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Altair Club Cars 2023 Honda Odyssey Sport – Is It The ULTIMATE Sporty Minivan?

2023 Honda Odyssey Sport – Is It The ULTIMATE Sporty Minivan?

For 2023, Honda has added a new trim level for the Odyssey minivan. The Sport trim level debuts with a starting price of $41,210 and comes in four available exterior colors: Crystal Black Pearl, Platinum White Pearl, Radiant Red Metallic II, and Sonic Gray Pearl. Learn more about the 2023 Honda Odyssey Sport in today’s Vehicle VIsionary video!

This is the 2023 honda odyssey and while honda hasn’t made any significant changes for the 2023 model year they have made an addition it’s exactly what we have right here courtesy of my friends at home’s honda here in shreveport louisiana it’s the all new sport trim level and i’ll show you exactly what all that involves shortly i’m showing you the price on the

Screen right now so you can see what that is this model does come in sonic gray as you can see so we’re going to try and answer the question in today’s video is this the most sporty minivan you can buy today let’s take a look and find out so what exactly is the sport trim level for the odyssey it’s going to feature a blacked out appearance as you can see with the

Grille with the wheels with the mirror caps it’s actually all over the vehicle and it just fits perfectly with sonic gray as the exterior color and some of the things that will remain the same you’ll still have great visibility at night due to led lighting on the vehicle up here with the headlights you’ve got the led fog lights down there you’ve also got turn signal

Indicators built into those black side view mirrors that are heated by the way so if the honda odyssey sport is the most sporty minivan you can find on the road today well what exactly do you find under the hood it’s the 3.5 liter honda v6 it makes 280 horsepower and 262 pounds feet of torque it’s mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission and it is front-wheel

Drive and how about those all-important mpgs 19 city 28 highway 22 combined and according to honda for every 100 miles you drive you should use 4.5 gallons of gas with this odyssey i don’t think that’s too terribly bad for such a large vehicle that isn’t necessarily the most aerodynamically efficient thing on the road two of the most common questions i receive if

I don’t answer it do the side view mirrors have turn signal indicators built in yes they do does the remote have remote start built in yes it does in fact you can also use the remote to open these power side doors one on each side that makes gaining access very easily and you don’t have to use the remote to do that you can obviously use the handle there’s another

One inside you can use to close the door it’s pretty simple and the cool thing here is how well user friendly it’s really a multi-tasking minivan it could be used as a family hauler it could also be used for the purpose of business if somebody’s maybe a handyman or something like that let me show you exactly what i’m talking about when it comes to gaining access to

The rear area the rear cargo area that’s very easy to do with this power rear door and obviously there are ways to deal with that the remote has a button on it the liftgate has a button built in now this is not the hands-free version but still pretty simple to do there’s also a button on the interior and here within the interior you have a great multitasking area

Down here with this well that’s in the rear cargo area that’s really meant for these stowing magic rear seats so let me show you how that works pretty easy to do you pull on the strap right there and you lower the rear seats and if that’s a challenge for you well no big deal because there’s instructions on a sticker on the rear of the seats the middle row seats are

Also removable but i’m going to show you that from a different video because i’m just too lazy to remove them today in the video but i’ll show you what that looks like that way you can actually have all kinds of space back here for hauling cargo for hauling tools for hauling well whatever you really need to it is truly a great multitasking minivan by the way what

Exactly are the cargo numbers 32.8 up to 140.7 cubic feet and maximized 144.9 cubic feet and here within the back seat or the middle row really there is a lot of space as there is in the rear seat area back there everybody has their own air conditioning vents this is tri-zone climate control here you can control the rear or third zone right here on the passenger

Side and the good thing about it there is a lot of adjustability for rear seat passengers because well you can move the seats back and forth now i have to admit this would be a little bit uncomfortable at five foot ten but at least you know what’s there plenty of cup holders all over the place not only here in the rear of the console but also right here with what

Well is the middle row seat that doubles as an armrest that has three more cup holders in it nobody is going to be going thirsty here and there is a conventional size sunroof that rear seat passengers can enjoy more than anybody else or should i say middle row passengers can enjoy more than anybody else and some connectivity options a couple of usb ports down there

