2023 honda ridgeline trail editi
Altair Club Cars 2023 Honda Ridgeline Trail Edition: What Happens When The Ridgeline Starts Hitting The Gym?

2023 Honda Ridgeline Trail Edition: What Happens When The Ridgeline Starts Hitting The Gym?

Today I drive and review a 2023 Honda Ridgeline Trail Edition

And it accomplishes that it definitely does getting into it a little bit here that three five v6 is solid hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today is going to be reviewing the all-new 2023 honda ridgeline but not just any ridgeline this ridge line has some pretty cool accessories on it first and for almost a huge shout out thank you to the stockton 12 honda here

In utah forgive me some time with this ridgeline they have this one available for sale and then they actually have a bunch of other options including some hpd editions so if you’re looking for a ridgeline stockton 12 honda here in utah is your dealership to go to link to their description down below if you have any questions whatsoever just ask for john and then

On a side note if you want to save time money the next time purchase car link to my carbon guide in the description down below let’s get into it foreign 3.5 liter v6 that goes through a 9-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 18 around town and then 24 on the highway with powerpuffs being 280 horsepower and then 262 pound-feet of torque now before we

Go over the front end of the ridgeline i do want to mention that if you want to see more reviews just like this then i’d recommend that you subscribe because i post content every single day on a massive variety of cars now going over the front end you guys can see we’ve got these really distinctive body lines on either side of the hood and i love this metallic gray

It’s kind of like a bluish gray it’s definitely really cool especially when the sunlight hits it and then you guys can see the chrome strip all along the front and then here’s a quick look at the lights here on the ridge line and you guys can see the grille at the honda logo front and center and then we actually have our turn signal indicator down below and then we

Have a fog light down below that and then you guys can see the rest of the bumper now the ridgeline normally has like seven point something inches of ground clearance with the options on this particular one we have closer to about eight ish inches of ground clearance which it’s actually really solid come around the side here turn wheel setup is 265 60 18 in the

Front and over in the rear as well and you guys can see what the wheels it’s got that cool metallic gray now these are not stock tires this does have some aftermarket goodies you guys can see just how aggressive these tires are these are the wild peak all-terrain tires if you guys are running really solid tire overall this also does have a two inch leveling kit

Added to it as well just to get a little bit more ride height and so yes it is a lifted rich line and then you guys can see here with the fender flare and then the bodywork on the side and then i really like these side steps like you guys can see super like grippy so yeah that’s really good especially for like winter conditions and then here’s our full side view

And this thing looks killer with the tires and so with that two inch level kit it really works well for the truck so here’s a key fob for the ridgeline you guys can see honda logo there on the back we have our unlock function lock function and then remote start as well and then pop into the bed we have a payload capacity and by the way you gotta like hold that all

The way down or else it’ll just thought down anyways payload capacity 1477 pounds here with the ridgeline twin capacity is 5 000 pounds which is actually pretty solid uh truck numbers and you guys can see here for the cargo tie-downs and there’s lights here in the bed but obviously we gotta go over what the ridgeline is famous for so just lock the tailgate into

Place and then you’ve got a handle right over here so swings open like a barn door and then you have another handle here which by the way you can lock this and this is the ridgeline’s like bed trunk thing notice you got the spare tire and popping that down i love how people used to make fun of the ridgeline for this stuff and now we got you know automakers like

Rivian that are copying the ridgeline with the features they have so yeah interesting finishing things up with the rest of the rear you guys can see here with the taillights on the ridgeline and we have our all-wheel drive badge ridgeline badge and then you guys can see here with the exhaust tips poking at the back and if you guys are wondering with the all-wheel

Drive system this is honda super advanced all-wheel drive system which i actually was able to test with the new passport trail sport and it’s actually pretty dang impressive and so this all-wheel drive system with these tires means that this ridge line could pretty much go everywhere and also look at the little roof rack there at the top so here’s our door panel

In the rear you guys can see with the padding the notice the stitching that goes across and i love the two-tone design and it actually matches with the seats you’ll just perforated all down in the center portion and you guys can see with the handle you can pull up the seat and you got more storage underneath the seat so tons of practicality built in now getting

In you can pretty much just slide right across even though this is taller than a regular ridge line there’s legroom there’s my messy face in the headroom and you guys can see with the storage pocket got some vents some more storage space down below that and we have our cup holder armrest situation let’s head to the front so here’s our front door panel you guys

Can see again with the padding and the stitching here and then notice however when it controls front two are automatic and here’s a quick look at the mirrors we have memory seats and then let’s just open up the gas cap and then here is the front seat so you guys can see again perforated all down the center portion power adjustments here on the side and here’s the

Pedal layouts down below with a little parking brake and then the hood latch release and then we’ve got our lane departure we have this for collision assistance and then you guys can see there with the stability control cargo lights econ mode like your good fuel economy mode and then the mirror adjustments steering wheel is manually adjustable let’s pop in foreign

