2023 honda hr v review is it the
Altair Club Cars 2023 Honda HR-V Review | Is it the best compact SUV?

2023 Honda HR-V Review | Is it the best compact SUV?

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In this video we look at the all new 2023 Honda HR-V and we also look back at the previous generation Honda HR-V. Which generation is your favorite? Did you buy one of these or something else? Let us know in the comments.

All right welcome back to cruise control my name is eric and today we are going to be talking about that brand new 2023 honda hrv we’re also going to check to see how much it’s changed from its previous model let’s take a look at that right now all right so what’s exactly changed from the previous generation well the old hrv i had owned one it was a 2019 it rode

On the modified version of the fitz chassis and that included things like magic seat which meant the rear seats could fold up you could fit in a tall item nice little trick the new one that is gone because it now rides on the modified version of the honda civics platform however that gives you benefits like an independent rear suspension versus the old one had a

Torsion beam so ride quality is far superior these seats are bigger and more comfortable the interior is nicer has a nicer appointment to it it is a little bit more elegant i think it’s it’s probably in the same league as like an entry acura product so i do believe it has a really nice interior the exterior i think it really looks good from the side and the rear

Quarter panel the front is still growing on me price is in a really nice little category i think one of the biggest letdowns was power it did gain power however it also gained weight and so therefore it did not get any faster zero to 60. up here to elevation it’s really slow and as you’ll see in this video that’s my biggest complaint so let’s go ahead and check

Our driving impressions and let’s see what you guys think of this brand new 2023 honda hrv leave your comments down below let’s go ahead and and floor it here from a stop foreign i got up to the speed limit listen i love hondas i’ve owned many of them i actually even owned a 2019 honda hrv which did not have a lot of power here’s the thing if you’re at sea level

This is enough power probably to get out of the way of something i am in colorado six thousand seven thousand feet elevation this is not enough power to get out of the way i wish honda would offer one of two different engines either the 1.5 turbo so that way i could get out of the way of something if i needed to or preferably a hybrid because the electric motors

Would also be really good for instant torque off the line as this thing sits it’s glaring flaw i love everything else about this car is how slow it is i think the interior is fantastic i think the price point is fantastic as loaded this is the top dog fully specked out and honda says this one is only 28.9 this is the exl with all the bells and whistles under 30

Grand for an all-wheel drive suv leather it’s got all the fun stuff it’s got heated seats apple carplay android auto sunroof lots of space in the back no you don’t have magic seats but i don’t really miss them i didn’t use them in my hrv very often so you know what i like this thing especially in this color the nordic whatever green forest thing it’s called i

Like this color i think the seats are very comfortable i think it handles pretty well if you want something affordable who’s buying this what’s the consumer someone who’s looking for something that’s affordable and has decent bells and whistles decent fuel economy decent space looks pretty good reliable checks every single one of those boxes does this need to be

A hot hatch no doesn’t need to be a super suv either you don’t have to put in 500 horsepower but you know what that turbo with 190 horsepower for 200 however you wanted to tune it would do just well or like i said a hybrid with that instant torque from the electric motors would do very well i’m actually really excited for when honda goes pure ev the honda prologue

It’s probably gonna do really well might be a little pricey but other than that i think it’s gonna be quite wow this handles the corners very well i like the way it uh oh yeah i definitely like the way it goes around the corners for a small suv it can do some some back road carving is this going to be the most entertaining vehicle to go around the back roads no

But it does not feel out of place doing it either and i’m up in the rocky mountains so this is going to be a really good test what do you guys think what other vehicles are in this segment toyota corolla cross the mazda cx-30 the cx-30 you can get the turbo that’s pretty cool so those are the other vehicles in the segment go ahead and tell me which one you guys

Would get i’d get this if it was a hybrid or the turbo but at this elevation i can’t justify thank you so much for watching my name is eric this is cruise control and remember just drive

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