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Altair Club Cars 2023 Honda CR-V Quick Review // RAV4 Slayer

2023 Honda CR-V Quick Review // RAV4 Slayer

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The 2023 Honda CR-V EX-L ($43,390 in Canada, $35,260 in the US + destination) has been completely redesigned . It’s powered by a 1.5 litre turbo charged engine that puts out 190 horsepower. Paired with a CVT, only, it represents an easy, all-wheel drive practical purchase. Although it does have some pretty tough competition in this segment. Thomas and James spend some time with it and dive into what it’s all about. We hope you enjoy the episode. Subscribe!!

Welcome to extra throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and we have two channels yes if you’re new here this is the extra it’s my job it’s my job people get mad if i don’t do it you’ve seen the comments yeah they also get mad when you do do it well do do anyway this is the crv there are sensitive sensible people watching this yes there are people who are genuinely

Interested in the crossover yes and then and they’re not used to this rubbish yes well i mean then i don’t know what to tell you so speaking of sensible we do have a sensible car today this is the honda crv the brand new honda crv and this is the exl trim so a top non-hybrid top trim um so it costs this much we don’t know at the time of filming but now you do now

You do and you know this is us doing a more affordable car we think if it’s priced really high then so then we would have to go like oh that’s a bit too much it is white no it is white it’s all new can i say that i hated the last year i hated it i hated it um not just the way it drove yeah but the way that it looked this now to me looks better because it looks

Like a cx-9 it looks so it looks like it does look master light yeah but it looks so much better so much so it’s got longer 2.7 inches longer the wheelbase is extended it’s 0.4 inches wider it is a bigger crv in and this is very bright white this is the plastic i can’t look directly at it no um this is this is a genuinely good looking suv from the front and the

Back now yes right the rear tailgate has a ton of room as it always has right but this course of car it’s got very busy lately with some very cool things yes so the cx-5 obviously very similar but they’ve added the cx-50s they all go in this rugged thing they’re like body cladding body cladding and the whole thing but the thing is with the cx-5 you can get with a

Bigger better engine you can yeah the signal the uh the turbo charge signature trim or whatever it’s called yeah right 2.5 liters this is just the small turbocharger a 1.5 liter four-cylinder it’s about 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet at all those are not big numbers in a big car no so i’ve driven this and i have opinions all right interesting my opinions last

Time on the last one were not good i thought that it was anemic lethargic all the things that happen if you lose a lot of blood basically is the way that the engine’s the same right interesting all right and you go well it’s all new so i’m expecting a lovely new interior because that was also a bit i also didn’t like the way that it steered or breaked or turned

Either so leave the past tense of status the stirred store stored stored it’s stored so inside it’s a civic oh yeah no it’s a civic okay so before we get to the drivetrain then yeah let’s do the interior a little bit they did they got this right i like it they’ve really got things that need to be knobs and knobs the things that need to be buttoned to buttons the

Uh this is the exl this is the fancy trip it might not be called the xl in america uh but it’s the fancy trip so it has wireless charging wireless apple carplay android auto heated seats in the back heated seats front heated steering wheel no ventilated seats actually i feel like that we that that would help that would that would be like a but right off the back

I’ve never driven this but right off the bat in this driver’s seat very comfortable yep the back seats crazy spacious it has got longer they did that with the civic they’re like let’s just make every car a longer a little bit longer yeah so this is just a longer got more cargo space how did that happen yeah and the trunks massive as well yes so it’s a you know

This is a utility vehicle that it’s just supposed to slot into your life so it’s not it i know you talk about the engine in the mazda and i guess we’ll go to the engines here but like this doesn’t attempt to be anything special it doesn’t want to sparkle there’s no signature trim with walnut dash it’s just like here’s a honda yeah trust it like it use it it’s like

A good t-shirt yes so i think and that’s in that sense okay so yeah so i was just waiting for you there yeah that wasn’t very nice so listen i can only get so excited about a cbt i know you were you were going you were you had a really good role there it was everything i was just saying it doesn’t need to be rugged it doesn’t need to be a subaru forest no but it

Needs to merge onto the highway um okay so put your foot down stamp it all right so here’s the situation traffic um good brakes good good brakes actually everything’s very well calibrated the brakes steering really good honda i agree with this dude yes they are across the board but here’s the here’s the main problem okay so in a cvt and you get a little kick at

The top last few you get a little kick of the top but it’s really slow however it doesn’t feel as like sloppy and lethargic overall in the chassis no that the other crv did but the problem still remains that when you come to a stop come to a stop right now and then stamp on the throttle the cvt should it’s it’s gear unlimited gearing it should be able to take you