On the lower portion of the rear of the console and what about safety features you have honda sensing with adaptive cruise control collision mitigation braking lane keeping assist road departure warning it’s all here and it’s all part of this sport trim level so i’m going to hit the push button start right here and start things up and obviously let’s turn the fan

Speed down just a little bit you have everything you would expect here very nice and easy to use instrument cluster it looks good looks pretty modern even though they haven’t changed anything in quite a few years no big deal your steering wheelmatic controls for going through a lot of information on that digital dashboard right there plus your adaptive cruise control

And the infotainment screen very easy to use very easy to learn if you’ve never had anything like this before apple carplay and android auto built in so very useful very helpful all that great information here is your dual zone part of the tri-zone climate control and you have your push button shifter right here tell me what you think about that do you like it do

You not tell me what your thoughts are heated seats only here in the front seat both are power and you have some more connectivity down here in this lower pass-through area a lot of space a lot of good options there and then two more cup holders the center console a lot of space right there with built-in more built-in connectivity right there in addition to what

We already saw and you also have the conversation mirror right here i always wonder what do people do with that conversation mirror if you use yours tell me down in the comments just tell me that you don’t use it when you’re driving down the road and obviously your upper console there with the map lights and the controls for your power sunroof okay we’re out on

The road for our test drive what about the ride quality of the odyssey well it seems to be pretty good i haven’t had it on the worst roads in the area today but for some of the roads i have driven on before i turned the camera on it did seem to soak up the bumps fairly well and if you had a full load of passengers or maybe some cargo back there i would imagine

The ride quality would improve even more with 280 horsepower it seems to be enough you know it would be nice to do a full test one of these days and have a bunch of passengers in here and maybe some cargo and i don’t know it’s supposed to tow up to 3 500 pounds i don’t know that i’m going to give that a shot or not but if you’ve ever towed with the odyssey tell

Me down in the comments section what your experience has been like so overall it is a really easy vehicle to drive the seating is comfortable i like the fact that both front seats are power and fully adjustable especially the driver’s seat the steering wheel is also adjustable tilting telescopically so that’s good and obviously the mirrors and side view mirrors

The rear view mirror and the side view mirrors i should say adjustable as well it’s what you would expect right i probably don’t need to tell you that and what about a little bit of acceleration well if i hit the pedal it actually gets up at a decent rate this is a front-wheel drive minivan by the way got up to a little too much speed there i need to slow down

But overall i do enjoy it the the arm rests for me seem to be a tiny bit low but it’s not too bad i wouldn’t mind you know you can raise them up but it doesn’t raise the entire armrest up it just changes the angle of the armrest so to me well i would rather have it be a little bit more of a situation where it stays parallel to the floor of the van if you adjust

It well everyone has their preferences on that not a knock on honda by any means but overall i must say i enjoy driving these odysseys they do well and i’m not going to do it in today’s video but you know what if you wanted to surprise somebody at a red light you could actually take off from a standing stop don’t know if it would do this if you had multiple people

In the vehicle but it will actually chirp the front tires and while we’re at it let’s get a little bit of a road noise test for you as long as we don’t have a tractor pull out front of us i don’t know how well my lapel mic is picking that up but that’s the best road noise test i can give you it’s not terrible there is a little bit there but keep in mind i also

Have the fan speed turned all the way down on the ac radio is not on no one to talk to here in the vehicle so that does make it a little bit more obvious than it would be otherwise so now that i’ve finished talking i’m going to take a breath and let you talk or really type or maybe use voice recognition maybe siri or whoever can talk for you depending on your

Phone tell me what you think down in the comments section is the 2023 honda odyssey sport the sportiest minivan on the market tell me why tell me why not give a good explanation of what your answer is i’m curious to know got to say a special thanks to my friends here at homes honda for loaning me this odyssey for the day and all of you for being kind enough to

Give me the opportunity to give you a vision for your next vehicle if you enjoyed this video and you want to know more about other vehicles check out one of the videos that’s on the screen right now and i’ll see you there you

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2023 Honda Odyssey Sport – Is It The ULTIMATE Sporty Minivan? By Vehicle Visionary

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