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Altair Club Cars 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 | Test driving the electrified streamliner | Driving.ca

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 | Test driving the electrified streamliner | Driving.ca

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Foreign sunny day here outside of seoul south korea and we are in the hyundai ioni 60 company’s latest ev vehicle now this is a sedan the hyundai onyx 5 is the suv looking one you’re still going to find plenty of pixels in the design of this car about 726 or so this car applies classic streamlining principles from classic cars like the stout scarab and saab

92 to a modern vehicle the idea is to cheat the win into creating the longest range possible given the electric battery and motor that powers this car now one of the 100 numbers for this range is 614 kilometers here with a full charge real world we’ve been seeing about 455 kilometers of range we’re about halfway through this battery but we will talk more about

Range as we get underway we’ll put it in drive the selector here and head out into the beautiful countryside six is not a sports car it’s not a performance vehicle but it does have plenty of power 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque it will go zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 5.1 seconds but that’s not really what it’s meant to do it’s built to be a

Comfortable electric car and at that it succeeds with the outside hyundai wanted to develop a modern streamliner a car with a tapered backhand a sweeping front end and a single curved roof line to extend the visual length of the car and make it look longer and lower than it is compared to other evs on the market it looks lower wider and more sleek in fact tiny

Tiny styling differences were agonized over for example the square headlights on the front actually angle inwards at exactly three degrees any less and the car would look sad and droopy any more angle and it would have an angry face which the designer did not want to have this car will be available with two different battery packs and two different drive options

You can have it as rear drive all-wheel drive standard battery pack or extended range all the cars that we’re driving today are the big battery all-wheel drive so this is the fully loaded this is going to give you the maximum acceleration 5.1 seconds 0 to 100 kilometers however maximum range is achieved with the two-wheel drive large battery unit that we are not

Driving inside is really where i think this car shines with evs you have to differentiate your car in ways other than the powertrain because most ev powertrains simply feel the same they’re just smooth quiet easy torque so inside is where this car has really focused to differentiate itself you might notice my mirror my side mirror or lack of so this car because

It’s a korean model does have the digital side view mirrors they project on a screen on each side of the dashboard cars sold in north america will not get them and they will cut the range because the larger mirrors have more drag and it will affect range by 1.5 kilometers i am told per charge so not a huge efficiency advantage now in practice these digital mirrors

Take a little getting used to first of all you have to train your mind to not look outside the window but to look right here to see your mirrors and your blind spots so it does take a little getting used to i wish we had the chance to try this system at night time and rain but right now in the daytime and occasionally in the darker tunnel they do seem to be working

Pretty well the field of vision also isn’t quite as wide as i would like and even with the mirror is fully splayed out to their widest you still get a bit of the car in the screen otherwise hyundai has worked to instill mindfulness into this interior they really want to make sure that this is a space where a person can feel relaxed feel safe and feel engaged with

This car to that effect it’s bright outside but they do have two color mood lighting throughout the vehicle in colors that are customizable and i believe there are 64 pre-chosen hues you can choose otherwise typical electric car stuff the floor is very flat very low very airy back there’s no transmission tunnel has a completely flat back floor the center console

Is actually wide and flat on purpose so it can fit a laptop so you can work from hyundai if you will also hyundai has just shown that they are the master of small design very detail-oriented design for example it’s a digital gauge cluster as you would have in many other cars but they don’t look like typical gauges there’s no needles to be found here because it’s

Digital they can make it look like anything you have again more pixels to represent your speed and your power consumption the doors are devoid of any buttons all the window switches and door locks and other things that you would have on the door are moved here into the console so that the door is this nice clean shape and this rippled texture on the side lights up

In lower light conditions and lets the mood lighting kind of reflect off of it also you have the typical hyundai ioniq 2 spoke steering wheel which encourages a relaxed way of driving there’s no central spoke down here it does encourage you to just kind of rest your hands up here and drive easily and that’s the other part about this car you can hustle through the

Turns it does have a sport mode like most electric cars you have the instant response of the electric power and you have an inherently low center of gravity compared to a conventional gas dan that said there’s a lot of mass at play here 2100 kilograms so it’s a heavy car and when you try to throw it into a corner it’s not bad but you are going to feel the weight

And it’s by no means a bmw m5 also this interior is available in several different colors you can get it obviously in black and this off-white like we have it but also interesting colors like clay red and some blues there’s a lot of different color options on the interior which allows the owner to actually personalize this space out back there’s rear usable seats

I would say two of the three can fit a regular person for a long amount of time there is class leading rear leg room and headroom for an ev action say more than you would find in a tesla model 3. the compromise to achieve that rear seat leg room and headroom well it’s come in the trunk the trunk has a fairly high load floor and while you could fit four people in

Here comfortably for a long trip you may have to strategize to fit all their luggage canadian pricing and availability has yet to be officially announced but we can expect this for spring or summer in 2023. the pricing well again it has not been officially announced but we can expect that the pricing will be very close to that of the hyundai ionic 5 which currently

In canada starts at 47 550 in canada your ev credit depends on your province but that price could drop significantly depending on where you live now in terms of nuts and bolts like i said you can get the standard the larger battery all-wheel drive with two motors or rear-wheel drive with a single motor is a rear bias system and also this is optimized for 800

Volt architecture which means that you can charge it from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes you can fast charge this vehicle like you could a porsche ticon audi e-tron all the latest and newest evs based on 800 volt architecture like this one overall this marks a shift younger in hyundai’s demographic the pixels for example are a bridge of generations older

People remember pixels from pong and younger people are more familiar with pixels as they appear in roblox and like the young pixel motif featured throughout this car the car’s designers and staff that engineered it are a young team we got a chance to meet them here in seoul and there’s not a lot of older people among them and this is reflecting the way this car

Is marketed part of the marketing for this car includes a vr experience with metaverse integration let’s set about that the better it does show that they are going after a younger buyer perhaps people that don’t have driver’s licenses yet but maybe when they do they’re going to get older and they’re going to want a hyundai ioniq from seoul south korea i am clayton

Seams for driving.cm for more ev news and reviews don’t forget to check out our website for a full written review on this car foreign

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2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 | Test driving the electrified streamliner | Driving.ca By Driving.ca

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