over kind of the same situation in the back uh two cup holders plus the one at the door and then the back as well but yeah this is the once again this is our our new our first hyundai and

We’re pretty excited about it and we’ll do you want to review and see how how that goes all right guys stay tuned for more content i’ll try to do more if you guys like this kind of stuff and i’ll share my journey with uh with all of you all right have a blessed day

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2023 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy, Walk Around, First Impressions, Xpel Tint & Paint Protection Film By Caleb

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