Right to the red line to give you power right away but it doesn’t it takes a really long time to get going and even if you drop it into sport mode and there’s our sport mode the econ and snow normal all right give it a go foot down no it doesn’t change much why would they not have just let let the revs go higher to give you some more torque off the line but they

Fixed up there is a two liter hybrid engine that has over 200 horsepower yes i think it’s like 249 pound-feet of torque or something the hybrid the hybrid is almost certainly the way to go and i haven’t even driven it but is it going to be one of those things where the hybrid is more desirable and so there’s less of them and then there’ll be markups or is it does

The crv at least have a normal sales route probably not like can a normal person just get a crv if they want it not right now and he can’t get anything right now but like but there’s no plug-in hybrid no the rav4 has that with the prime yeah and some of the other ones have that as well plug-in hybrids in this kind of classic car are really the move well they get

So pricey i remember when the rav4 prime came out yeah people were lining up for it yeah it wasn’t going for like and it’s still just around four like these cars are not exciting crossovers people people saw like 0-60 time of the rav4 prime and lost their minds and they’re like it’s secretly a lamborghini it came out it was marketed as the quickest toyota in in

The range i know bigger than the super well that’s stupid i i just i don’t care about that i just need to be quick enough that i feel like i can safely execute maneuvers listen this does drive great though that’s the thing our train is the only thing it’s missing yeah you’re flat out aren’t you yeah yeah and now imagine this with four people and all their stuff

It’s gonna be really slow yeah it’s the i don’t think it’s i don’t think it’s that too slow not right now i don’t think it’s livable i don’t think it’s mazda 3 non-turbo all-wheel drive hell no it’s not oh it doesn’t feel that way no but i i’m comfortable and the cx-5 i don’t find the seats to be comfortable enough and the rav4 oh this is a much nicer interior

Than the rav4 yes it is and then you’ve got the tucson and the sportage those two twins and they’re lovely actually yep that’s really that’s really where the if you’re going more adventurous the the kia hindi stuff is starting to become a real capacitor here no i i would say that i have no problems with this car and i would happily recommend it um just be you

Know mindful of the fact that maybe try the the hybrid one before you have a you know a decision made on this because i just think it’s a little bit you know you load this up with some with some bigger kids and some i don’t know what your kids are like i’m not here to judge you yeah and and in a lot of luggage and it’s gonna have a difficult time how often are you

Going to the airport with all your kids i don’t know frequently it’s a family car yeah true no true right yeah yeah that’s what it’s what you do with it but otherwise every other aspect of it is calibrated perfectly it rides nicely it rides nice controlled if the body’s way more controlled than last gen from what i remember yeah right it turned like the brakes is

Just such an improvement absolutely no this they’ve completely nailed almost every aspect of this they just didn’t give it another bigger engine option which is fine yeah right but this as like an ev with 500 kilometers of range perfect this is a hybrid that gets great fuel economy but has a little bit of electrical electric torque perfect right yeah the hybrid’s

The move now honestly this is uh this is still a really nice car they did a really good job with it um i think it’s i think it’s a big step up from last chance do you think they need to go rugged you think they need a rugged one no i don’t care about that it’s not important no one’s actually doing off-roading with them so who cares i love this rocket what but it’s

Rugged but it’s rugged though you don’t have to offer it you got that cladding people tell you seriously all of a sudden yeah you’re you’re a serious person who goes to the beach on the weekends i don’t know but like put it this way i have a friend who has had a crv like three four four generations ago had it free it’s like an o2 or something like that yeah hasn’t

Sold it because it keeps working do you care right um and i told him he’s looking to buy a new one i said like do not get the crv or the last gen this one i would say drive it as long as you’re okay with the power get this one because it’s good well this i would recommend this one wouldn’t recommend the last one if you want an all-wheel drive honda then a 993 it is

Yeah same car as this yeah if you want to know drive honda you you can’t get a civic that’s all-wheel drive you can’t get in a cordless overdrive you have to step up to a crossover which is kind of annoying i wish i wish honda made a wrx competitor i think that would be so good yeah this interior all-wheel drive i’m not i’m not asking for a civic type of wheelchair

I’m not talking about a performance variant i’m talking about something like this that doesn’t necessarily need to be a crossover doesn’t need to be this big but living you know you live with this i totally understand it with that trunk space the passenger space i love heated rear seats that was something you never saw in an economy car until very recently in

Hondura like some of the first people to start doing it what a luxury in the winter no this is nice although the kids you’re talking about maybe they don’t need anything overheated all the time the way you’ll describe it no i don’t know i went yeah fortunately this doesn’t come with a pair of scales in the back it’s not got too much tech

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