For the ridgeline you guys can see the padding all around and then once the stitching is a well same color as a steering wheel and then we have like our normal practical controls in the steering wheel key features we do have steering assistance and adaptive cruise control panel shifters here on the back for that nine speed automatic and you guys can see with the

Voice command phone controls all that normal stuff turn signal light stock windshield wiper stock and there you go so there’s a center gauge call so you guys can see that well mostly analog we do at the screen there in the center which shows you different bits of info on the ridgeline pretty straightforward stuff right that most modern cars will show you other

Than that i can pop into the econ mode notice that that will pop up and then we do actually have some more drive modes so we have a normal snow mud and sand now notice it’s for the traction system so basically lets the vehicle know what you’re in so then it can adjust properly so here’s the center infotainment screen first off if we pop it in traverse we do have a

Backup camera which trajectory lines that turn with the steering wheel and then you guys can see the different viewpoints here with the camera system and then as for the rest of the infotainment screen first off we have these like shortcut buttons here on the side and then you guys can see the main screen now this is obviously not honda’s most modern screen right

So we’re probably not going to get a new screen in the ridgeline until they do a full redesign on it but you know what it gets the job done now down below we do have our climate control so notice that you also have the climates on there for the rear pretty fancy right but dual zone here for the front and then we do have heated seats for the front as well and then

Some storage space right here and then more storage space down below kind of like in our charging area and then yes this does have our whole button system for the transmission select drive mode select right there auto stop start and then you got your cup holders and then notice with our little lid for the center console and then there are more charging uh ports

Inside there which is pretty nice and then pretty normal glove box frankly and notice that uh you know from a material standpoint like the seat’s really nice but the rest of it kind of more of a utilitarian appearance and then popping up top we do have our center of here control system center pretty normal place and then look at that we got a little mirror there

With the sunglass holder so here’s a window sticker for this ridgeline this is an all-wheel drive rtl if you guys are wondering and pretty much everything that went over is standard equipment we have a base price of 41 780 this does have a few options added to it including the function package and then the utility package as well which the utility includes is like

The side steps and then the roof rails totally msrp on this 44 945. now this does have obviously some accessories added to it um so you guys can see that here on this little sticker so that whole like leveling kit tire situation 54.99 total msrp 50 643 dollars let’s see what happens when the ridgeline decides to hit the gym both type of visibility before he set

Off here’s your visibility over the hood both of the mirrors throughout the rest of the rear and set off setting off in the new ridgeline with this whole uh level kit tire situation and first off things great about the ridgeline sorry that was my tripod is the fact that well it’s unibody with independent suspension a lot of people made fun of the ridgeline for

A long time because that but guess what that means it rides smooth maneuverability is great and now everyone’s copying it because you like the ford maverick same exact formula hyundai santa cruz same formula i know the arabian r1t is a fully electric pickup truck but like again pretty similar formula it seems like everyone’s going hey honda figured something out

And well now they’re kind of building on that but this does drive more like an suv than it does like a truck like you do have the truck bed obviously tons of practicality there but it doesn’t have normal truck driving manners which i don’t think is a bad thing because again like i said it means that it’s smooth from a ride quality perspective and handling maneuver

Bailey’s great it’s easy to like just drive around like fit in parking spaces all that kind of stuff so you get the benefits of a truck from a payload and bed perspective but then you don’t get the downsides from a maneuverability perspective and all that now this nine-speed automatic’s really solid transmission um pretty smooth i wouldn’t say that it’s like

Sporty by any means but again that’s not what the ridgeline is going for it’s going for you know smoothness and efficiency and it accomplishes that it definitely does getting into it a little bit here that three five v6 is solid again this is in the kind of like mid-sized truck segment in terms of the size right so hey it’s right where it needs to be from a power

Perspective that’s so smooth like when you go over things it just does not this does not care at all so um with the lift i will say that i think i know it’s kind of expensive but i think this is definitely worth it because the handling isn’t ruined at all it does feel like it you know absorbs things a little bit better because those more aggressive tires but it

Just looks so much better than a stock ridgeline like this just this looks so good and then you know from a practicality standpoint the biggest thing is this all-wheel drive system can take you places that a lot of times the tires on a stock ridgeline cannot and so these more aggressive tires definitely just help out a massive amount so here’s the deal honda

Gets the last laugh because everyone for the longest time made fun of the ridgeline because they’re like usually true against another truck but now like i said earlier in the video everyone’s copying this and still to this day this is such a great uh offering like you you basically like i said you get suv comfort and truck practicality all built into one package

Just gets good fuel economy like it’s it’s a it’s a great vehicle overall and i think it’s even more exciting when you lift it let me know what you guys think about this lifted ridgeline let’s get something’s up with our video here on this new ridgeland again a huge shout out thank you to the stockton 12 honda here in utah for me sometime with this ridgeline check

Out the m10 description down below if you have any questions just ask for john i’ll see ya

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2023 Honda Ridgeline Trail Edition: What Happens When The Ridgeline Starts Hitting The Gym? By Ben Hardy

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